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2020 Album Challenge Thread: And Go!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. #6 and #7 were Georgia's and Hello Seahorse's albums. Both nice, but need more listens to get that proper opinion.

    Streaming #8 at moment

    But considering it has klefi/samed it is already worth listening
  2. 6/50
    Mura Masa - R.Y.C
    Man, I was hyped for this album after his stunning debut. There is a good album in here but it's bogged down with tracks that are just his voice, don't get me wrong No Hope Generation is good but the rest are a big fat no and A Meeting at an Old Oak Tree is PEAK STRAIGHT NONSENSE, honestly delete it. Saying that I Don't Think I Can Do This Again and Deal Wiv It are utter bops
  3. Hatari's album is pretty good but I would sort out the tracklist differently. The first half is much stronger than the second one.


    I loved this cover and decided to give it a go. It's a good album. I wished those interludes were bigger, they sounded great. I was expecting something a little more futuristic because of the cover, but I'm not really disappointed.
  4. I’d say the spirit of this is to listen to the entire album. Three songs out of five is not the entire album. Like occasionally there might be a track so horrid you need to skip, but that’s almost half the project you didn’t listen to.

    If I’m not sure if I listened to an album before I err on the side of caution and don’t include it, but it’s not something I’m going to chase people about.
  5. aux


    16/300 - Halsey - Manic - ★★★★

    I'm eating this up, I'm literally listening to it right now writing this. I can definitely see its flaws and why the phorum isn't liking this like I did. 3AM is the one.

    17/300 - Louise - Heavy Love - ★½

    I came into this with open arms, despite some forum members terrorising the forum with posts of her. The verdict: Selena Gomez might have some competition when it comes to an insipid, uninspired album.

    18/300 - FINNEAS - Blood Harmony - ★★½

    I expected a lot better, since his work with his sister is phenomenal. His solo work is... questionable. It's very basic.
  6. Okay! Thank you! Just wanted to double check. Nothing to do today but listen to music and do eliminations so I'm hoping to have a more extensive update later tonight.
  7. I’m actually tolerating a Halsey album and the forrem consensus hates it? More likely than you think!
  8. Well there are a few of us with taste who can see that it's great, but you know, quite a bit of people don't like it.

    Glad to see you're tolerating it!
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  9. #10

    Cover looks more of an electronic album, so I expected something more electronic. Ended up disappointed. But eh, I've had worse.
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  10. 5. Biig Piig - No Place for Patience, Vol 3 EP
    6. Louise - Heavy Love
    7. Eve's Plum - Cherry Alive
    8. Kelis - Kaleidoscope
    9. Georgia - Seeking Thrills
    10. Biig Piig - A World Without Snooze, Vol 2 EP
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  11. [17/30]

    Artist/act: Transviolet
    Album: Born To Rule
    Year released: 2020
    Language: English

    Verdict: Easily digestible pop-for-Spotify that is cute but faceless. The new Hey Violet album will probably sound like this. Sadly.

    Favourite songs: Don’t Say You Love Me, For The Best

    Keeper? Not really. You could slap a different band name on this and change the cover and no-one would know the difference. It’s very anonymous. Cute, but anonymous.


    Artist/act: EXO
    Album: Obsession
    Year released: 2019
    Language: Korean

    Verdict: I’m seeing SuperM next month, which features some members of EXO, but I am embarrassingly out of the loop when it comes to EXO so I should probably start listening to them again in case a thirteen-year-old at the SuperM gig asks me what my favourite EXO album is.

    Anyway, I really love Obsession. It’s a lot lighter than I was expecting and some songs made me feel weirdly emotional. Overall, it’s probably the first k-pop album in a long time that made me feel, “I love k-pop again”. Maybe I should just stop listening to girl groups and become a boy band stan.

    Favourite songs: Groove, Baby You Are, Non Stop, Day After Day, Butterfly Effect

    Keeper? Yes.


    Artist/act: Halsey
    Album: Manic
    Year released: 2020
    Language: English

    Verdict: Nicely-written pop album that could do with a bit more anger.

    Favourite songs: Clementine (I don’t know why I love this), Graveyard, 3AM, Alanis’ Interlude, pretty much all the other pre-release tracks

    Keeper? I feel intrigued enough by the album to want to listen to it again, so yes. I do think it needs more attitude, though.

    I will now take a break from this for a couple of weeks so I can spend more time with the albums I've marked as "keepers".
  12. 2/52: Selena Gomez – Rare (2020)

    “If I was the greatest thing that happened to you, will you know it?”

    Standouts: Dance Again, Vulnerable, Let Me Get Me
    In Three Words: Modern, Polished, Frustrating

    I’m not ashamed to say that I really enjoyed Selena’s previous album ‘Revival’ (so much so that I actually own a physical copy of the album). We all recognise that Gomez isn’t a very good vocalist, but Revival showed Gomez to be a young woman who understood her limited talent and found a way to make it work. Going into the Rare campaign, I was lowkey on Selena’s side even if I didn’t really like any of the buzz singles (apart from Fetish, I guess), so I’m kind of disappointed to say that I’m not really vibing with this album.

