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2019 Popjustice Forum Readers' Poll

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. I thought the "ME!" video was pretty gorgeous. You just need to put it on mute.
  2. Yeah, for me neither God Control nor The Greatest crossed the "pop single" threshold, regardless of the fact that they both have videos. There just wasn't a big enough promotional push for either of them to qualify.
  3. Honestly the intro with Taylor and Brendon yelling at each other in French is the best thing about ME!’s entire package
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  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    In 2019... what’s a single, precious?
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  5. So Am I is by far the shoddiest video of the year so I'm surprised it didn't make an appearance. I wouldn't really argue with anything else that appeared in that category though (other than ME! because it's a pretty well done video that just has garish aesthetics and a dumpster of a song) so nn.
  6. [​IMG]
    2. MARINA - Love + Fear
    3. Ed Sheeran - No.6 Collaborations Project
    4. Taylor Swift - Lover

    Just look at all those physical editions that no one is buying! Wow! No wonder the Earth is dying. Anyway, let's get this shit over with. I didn't listen to this album, but that's okay, because I know none of you did either. The best thing we got out of Liam this year was that he probably inspired Cheryl's "Let You," a decent little pop song. Also, he's handsome, so he has that going for him which is nice! But does he care about a pop star? Does he even want to be doing any of this? Or is his entire life based off of a few fateful minutes in 2008 (!) during which he started the process that plopped him into the world's biggest pop band and introduced him to the mother of his child, and now he has no way to get out? Do you think Liam ever finds himself in the back of a plane, staring at the ceiling, listening to the whirr of the engine and cursing the decisions of his 14-year-old self, that babyfaced boy who just wanted to get out of Wolverhampton?


    Then again, he's got money forever, so probably not.

    After that, we have MARINA and not The Diamonds, who could've called this whole project "Disappointment + Regret," and if those emotions had inspired the alberm I bet a lot of you sad thots would've been stanning the eventual material. I've seen those crying selfies. As we've established, "No.6 Collaborations Project" is far more insidious in my opinion, a board room scheme cooked up to pad the numbers of everyone involved. Just a joyless surgery of a record, bereft of any artistic integrity. Like, if you're gonna make a cash grab, at least have fun doing it. Je deteste. Say what you will about Taylor - and seeing as "Lover" placed fourth here, you did have some things to say - but y'all KNOW she got that call from Ed, and the fact that she didn't make an appearance can be that little shred of encouragement we'll all need to survive the next era.​
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  7. Yas, perched for these final few results[​IMG]
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  8. Merna doesn't really belong on that list for her drying paint of an album, it's not nearly as cynical as the rest of the list.
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  9. BTG


    Marina and the Diminishing Returns is probably my favourite thread title change ever.
  10. No, because he travels on JETS!
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  11. I don't know why I get so much satisfaction watching Marina's psychology thesis get dragged. I should have her psychoanalyze me.
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  12. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Agreed. It’s disappointing because she can do so much better, but is it actually worse than No. 6 Collaborations Project? No.

  13. [​IMG]

  14. Woo! The way i just minced downstairs for some hummus, corn cakes and a diet coke. Skinny and entertained!

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  15. Every time someone calls Liam attractive on here...

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  16. Poor us and our plane lag... Mona Lisa does not look impressed.
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  17. RJF



    2. Madonna - Madame X
    3. Ariana Grande - thank u, next
    4. Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated
    5. Tinashe - Songs For You

    Lana's album campaigns have become kind of... rote over the years. Prolific though she may be, she's not exactly the most exciting popstar to follow promoting an album campaign. We had the usual fuckery of her releasing three songs off of it in 2018, eight months before the album would materialise, along with a few sporadic singles in 2019 that were chucked out with little finessé and even less fanfare. We had had the album title before all of that. I sigh to myself, I see the album's leaked, I see the usual sycophantic tone in the thread (which has been that way since 2014 and yes I am using this as a soapbox to swipe at y'all) about how amazing it is (just like every single breath Lana has ever taken OBVS) and I sigh again. I'm a lapsed Lana stan at best at this point. Nevertheless, I download the leak, and-

    Look, for once, the best album of the year on this forum is actually widely considered by the world at large as the best album of the year, so I kind of feel like I don't need to go into great detail about its brilliance when many, many, many writers have wrote sonnets about Norm already, so I'll switch gears. We talk a lot on the forum about success being a perfect cocktail of lightning-in-a-bottle factors. Normally it's reserved more for smash hit mega-singles or albums. Lana's success this year was a bit of a different beast, but still one of the times were the stars just aligned. People were just ready for what she had to give, and what she had to give was something that was not only a massive elevation on what came before (y'all can say Norm is on par with everything before it but you do it and Lana's growth a massive disservice; let there be shades to how she's spoken about) but it felt so topical too. We're tired, we're exhausted, and most of all, we're doomed. Who better a companion than the girl who has been rendering our sadness and existential dread in such wonderful technicolour for the last decade?

    Y'all really did yourselves and me proud with the Top 5, I must say. Madonna proves to be one of the most prolific, vitalic creatives to ever exist in pop music, releasing a profoundly interesting, dark, weird record nearly forty years into her career and proving why she's always going to be worth discussing. Ariana upended the whole damn game by saying nah to what should have been her inaugural Imperial Era album campaign and deciding to improve on it massively only six months after her last album; a surprisingly insular, anxious record that examines grief and trauma and being a bit of a thot. The entire spectrum, and three back-to-back-to-back No.1 singles to boot. Carly Rae Jepsen will never not be an amazing pop songwriter, and even if Dedicated wasn't really my bag, her talent is undeniable. And Tinashe? Some people are just meant to do this, aren't they? Imagine her doing anything else, and then appreciate how much she gave us in Songs For You.

    I really, really love this list, and I love loads of your other votes too. It was a great year for taste on the Popjustice Forum. Well done all. Here's a few of my favourite cuts from the Top 5.

    A song that truly haunts you; I find myself thinking about the silences between breaths and lines most of all, bizarrely.

    Bonkers, and an entire package that only Madonna could be responsible for.

    I'm sorry but this just brutal and breathtaking. Literally. When I realised what it was about I didn't take a breath for about ten seconds. Who else was candidly singing about grieving for their ex while in bed with the person who followed them this year? And this well?

    Golden; the way that chorus surges is like bubbles flying up the side of a champagne glass.

    *duckwalks into the fifth dimension*

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  18. Lana getting her dues both in and outside of Popjustice? Love to see it, love my horny ghost queen
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  19. A goddamn, hands down, unadulterated top 5. The taste on display here is phenomenal!
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  20. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Tinashe placing Top 5 in Best Album and Best Album That Isn't Popular To Win Best Album

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