2019 Popjustice Forum Readers' Poll





A stunt.

A stunt.

I need a stunt. Any will do. I've had too quiet a year.




I got it!


That Size 6 font for my username when hers already eclipses mine in size by sixteen characters... I hate @Laura Vanderbooben so goddamn much.

That's right, you idiots! If God has fled his throne, then you're going to be left with his cutest cherubs to run a knock-off version of His end of year hijinks! The 2019 Popjustice Readers' Poll is here... just maybe not how you've come to expect it. As the month rolls on and on, it looks more and more likely that the front page isn't going to give the goods. A long-standing PJ tradition that, for years now, we've collectively noted seemed to be fairly disparate to the forum's tastes anyway. So after a semi-tipsy suggestion post-MUNA concert last night, I thought... why not just cut out the middle man and do our own thing? A cute bit of low-effort mess to rake in likes? That's always going to be my bag. Oh, and it turns out someone else's too.


That's right: I'm dragging the incomparable @Laura Vanderbooben along for the ride, who has starred in events such as All Other Patchwork Ballot Big Pop Girl Rates Post-2016, and I think she won a Top Answer Game at some point before it flopped with any other hosts that weren't me. Should be a good trial run to see if we can behave like professionals for... another big event we've been teasing for a while, coming out in the New Year.

Your 2019 Ballot:

Best Single
Worst Single
Best Popstar
Worst Popstar
Best Album
Worst Album
Best Pop Album That Isn't Popular Enough To Win Best Pop Album
Best Video
Shoddiest Video
Best Tour
Best Performance
Worst Performance
Best Album or Single Artwork
Worst Album or Single Artwork
Best Album Campaign
Worst Album Campaign
Unexpected Triumph Of The Year
(Non-musical) Pop Moment Of The Year
Artist Most Likely To Perform On Greta Thunberg's Transatlantic Racing Yacht
Artist Most Likely To Avert The Planet Boiling And The Sun Getting Sexy And Hotter Let's Shut It Down Pound The Alarm
Most Absurd Use Of Major Label Cash
Major Artist Whose Disappointing Music Feels Most At Odds With Their Ability To Achieve Better
Comeback Of The Year
Best New Act To Properly Get Going In 2019
Newish Act Most Likely To Save Pop In 2020
Established Act Most Likely To Save Pop In 2020
Most Ridiculous Recording Artist
Least Imaginative A&R Decision
Best Cover Version
Best Collaboration
Least Controversial Popstar
Best Use of Social Media By Popstar
Social Media Twit Of The Year
Best Pop Songwriter
Pop Producer Of The Year
Worst Partnership In 2019 Between A Brand And Pop Act
Least Reasonable Online Fanbase
Didn't Have It, Found It In 2019
Had It, Lost It In 2019
Pop Hairstyle Of The Year
Most Deluded Artist
Least Deluded Artist
Act We Should Send To Eurovision In 2020
Group Most Likely To Split In 2020
Pop Hero Of 2019
Best Forum Post Of The Year
Best Single Of The Decade
Best Album Of The Decade
Pop Hero Of The Decade

Some things for you to remember that I'm sure you'll somehow still forget:
- you can PM your votes to either @Laura Vanderbooben or me!
- you don't have to vote in every category!
- get it in before New Years Eve, and none of you should have a problem with that if you know what I mean.

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