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2020 Album Challenge Thread: And Go!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. Ddd no I wasn't trying to be shady. I just had the wrong assumption about the thread and for some reason thought it's only for people who listen to 2 new indie albums every day, which like I said is very different than my routine of listening to music. But now I see it works for newbies like me too so it's all good xx
  2. I’m open to other thread title suggestions. That goes out to anybody.
  3. @Dangerous Maknae and @aux I keep forgetting I'm not the only person under or around 20 on here! Gen Zers unite!
    Even though I hate my generation sometimes ddd.
  4. I second it!

    Also don't forget the queen of techno aka the queen of forgetting she released music one day aka AVA aka Lee Jung Hyun. Sadly not on Spotify, but here is the first album on youtube!
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  5. aux


    Her discography is on Apple Music UK, I’ll give it a listen “:)"
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  6. When the adults used to like Gen Z and shat on millienials constantly I felt very ok boomer before it was invented.
  7. When did adults like Gen Z? I'm full aware of the constant hating of millenials but I thought they hated us too.
  8. No, there were a few good years when y’all were hailed the saviours of the world and called conscientious compared to us selfish millennials.
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  9. Dddddd wow. Just...wow. I mean, between Tide Pods, Tik Tok, and several celebrities that only have attention cause of us when they shouldn't have any, it's clear that this is complete bullshit.
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  10. Wash your mouth out! TikTok is great!
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  11. A lot of it can be trash though.
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  12. 5/50
    Tove Lo - Queen of the Clouds

    Ooop, despite being a massive Tove fan, I've never actually listened to her debut (a part from a few singles) for some reason and yeah I've been missing out a lot. This is a well written and produced debut with some utterly massive songs on it. There's a few duds right at the end. Although I still can't stand Habits (Stay High)

    Highlights: Timebomb, Talking Body, The Way That I Am​
  13. 7. I Disagree - Poppy
    She just keeps getting better and better. That final track, phew.

    8. Rare - Selena Gomez
    A dry crumbled saltine cracker of an album.

    9. Lonely Generation - Echosmith

    If it’s 7 in the evening and I fall asleep to your album, I think you really nailed that ambient gig.

    10. Face Me - VERIVERY
    Listened to for @Slice of Life. Pretty standard Korean boy group fare.

    11. American Idiot - Green Day
    I heard a snippet of the title track on talk radio and realized I’d never listened to a pretty seminal album from my adolescence. I didn’t really like it though, outside of the singles I’d already heard. Also Wake Me Up When September Ends continues to be the worst.

    Next up? SF9 and Halsey.
  14. Can't believe you hadn't heard this. And what do you mean you can't stand Habits?? That's not possible.
  15. [8/50] As You Wish - WJSN (2019)
    As You Wish, Luckitty-cat, Lights Up, Ww

    A really solid little mini album. My cosmic girls always deliver on quality tbh. The title track is definitely my favourite title track they delivered last year, among their best. It's so bright and fun and almost anthemic towards the end. A glistening ball of pop goodness. 'Luckitty-cat' may be even better, challenging 'Babyface' as their best b-side. It's so addictive and the melodies get stuck in my head. It really grabs you immediately and never lets you go. I love the cutesy aspect to some of the vocal deliveries. We all know I live for that shit as an aegyo stan! 'Lights Up' is an absolutely gorgeous lullaby worthy ballad. The strings are to die for and their vocals are so delicate and pretty. I don't know if this is a highlight for anyone else but it's one of my absolute favourites. The energy bounces back up with 'Ww' which I adore! It reminds me of a lost Pristin track (RIP) with the little aegyo bits and the overall melody. I fall more in love every time I listen. Honestly my interest drops a little after that. The remaining songs are really good and I'm sure they'll grow on me but I just don't love them yet even if I feel like I should. It's an overall solid mini though, which is unsurprising from these angels.

    [9/50] Beetlejuice (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (2019)
    The Whole "Being Dead" Thing, Say My Name, That Beautiful Sound (but also the whole album tbh)

    Sooooo, I watched the movie for the first time last night. Oops? Honestly, I've never been a Tim Burton fan. I feel like he's become a caricature of himself and I never got around to watching much of his earlier stuff. The movie was incredible though, even if I only watched it so I could understand this musical soundtrack. The things I do for my musical theatre stan bullshit. I don't regret it at all though. And damn, this musical is REALLY GOOD! It's hilarious, emotional and self aware. The lyrics are sharp, the actors are fantastic and the source material is honoured well. Alex Brightman and Sophia Anne Carson run away with this. Their performances are spectacular but all of the other actors come to play too. What can I say really? It definitely stands up with Heathers as far as fantastic musical versions of 80s Winona Ryder films. God, I love musicals. We stan!
  16. I finally finished posting the rest of my list in the 2019 thread (I actually meant to do it like two weeks ago, but I lost the original post and only got around to redoing it now), so I can move on to this. I did 183 albums in 2019 so I'll aim for 184 in 2020. And like last year, I'll compile a playlist with my three favourite songs from each album.
  17. Poppy – I Disagree

    So, I’ve seen a lot of praise for this on here, and decided to give it a listen. It’s actually pretty great. I really enjoy a lot of metal/hard rock music, and it’s displayed wonderfully in the production here, and the poppier moments and melodies add an unexpected lightness that I really love. It’s an intense album, but in a good way. The pop-metal sound is honestly something I can never get enough of, especially if there’s a female vocalist involved. There were a couple moments that reminded me of Billie’s music (the beat that comes in at 15 seconds in Anything Like Me is very bury a friend) so now I kinda want Billie to go in a direction like his in the future. I’m excited to check out her older music, and will definitely be using this for at least the rest of the month, if not year. I highly recommend it to anyone who may be interested.
    Highlights: Concrete, I Disagree, BLOODMONEY, Anything Like Me, Fill The Crown, Bite Your Teeth, Don’t Go Outside

    Halsey – Manic

    No surprise, I love this. Or at least, I really like it, and I can see myself loving it. I feel like she managed to make an album full of growers, and that over the course of this year, I think this will be my favorite album by her. It’s still enjoyable on the first listen though. There’s a certain mixtape-y feel that I love, due to the laid-back nature, and wide-range of musical influences and sounds she explores across the 16 songs on the standard edition. I’d been thinking for a while that she could probably make herself work with any genre, and she proves a lot of that on the album. It’s easy to hear why she left Nightmare off after listening to this, and so I can’t hold that against her anymore, but the other songs released leading up to this are some of the most immediate ones here, so it makes sense why she put them out first. There’s still a couple of “Ooo I love this!” songs to be found – I will recommend 3am to everybody I know, possibly for the rest of my life, and probably Still Learning too – and like I mentioned, I can see myself loving most of the rest overtime. Overall, a great album, and one that I think deserves a chance before you dismiss after the first listen.
    Highlights: Ashley, Graveyard, You should be sad, I HATE EVERYBODY, 3am, Without Me, Finally // beautiful stranger, Alanis’ Interlude, killing boys, Still Learning

    Older Releases
    Kylie Minogue - Light Years
    LOONA - [XX]
    2020 Albums
    Selena Gomez - Rare
    Poppy - I Disagree
    Halsey - Manic
  18. Hey @ohnostalgia I have a couple questions: if you didn't listen to two songs off a 5 song EP, would that count?
    Also, what if there's an album that you can't actually remember whether you listened to or not?
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  19. Last year, I counted a couple of albums I wasn't sure I'd listened to before. I mean, if it's something that even if you did listen to, it was so long ago that you can't even remember, it might as well count as something new.
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  20. Ah okay. Thanks. That's helpful, and honestly a "duh" kind of good point.
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