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2020 Album Challenge Thread: And Go!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. I didn’t explain myself properly I actually meant I don’t mind recommendations throughout the year when I post my progress throughout because I like doing the most I’ll post weekly summaries. I already added the ones from the 2019 thread that looked interesting to me and I know I would listen to. Obviously I’ll await to see what albums will pop up for this thread and hopefully that will help me too.
  2. I still need to update my 2019 albums but 365 is my goal for this year.
  3. I crashed around 94 albums, played nothing new for two months, and then had to force myself through the last 6. Nonetheless, I am going to set a goal of 120 albums!
  4. Ok, I'm in.

    My goal is 52 albums in 2020 - this way, I'm able to live with an album for a whole week to really "get to know" it and to be able to articulate opinion on it as a body of work.
  5. Let me aim somewhat high with 100. My mental 'list' of albums to check out is always way too long and I end up missing out on years of listening to great stuff.
  6. And now we begin!
  7. aux


    I'm in. Last year, I listened to nearly 300 new ones. This year, I'd like to keep it at that level, if not more.

    First listen of the year, Avril Lavigne's Goodbye Lullaby. I had listened to the singles, but never the whole thing. Pleasantly surprised by it.

    Tomorrow, I'm finally going in at Kesha's Animal, which I've listened to the singles but never fully.
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  8. I'll try and listen to about 30 new albums this year.
  9. I’m gonna sheepishly try this again. I definitely got overwhelmed last year by my own attempts at write ups and list keeping. This year I’m gonna use this thread to keep me in check for diving into albums I’ve always wanted to listen to so my goal is 50 albums from before 2020.
  10. [1/50] When I Loved You - Bluebiird (2019)
    Black Coffee Morning, Sailor, Good Girl, Honey Heartbreaker

    Oh wow, this was a really beautiful first listen of the year. My favourite boy @Music Is Life recommended this and god, was he right! I never really got into Emily's music back in her Disney days. I always found her vocal tone a little grating. However, her voice has matured and is now beautiful and full. As for the EP, it's got such soft Autumn, folksy vibes. I adore the instrumentation. It's so lush and vibrant. So many unexpected instrumental flourishes that made this stand out much more than it might have otherwise. The songs are well written and poetic and the melodies are really pretty too. A perfect album to listen to while writing, which I'll definitely use it for. I'm impressed.

    [2/50] It's Your Bed Babe, it's Your Funereal - Maisie Peters (2019)
    This is On You, Take Care of Yourself, April Showers, Look at Me Now, Personal Best

    Once again, @pop3blow2 promoting Maisie all over the forum worked out because this is absolutely gorgeous. 'Personal Best' was one of my favourite discoveries of the latest PJSC. It's so delicate, heartfelt and absolutely stunning. I love how sweet her vocals are. They're so emotive despite not being traditionally strong. Everything about these songs is so personal. I really feel something listening to this. She has such a way with words that really connects. Painting pictures and telling stories so wonderfully. 'Take Care of Yourself' hit me like a ton of bricks because I literally am that person and it felt like a really kind call out that I needed to hear. The details really make these songs into the stories that they are. She's an incredible artist that is definitely a new favourite. Just...wow.
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  11. Gawd, all this Maisie love on here the last couple of weeks is giving me life! You & @Music Is Life need to listen to her first EP (Dressed Too Nice For A Jacket) next. As much as I am over the moon for her recent one, I might actually love her first one a tad more. She has some brillIant one-off singles on streaming, too. Hope we get a full album from her soon.

    Reading this review as the first entry of 2020 makes me even more excited to get started on my goal.
  12. It's on my list, I promise!
  13. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to format this. I'm actually thinking about keeping a physical journal with all the albums I've listened to, but I'm not sure yet.

    Anyway, here's an album by Lotte, who I randomly caught performing on TV a couple of days ago.


    Artist/act: LOTTE
    Album: Glück
    Year released: 2019
    Language: German

    The album in one sentence: Glück is a current-sounding pop album with some nice melodies and melancholic love songs.

