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2019 Popjustice Forum Readers' Poll

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. RJF



    2. Taylor Swift & Amazon
    3. Ellie Goulding & Amazon
    4. "Katy Perry"
    5. Lady Gaga & Amazon

    Of all the things the hellscape of 2019 could throw at us, I'm not sure anyone was anticipating Demi Lovato inserting herself into the Israel/Palestine conflict with such flagrant foolishness. I mean, that's her approach to most things, but she was an unlikely piece of the puzzle this year. She needs to just stay in her lane and remain sub-tweeting Taylor Swift, as she's at least an entertaining kamikaze in those scenarios rather than a fairly tragic one.

    Further down the votes, it was clear Amazon was not popular at all. I honestly can't even remember what form Taylor's capitalistic cruelty took with them this year as, like several others noted in this category by listing her with loads of other companies, she was the endorsement queen this year. Ellie Goulding pairing up with Amazon to scam her way to No.1 with a song literally nobody has even heard capped off what was already just a funhouse mirror version of a year in pop for her, and I'm honestly not sure if the Lady Gaga vote was down to Amazon in particular or more because of what she's been half-heartedly schilling through them for the last three months instead of being anything that resembles interesting.

    Another endorsement queen was Katy Perry, who appeared to be signing deals left right and centre. I thought I was drunk the first time I saw her trying to sell apple cider vinegar on Instagram, and that's only just a little more pungent than her expanding, horrible shoe range. A note to popstars: START MAKING POP MUSIC AND STOP SELLING CONDIMENTS/CLEANER/PYRAMID SCHEMES/WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU DO WITH APPLE CIDER VINEGAR PLEASE. And of course make up, but that goes without saying at this point.​
  2. These graphics, the budget.
  3. BTG


    Should’ve voted for Katy and her shoes in retrospect. The multi chapter saga in her current book.
  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Three #3 placings in a row for my picks?
    King of bubbling under.
  5. Marina and Kurt Geiger missing the deadline. She just can’t catch a break!
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  6. RJF



    2. Grimes
    3. Harry Styles
    4. Taylor Swift
    5. Ava Max

    Let me begin with a sidenote: it honestly troubles me that Liam can't seem to make his pretty face work for him in any photos. Even just Googling for the above image brought up all those Hugo Boss "smell the fart" expressions and I'm just a bit aghast that someone who has all that working for him with can't seem to find the instruction manual. ANYWAY. Yes, I guess this is kind of hard to argue, isn't it? I mean, when you're beating fucking Grimes in a battle of delusion it's maybe time to come back to reality, but then, if you haven't sold 2.5 million albums in reality, is it worth returning to? Float on in your delusion, sis. Maybe the squint is sexy there too.

    Further down the line, I tried to reach Grimes for comment on her placing in this poll but she told me she was off confirming life on Mars, which is funny, because I heard someone in the background asking her to confirm a McDonald's order so I guess they've already set up shop. In terms of Harry and Taylor, I... don't actually think delusion is their problem. I honestly believe that Harry is as fucking dense as Liam is but has a smarter team who is able to cover it, and if anything Taylor is far too aware of herself and is in a constant battle to neutralise possible parody of herself by... doing it first. When you're self-aware to the point of self-destruction. Ava Max barely even requires commentary in this category.

    Another sidenote: nearly all of y'all kind of treated being deluded as a negative, but sometimes the best popstars are total space cadets. Sometimes, especially these days, maybe having a few delusions about yourself is healthy.​
  7. Yes at Missy being mentioned for that awesome cover hairstyle.
  8. Amazon was booked and busy this year.
  9. RJF


    2. Taylor Swift
    3. Miley Cyrus
    4. Katy Perry
    5. Camila Cabello

    If I had won this category by the absolute landslide Marina won it with, I would look as sad as she does above too. There was really no other competition for this category; she received more votes than the other four artists listed combined. I'm not really sure if we need to go into things again considering the carcass of the Love Plus Fear era has been picked clean, buried, dug up, beaten, buried again, dug up again, and left out in the sun for animals to gnaw on, but... yeah, do better next time sis.

