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2019 Popjustice Forum Readers' Poll

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. Did Sigrid get a single vote, just curious
  2. RJF


    Nope! Looks like she wore the same t-shirt all year for nothing!
  3. This isn't the 'Had It, Lost It' post though?
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  4. Sigrid was in the running for worst album dd. A shit mess.

    At least we'll always have Don't Kill My Vibe and Plot Twist.
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  5. ddd I legit forgot she released her debut album this year until I saw her on a year end list earlier today. Sad!
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  6. RJF


    I don't think I remember Sigrid's name popping up anywhere. She might be one of the only ever scandipoppers who got progressively worse with every single she released before it finally culminated in a heaving shit of an album. Poor us.
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  7. I was gonna say Zara Larsson says hi, but "I Would Like" kinda breaks the descending pattern.
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  8. I’m screaming at how many times Ava Max is being mentioned. Her impact etc.
  9. Was I the only person who misinterpreted this category? I thought it was supposed to be the "most attractive" category and was looking forward to seeing the choices ya'll picked.
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  10. RJF


    And I was gonna say bitch I will throw your bones
  11. Not when her most recent single is one of the best bops of the year.

    Stream it!
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  12. Sigrid's complete forum collapse from Rashida calling her 'Wigrid' to her barely being rendered worthy of a disparaging reader's poll category.
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  13. I'm talking about the first album campaign ddd. Did the three singles she released in the last two years result in an album? No.
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  14. Not yet. 2020 is her year. I have planted the seed and I will see the harvest.
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  15. Out of curiosity, did Megan Thee Stallion get many votes for Newish Act to Save Pop in 2020?

    I guess my vote was misplaced because she's not really pop in the PJ sense, but she captures the zeitgeist.

    Billie and Dua felt too established for me.
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  16. Does Gaga have the time to save Pop in 2020 when it looks like she’s trying her hand at the motivational talk circuit with Oprah?

    And NAWT Oprah doing more to promo Gaga’s music career in this insta vid than Gaga herself!
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. I mean I hope so! The lead single came out like 2 years ago. Let's get a move on Miss Larsson.
  19. RJF


  20. I voted Megan for Best New Act to Properly Get Going. Tina Snow was late 2018 and she kinda popped off over the summer and has been ascending since. Voted Rosalia for Newish, despite her messiness and being somewhat established I guess.
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