    Sure, Rare really isn’t that much different from Revivial, it’s another collection of uber-slick modern pop music that any other pop girl would be happy to have in their discography, however there is major difference between the two albums – Selena sounded present and like she was trying on Revival. Selena sounds flat and complacent on Rare.

    Gomez is the worst thing about the album – her monotone croaking has no personality or charisma that the instruments are crying out for. Throughout listening to the album, there were many times where I felt like the songs were wasted on Gomez as she literally doesn’t have the vocal range or personality to elevate the songs. This is most evident on the songs Look At Her Now, a post-break up kiss off track where sass and attitude are sorely missing to highlight the knowing wink-wink-nudge-nudge reference to her turbulent relationship with Bieber, and Lose You To Love Me, which is the emotional centre of the album, but Selena is just incapable of bringing the emotion and drama needed. The fact that the record label was brave enough to release these two as the album’s first to singles is either an attempt at sabotage or questionable blind faith in Selena.

    The only time where Selena sounds at ease on the album is on the more upbeat dance-pop tracks like Dance Again, Vulnerable, People You Know and Let Me Get Me as the productions on the track do most of the heavy lifting and provide the energy that Selena can’t.

    Rare is technically a good album, the production is immaculate and Selena herself doesn’t sound bad, she doesn’t have the talent to elevate the album to the next level, and because of that the album does tend to feel flat and monotonous. One can’t help to think how much better this album would be in the hands of a more capable artist.

    But really, well done to Selena for surrounding herself with a team that could secure her these strong modern pop productions and for conning her way as a new generation big pop girl.
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  13. Compared to last week this week was much better I decided to focus on releases I never got round to listening.

    Week 3

    13. Allie X - Collxtion 1


    First Impression Rating

    First Impressions
    I was already familiar with Catch and Bitch but I never managed to listen to Collxtion 1 so I’m finally righting this wrong before Cape God comes out. I’m a fool for leaving listening to this till 2020 because Sanctuary and Never Enough should have been in my life the year this originally came out. The rest of Collxtion 1 is amazing too as well and I love the sonic cohesion and the overall aesthetic of this EP. Good is the only song that is a grower but that’s more to do with my apathy regarding slow tempo songs rather than the song is terrible cause it’s not. I hope by the end of this challenge I will learn to manage the music I listen to more effectively and discover an appreciation for slow tempo songs.

    Catch, Prime, Sanctuary and Never Enough.

    Definitely I need Sanctuary and Never Enough in my daily mix.

    14. Allie X - Super Sunset 2018

    First Impression Rating

    First Impressions
    Again I’m a fool for not listening to this in 2018 another brilliant EP from Allie I have no major qualms even the musak intro appeals to me. I especially love Science my whole being transcended into orbit when I heard it so in conclusion I’m very much here for it. Little Things, Focus, Girl of the Year and Can’t Stop Now are equally fantastic too. I just need more time with Not So Bad In LA cause as of right now I’m not feeling it.

    Little Things, Science, Girl of the Year, Can’t Stop Now and Focus.


    15. Poppy - I Disagree 2020


    First Impression Rating

    First Impressions
    Even though I have left my guitar driven music teenage years well behind there was something drawing to me this album the descriptions of I Disagree was intriguing to me. I don’t know much about Poppy apart from a little research I did on the 14th from what I understood her music used to be very different. Anyway I’m glad I listened to this because it’s audacious and I’m taken back to those teenage days. But there are moments of synth for my current grown up self to enjoy on Fill The Crown and Nothing I Need. The Prodigyesque Sit / Stay sounds like it belongs in a Video Game and Bite Your Teeth takes me back to my System of A Down days. Sick of the Sun and Don’t Go Outside are fantastic album closers the ending of Don’t Go Outside is a highlight by itself. My brain might take a bit of getting used to Concrete though I do love the 60s sounding part and the juxtaposition of the darker lyrics with the vocal delivery but apart from that the whole album is fantastic I would say a potential contender for album of the year.

    I would say absolutely listen to the album in full but I Disagree, BLOODMONEY, Fill The Crown, Sit / Stay, Sick of the Sun and Don’t Go Outside are standing out.


    16. Tove Lo - Sunshine Kitty 2019


    First Impression Rating

    First Impressions
    I’ve not found anything on the level of Talking Body or True Disaster on first listen though I would say Mateo is probably in the running for favourite on this album. The songs end too abruptly for my liking it’s my one irk with catering towards streams. The collabs are cute though Jacques stands out too much though it is a bop. The Kylie one is my favourite out of the collabs on this album I didn’t know I needed a Tove Lo and Kylie song in my life but I’m glad I do. But I definitely need more time with this album to fully appreciate it.