    The rest of the people on this list are fairly self-explanatory. I would argue Taylor Lost It a few years before now. Miley has categorically never Had It even when she was doing a decent job of pretending she Had It. It looks like Camila was just Renting It and now she's found It getting repossessed, and Katy Perry... well, I feel nothing sums up her year better than @FridayNight and their rather astute voting, where they listed La Perry in the Didn't Have It, Found It category... and this category. I'm not sure if anything encapsulates the move between "Never Really Over" and "Small Talk" better.​
  10. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Not these pointed, evidence-provided, witty, and accurate editorials providing more commentary than we’ve seen from the front page in several years combined.
  11. Miley and Camila never had it to begin with.
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  12. BTG


    I love the good sis @lushLuck and all, but the forum’s collective hard-on for Liam Payne deeply troubles me. Girls, if you’re going to stan mediocre, white, male pop stars, can we all just going back to Nick Jonas and his armpits? He at least had the decency to serve bops in his ruthless attempts to court the pink pound and unlike Liam, doesn’t look like he secretly detests us while doing it.

    Stream Jealous xoxo

  13. The amount of quality content this forum puts out for free... thank god Buzzfeed hasn't discovered us yet.
  14. All of my campaigning for Demisrael paying off...I’m so happy.
  15. [​IMG]
    2. Tinashe
    3. Robyn
    4. Billie Eilish
    5. Dua Lipa

    Queen snatches another trophy for her mantle to go next to her 2012 Old Navy Artist of the Year American Music Award! Just look at that collection of sensible young ladies. 2019 saw Carly Rae settling into a groove in her career that she was probably deeply relieved to reach at all. I'd assume her votes were because she seems to have a good head on her shoulders, knows how to please her audience while continuing to stretch herself artistically, and isn't afraid to be a little weird sometimes.

    As @RJF mentioned, it's hardly a bad thing for a pop star to...operate on a different plane of existence, at least somewhat. For Tinashe, that plane is probably flying a "fuck you" banner over the RCA offices; for Robyn, it's switching up from the big! pop! banger! route and going on a world tour as much a victory lap as promotional. As for Billie and Dua, I'd assume they placed here because they come across as having entered their careers with a fully encompassed vision from the start, and are able to play the game without compromising it.​
  16. I feel like I’m the only member who allows said hard-on to blind her into streams.

    That said, yes, please stream all Jonai, but let’s first start with flop bop king Papí Joseph.
  17. [​IMG]
    2. Halsey
    3. Katy Perry
    4. Dua Lipa
    5. Lizzo

    I almost didn't bother listing a top 5 here because Sam ran away with this category so decisively, you could multiply Halsey's votes by 5 and she still wouldn't win. But that would've meant I couldn't list Katy, and a stan is going to stan, girls. It's no surprise Sam has earned fans here over the past year, because they used that age-old trick that Popjustice can never resist: releasing one song every six months with no album in sight.

    I kid (I don't) but seriously, it was nice to hear Sam put a little zip in their music this year and serve some corresponding choreography not seen since the halcyon days of the Girl Gone Wild video. My personal vote, however, went to the dancing abilities of one Dua Lipa. I don't know what kind of queer witchcraft St. Vincent worked on her on that Grammy stage, but whatever it was, it sure was effective.

    Meanwhile, Halsey is actually getting an album out, so let's hope she inspires the performers who bookend her placement here. And then there's Lizzo, who truly found it by means of dusting off some old-ass songs and beating them over the general public's heads until they adored her. Honestly an inspiration.​
  18. RJF



    2. Billie Eilish
    3. Carly Rae Jepsen
    4. Jack Antonoff
    5. Tayla Parx

    When I saw how the votes were shaking down for this one I was a little irked because I feel like Lana winning this category is maybe a little hmm since I don't really know if I would class her as the kind of traditional pop songwriter the question is meant to be highlight, but then I realised that the songs she's released this year have been her tightest, hookiest, catchiest efforts in years and there was clearly a conscious effort to do it, so props to my morose queen. The songs are also just straight up brilliant, of course.

    Billie Eilish is a rightful future winner of this category and the fact that we've got so much of her career left to see is thrilling. Carly is of course a foregone conclusion, and Jack and Tayla collectively had hands in three of the biggest albums of the year. Talent is all over this list. I'll let Jack sit with his juice box instead of beating him up for his lunch money today, I guess.​
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Ddd I would've voted Lana or Billicent, but I was definitely thinking of people that write for other artists.
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