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2019 Popjustice Forum Readers' Poll

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. That is indeed a surprise when you are on the popjustice.com domain.
    We all know the forum is where it's been for years at now.
  2. My vote for group most likely to split as Marina was based on her splitting with her money xoxo.
  3. RJF


    We will of course be revealing more results today! Coming up from me this afternoon at some point:

    Non-Musical Pop Moment Of The Year
    Artist Most Likely To Avert The Planet Boiling And The Sun Getting Sexy And Hotter Let's Shut It Down Pound The Alarm
    Major Artist Whose Disappointing Music Feels Most At Odds With Their Ability To Achieve Better

    And I'm sure @Laura Vanderbooben will do some shit when she comes in from her New Year activities. I think she's shop lifting today?
  4. Also, these results so far: The wit, the shade, the budget, the hurting the healing the loving. We truly are blessed in 2020.

    I can't believe the reveal that the experimental cornea surgery that Grimes underwent this year was so she could take McDonalds orders with her eyeball.
  5. And she’s still fucking orders up, the audacity!
  6. RJF



    2. Lady Gaga wins Best Original Song at the Oscars
    3. Skinny Legend Mariah Carey becomes the first sixteen year old in history to hit No.1 with a twenty-five year old song
    4. Squad: Endgame - Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun face off and several celebrities reach for the spotlight and draw their lines in the sand.
    5. CATS gets put down.

    Wow what a great year in fashion and film Lady Gaga has had, huh? It's a good thing those two mediums are her only exploits in entertainment and she's not known for anything else, right? Kidding aside, I know Gaga had a great year, and the evidence is in the fact that she dominated this category. Seriously, the disparity between 2 and 3 almost makes 3-5 not worth including, but they were gaggy brilliant moments in a generally bleak year for society as whole, so I thought it would be good to give them lip service anyway.

    After spending most of awards season dressing down (albeit beautifully) the camp-themed MET Gala was just such an audacious, bonkers, amazing moment that reminded us all why Gaga has spent her entire career turning heads on red carpets. No one works it as a platform for attention quite like she does. Like:


    The concept. The commitment to the theme. The fact that it's so gay it kind of makes me a little bit aroused and homophobic. She just put everyone else to shame* and it was an amazing palate cleanser after a demure Oscar campaign.

    Further down the list: hate A Star Is Born I might, but there was no denying the could-have-been-scripted narrative perfection of Gaga winning an Oscar on the same stage she had started her image rehabilitation campaign in full force four years ago. Streaming finally did the girls over forty fifteen a favour and helped Mariah snatch a nineteenth Hot 100 No.1 with "All I Want For Christmas Is You", righting a twenty five year wrong with a flawless and tenacious album re-issue campaign that saw her hustle... more than anyone this year tbh. Taylor VS Scooter was entertaining at first but eventually tedious, mirroring the first day of forum reactions to it, and after being the source of all my night terrors for weeks, CATS was finally snatched by Animal Control, now reporting a potential $100M loss at the box office.

    *Lady Gaga's co-chair - so in theory, her equal at this event - Harry Styles did not pick up a single vote for his sheer blouse and nail polish ":("​
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  7. I love love this. Amazing commentary and super entertaining!
  8. Reliving Miss L. Gaga's iconique moments is the best way I can spend this gloomy, misty second day of 2020.
  9. 100% the correct choice, a truly iconic moment. However:

  10. RJF


    Sis what about anything you're seeing suggests that we're doing anything other than flying by the seat of our pants in a hungover stupor right now get OFF my neck!!!!!!
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  11. RJF


    2. Madonna
    3. Mariah Carey
    4. Beyoncé
    5. ...Rita Ora?

    Ugh, this fucking category. You would think I would have learned my lesson over the years from doing Top Answer Game where the funnier questions just result in tedious, single-vote bullshittery. I don't even know how Grimes won this considering I feel like she probably changes her mind on global warming being real or not four times a week and, in the event of a climate apocalypse, will most likely be in some Tesla underground bunker with a horn to her ear trying to listen to the music of the spheres, but hey, she won, so.

    The rest of the list actually worth noting is... surprisingly pragmatic. Like, if there's anyone who is going to survive the sun expanding, it's Madonna, so her being the saviour of the human race makes sense. Mariah's power in the winter months can surely drop the temperature a few degrees, Beyoncé can do anything and... I guess if Rita Ora can take six years between her debut and second albums, jumping onto every single billboard and television show that will have her in between, and somehow come out the other side with a music career, her potential knows no bounds.​
  12. We all know thats when you do your best work though.

  13. I’m sure Miss Rita’s own radiation could counteract the planet burning to a crisp somehow.

  14. @RJF and @Laura Vanderbooben my anxiety about going back to work is currently being cured by these result reveals. I was expecting a load of lists being dumped on us at the same time like the main page, I had no idea these would be so iconic. Thank you!
  15. RJF



    2. Marina
    3. Ellie Goulding
    4. Katy Perry
    5. Ed Sheeran

    Here's the tea: Taylor Swift is not going to achieve any better than what she is doing at the moment. Sorry, that's just how it's going to be. She has the spent the last three years operating at around 60% capacity and the pay off for doing so? 110% of the acclaim, the profit, and the pretty much everything else one would expect someone operating at the height of their game to get, not whatever the fuck she's been doing. She's lurched from foolery to fuckery to mediocrity. From the tantrum thrown at a media desperate to forgive her anyway, to the bullshit redemption arc she managed to peddle with this barely-scented candle of an album to the same media who had to have a gun to their head to say a bad word about her. There's no challenge for Taylor Swift. There's no adversity for her rail against and overcome. She's already reached the top the game by being at half of her game. She's genuinely going to take "Spelling is fun!" to the Pyramid Stage this summer. I wouldn't try harder if I was Taylor Swift. And even if I read something that was asking me to try harder, I would just immediately dismiss it as Pressed Haterdom and find a way to fit a swipe at it into my next Best Of The Year/Decade/Millennium/All Time speech I got for peddling the same tired ass prose for a decade. So no, I think Taylor Swift is already doing the best she can, because she's got all the validation in the world, and anyone who disagrees is clearly just... mean.

    The rest of the list? Marina: I honestly think she's doing her best. Ellie: looking more and more like her second album was a fluke. Katy: see Marina. Ed... is actually the only one I kind of agree with in this category? A super talented singer, writer, instrumentalist... pissing it all away for a buck.​
  16. I guess someone didn't bother listening to the leak of Miss Anthropocene... sad!
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  17. RJF


    And I guess someone didn't vote so GET OUT.
  18. I'm too old for these reindeer games. Come calling when we're killing each other off.
  19. Exactly!!!! She has protection from our tech overlords!
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