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2019 Popjustice Forum Readers' Poll

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. aux


    Firstly, massive props for this excellent write-up @RJF, you outdo yourself every time.

    Secondly, the forum proved to have taste. I'm very happy with the Top 5, and couldn't ask for anything better.
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  2. I expected Lana to win best album but I voted Madame X.
  3. Great list and a year of some surprisingly great albums.


    I do agree though that it feels weird that the forum consensus and critical consensus are aligning so much recently. Are they getting more pop-friendly or are we getting more mainstream.
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  4. Wow. A true top 5. Our taste. This is magnificent.
  5. Carly did too, put some respect on her name!!!

  6. [​IMG]
    2. Billie Eilish
    3. Ariana Grande
    4. Lana del Rey
    5. Mariah Carey

    Once the votes were tallied and Lizzo was the winner of this category, I knew I had to get @Jwentz on the line for comment. He's a hard one to track down because of the whole witness protection thing, but you all know I have my ways. When I told him why I was calling he immediately became hysterical, but after thirty minutes or so, he was lucid enough to compose some thoughts.

    "A Pop Hero.

    It's easy to understand why PopJustice would bestow this title on Lizzo. She treats every stage she gets on like it's the performance of a lifetime. She puts out fully fleshed out and stylish videos. She shot to massive success despite all odds and seemingly just through sheer willpower (and maybe a little bit of street teaming).

    But despite the success and the work ethic and the songs, it's easy to understand why people are so endeared to her, she's always been the girl in the video behind the scene at red rocks and a fire like that can't be dreamt up in A&R or pushed via a Tik Tok trend. That's how a star is born (now on blu ray)."

    He also managed to share this video before he fell into a hypnotic state, mumbling "Ozzil" over and over until I got bored and hung up.

    Pop heroism is an interesting term. "Saving pop" is a common phrase busted out by stans and general public alike; pop never really needs saving, because it's ephemeral, constantly shifting shapes into whatever is of the moment. And this year, Lizzo demanded that it be her. She's bursting with star quality and has a showmanship that can't be taught, and when she knew she had the songs to get her onto those stages, she kept insisting that we hear them until we finally gave in. It's been a pleasure to watch the world discover her.

    Billie's composure and talent makes it easy to forget she's barely 18 and has a lifetime of art and creativity ahead of her. As the first true superstar of Gen Z, her age group has latched onto her innate ability to express their feelings and fears. Though I find her a bit...uhhh...Xanga...at times (and if you get that reference, you know EXACTLY what I mean), and even if I did skip her tour because I was too worried she'd unleash hoards of spiders on the audience, I can appreciate her unreal potential. It's the same way I felt about Ariana, who has capitalized on hers in spades. This year, she took her talent and went from being one of the biggest stars in music to one of the biggest stars ever, notching chart records that were once thought impossible.

    I'm not equipped to speak on Lana, I'll be honest, so I'm glad she won Best Album so that @RJF could give her proper due. I just don't get her and I probably never will, and that's fine. We all have that one person. She is someone who knows exactly what she can do and has her perfectly manicured nail on the pulse of the world, and she beautifully expresses the way so many of us feel, and that I respect. And then...Mariah. The Queen. All the ladies above her are in her debt. What a thrill to see her atop the charts again, making the world reflect on what makes her her. Now in the fifth goddamn decade of her career, still as captivating as ever, and having the most fun doing it. You all were right to put her here.​
  7. RJF


    I fucking hate you so much and am dissolving this collaboration immediately.
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  8. That's a great Top 5, but I voted Tinashe for Pop Hero of 2019. Wish she'd snuck in there.
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  9. Check the time stamp, I am Miss Clare Voyant.
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  10. Maybe the TRUE Pop Hero was the crying selfies we made along the way?
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  11. RJF


    2. Selena Gomez
    3. Ed Sheeran
    4. Camila Cabello
    5. Ava Max

    Are you FUCKING-


    Like, honestly, what am I even meant to write about when it comes to any of these degenerates? I wish I had been paying enough attention to whatever Liam Payne was doing this year for him to even register on my scale. Why does anyone even care about any of these One Direction boys to begin with? Why are they even in our midst, bothering activities such as these?