    Personal favourite songs: 1995; Neonlicht; Irgendwann vermissen, Zu jong

    Biggest bops: Auf das, was da noch kommt; Ruf einfach an

    Will I put this on heavy rotation? Yes!
  14. [3/50] Every letter i sent you. - Yerin Baek (2019)
    Popo (How deep is our love?), Mr. Gloomy, Bunny, 0310, Datoom, Square (2017)

    I've known I wanted to listen to Yerin Baek since I first saw her discussed in the Kpop subforum I mostly frequent. Her soft vibes felt like they'd fit me perfectly yet likely because my music consumption was so off this year, I never got around to it. Today is the day and god, I wish I hadn't waited so long! This album is absolutely perfect. It's so delicate, sensitive and warm. I wish it was raining in my part of the world, or at least Autumn weather because this is perfect for slightly gloomy days. Every song feels so special. The instrumentation is so detailed and beautiful and Yerin's voice is absolutely heavenly! I could just listen to her for hours, which I probably will. There is so much atmosphere here and every song feels crafted with so much care and love. I've fallen in love, honestly. An absolute masterpiece of emotion and beauty. Also, if you have any reservations about diving in as a non-Kpop fan, it's almost all in English!
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  15. [2/30]

    Artist/act: Donatachi
    Album: Taste
    Year released: 2019
    Language: English

    The album in one or two sentences: Some basic “future pop” that wouldn’t sound out of place next to LIZ. Unfortunately it does feature a Slayyyter song, in case that puts people off.

    Personal favourite songs: In Love, Precious Metal, DDR

    Will I put this on heavy rotation? No


    Artist/act: Tei Shi
    Album: La Linda
    Year released: 2019
    Language: English, Spanish

    The album in one sentence: A breezy, sensual, atmospheric “mermaid pop” album with many different sides.

    Personal favourite songs: Alone In The Universe, When He’s Done, Even If It Hurts (ft. Blood Orange)

    Will I put this on heavy rotation? Not sure yet.
  16. @Slice of Life gave me a nice spreadsheet, which I’ll post a link here for people who want to keep track that way.
  17. I can't recommend Tei Shi's new album highly enough. Absolutely idyllic from start to finish.
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  18. 1/52: Cub Sport – Self Titled (2019)

    “I’m still unwinding myself, I’m still finding myself…”

    Standouts: Sometimes, Trees, Come Out
    In Three Words: Reflective, Jubilant, Sensual

    Lead vocalist Tim Nelson described the album is “about facing inner fears, living your truth, harnessing your power, being yourself, believing in yourself, loving yourself and healing yourself” (which is the energy that I want to channel in 2020) and the group does a great job in capturing this in this sparkling and introspective album.

    The album opens with Unwinding Myself, a haunting A Capella track that sets the tone for the introspective and reflective lyrics. However sparkling synths and pop sensibilities kick off from the second track, Video (featuring Mallrat) and flows throughout the album.

    The reflective nature of lyrics does sometimes come off a little ‘queer teenage confessional’, but I think this is to the benefit of the album – songs like Butterflies and Trees exude a certain sexuality and naïveté which I find really charming and balances out the heavier moments of the album like Light II and I’m Not Scared.

    My personal highlight of the album being Come Out with its explosive chorus being straight out of Robyn’s handbook of songs to cry on the dancefloor (literally):
    "And now I'm crying dancing on the floor
    Can I please kiss you more?
    Can I please kiss you more?
    There's a sadness here inside of me
    My personality
    But you're still here with me
    Yeah, you're still here with me"

    I’m low-key obsessed with Australian Indie-Dance-Pop so I was bound to like this album. The album isn’t ground breaking, it’s very similar to what Years and Years, Troye Sivan and MUNA are doing. If you like any of these acts – you’ll at least appreciate this album.
  19. I've updated my list. Number changed from 187 to 184.

    Also added the 2020 goals with 30 albums. Starting with this one:
  20. I’m going to go with a goal of listening to 90 albums in 2020 that I have never listened to before. Recently I’ve been very much in the routine of listening to a few songs by an artist, throwing them on a playlist and then listening to the playlists, particularly over the holiday season where I was playing music for groups frequently. Now that I have more time to listen to music for just myself again I think 90 albums is a realistic goal for the year.
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