    I mean... that Top 5 is a dank ass pit. Selena Gomez has such negative talent that talent actually wilts and dies in her presence. How else to do you explain the future 2020 winner of this category? Ed Sheeran is a legitimate monster out to cannibalise all that is good about this genre and turn it into money. If pop music was a rainforest, he's a tree-clearing, flame-spouting, endangered-animal-crushing, eighteen-wheel bulldozer in plaid and baggy jeans coming to kill us all and the huns are out there buying his single-use music and dancing at their weddings to it. If Camila Cabello's weird hatred hard-on for black people had numerical value, it still probably wouldn't even touch the number of singles she haphazardly shot out from yet another boring ass album full of ballads no one wants, and I'm simply not talking about Ava Max any more. Sorry.​
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  12. Jesus
  13. [​IMG]
  14. [​IMG]
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  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    All these dragging votes for Ava Max really make it all the more galling that you voted for her as the act we should send to Eurovision. The category wasn’t “act we should send to Eurovision on condition she doesn’t come back”, gwerls.
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. RJF



    2. Tones & I - Dance Monkey
    3. Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care
    4. Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down
    5. Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes - Señorita

    It was always going to be this, and it always going to be me covering this, wasn't it? I actually went and played this for the first time in forever in preparation for this write up (and I paused Dua Lipa's performance of "Don't Start Now" on Fallon, which I had been playing on repeat for an hour and it probably happened too late in the voting to really make a play for Best Performance WHEN IT SHOULD HAVE) and with everything we know now... I'm even more confused as to how this made it past any kind of idea stage. The juvenile melody? No. Brendon Urie? Oh sweet Lord, no. Spelling is fu-


    Again, there's a weird duality with these Worst "winners" where far better artists are surging ahead of far worse ones (I'm pretty sure Tones & I have packed up and gone back to TikTok by now or whatever dumb app they spawned from) and it once again comes back to Taylor's ...Achieve Better win. We just... expect more from someone who has that much budget, that much acclaim, and yes, even I will admit, that much talent. It's infuriating to continuously watch Taylor Swift play in the ball pit when she's far over the maximum height restriction. This didn't even feel like it got a particularly vicious lashing in the press either because everything was immediately forgiven the moment she released that Febreze bottle of an album and suddenly she was on top again after a brief period of being... adjacent to the top? Not even off the podium and just standing off-centre on it? We won't even go into the fact that several animals went extinct from the environmental damage she did from the campaign to get it to No.1 with every physical edition possible, going as far as pressing rehearsal audio for an awards show performance to vinyl. Did y'all think I would forget about that particular bit of capitalist opportunism?

    I honestly hope it's a single that she's so utterly, deeply ashamed of ever putting her name to. In fact you could almost even see it in her eyes when she had to perform or even acknowledge it. Let's hope she's learned her lesson.

    I'm gonna assume the rest of the category is trash. I have by some miracle never even heard "Dance Monkey" and all I know about it is that it blocked Dua Lipa from No.1 a few weeks ago, so for that it must die. I also couldn't even hum that Ed/Justin hydra demon of a single, or "Señorita" despite watching a few of the performances where Shawn and Camila see who can fellate a microphone more enthusiastically. I'm tired of talking of Taylor Swift and I think I've said more than enough about both of her singles this year, so let's just end it on that.

    Back to listening to "Don't Start Now" on Fallon on repeat! Ugh, now that's a single. One might even say a Best Single...

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  19. RJF


    Anyway, that's enough darkness from me tonight. I'll leave you in the capable hands of the light of all our lives @Laura Vanderbooben to reveal who and what you voted as Best Popstar and Best Single of last year.
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  20. I didn’t even figure Dance Monkey as being on PJ’s radar but damn that song is terrible so well done.
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