    Glad He’s Gone, Bad As The Boys, Sweetalk My Heart, Mateo and Mistaken.

    If a song appeared in a Daily Mix I wouldn’t skip but I’m not urging to play the album in full straight away as of now.

    17. Louise - Heavy Love 2020


    First Impression Rating

    First Impressions
    Louise is back with her 4th album though it was a quite a wait of 20 years. I was partial to a Louise single to be fair I spent a fair bit of last year with Let’s Go Round Again on repeat but this is the first time I’ve listened to an album of hers. What a return there isn’t a dud track on Heavy Love it’s current but still maintaining the essence of Louise. Wrong is a stunning ballad full of raw emotion the last line is so powerful.

    Whilst I enjoy everything Hammer, Straight To My Heart and Villain are my favourites as of now.


    18. Halsey - Manic 2020


    First Impression Rating

    First Impressions
    I wouldn’t say I’m a Halsey fan but this album isn’t as shit as the forum is making it out to be.

    Ashley, Graveyard, 3am, Finally // Beautiful Stranger and Without Me


    19. Robyn - Honey 2018


    First Impression Rating

    First Impressions
    A sensual delight I love the nod to 90s house on Between The Lines and Beach2k20.

    Missing U, Because It’s In The Music, Honey, Between The Lines and Ever Again.

  14. Oof same taste, even if you liked my two favorite albums here the least. I really need to listen to Allie X myself, I love Science and Girl Of The Year. I've never bothered with Louise, but I do know that people in JoJo's thread are upset that she put a cover of her song Wonder Woman on the album, when hers isn't available to stream.
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  15. 3/52: Yung Baby Tate - GIRLS Deluxe (2019)

    “If I got a milli' then he got a B…”

    Standouts: Wild Girl, Flower Girl, Hot Girl
    In Three Words: Brash, Fun, Exuberant

    In this sort-of concept album, rapper Yung Baby Tate takes the listener on an exploration and celebration of all facets of femaleness – from bright and bubbly to obnoxious and bratty to romantic and gentle.

    The album opens with a one-two punch of New Girl and That Girl, both tracks see Tate boasting about her lavish life of parties, private jets and how she’s a “job, you a hobby” (the album is littered with golden one-liners like this). The boastfulness is balanced by the bouncy pop instrumentation and Tate’s girly and surprisingly sweet singing voice. Tate’s girly and sweet singing and rapping style really compliments the album as it’s a interesting juxtaposition to the sassy and cocky lyrics of a large portion of the album. But that’s not to say that Yung Baby Tate can’t dial up the fire and attitude – tracks Bad Girl and Wild Girl see Tate really lean into her rap monster and unleash some slick bars.

    In the situations where even more fire is needed, Yung Baby Tate employs a cast of all female underground and up-and-coming rappers such as Killumantii, Mulatto and Bbymutha. Both Killumantii and Mulatto feature on Pretty Girl (Remix) and exude such swag and ice-coolness whist delivering more sharp one liners like “I need new shit on my wrist, made your n**** pay for this (and that)”.

    The album laden with female musical references and interpolations, the closing minute of New Girl features a snippet of Aaliyah’s More Than a Woman sung by Yung Baby Tate herself. Elsewhere on the album you get shades of Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, Azealia Banks, Gwen Stefani and even Whitney Houston.

    Of course, the album isn’t all boastful bad bitchery, Cozy Girl sees Tate relax a bit and sing about dressing down and being more comfortable and cozy in not only her fashion, but who she is. Where on Flower Girl, Tate confesses a male friend who is getting married, lamenting that she should the one he’s getting married to. Flower Girl is a lowkey highlight of the album, adding a romantic and wistful touch to the album. Yung Baby Tate’s singing is really strong, possibly even stronger than her rapping.

    The deluxe edition of the album adds a few new tracks which some are more album highlights – a remix of album highlight Play Girl by UNIIQUE, who gives the track a garage-y drum and bass flavour (and may possibly be better than the original version), and Rich Girl which almost sounds like Gwen’s track of the same title (the hook of the chorus sounds just like a sample but I can’t find out if it actually is a sample).

    GIRLS is an exuberant party album, and a fun exploration into the many complexities of the superior sex.
  16. [10/50] Manic - Halsey
    clementine, You should be sad, I HATE EVERYBODY, 3am, Finally // beautiful stranger, More, 929

    I did not like hopeless fountain kingdom, I'm going to say that upfront. Granted, I only listened through once but I got so damn bored. I've come back to 'Strangers' and 'Devil in Me' a few times but overall, I didn't care for it. My obnoxious 18/19 year old self LOVED Badlands. I used and abused that album for over a year. Honestly, it still holds a special place in my heart. I think my love of Halsey really dropped after that because of her obnoxious social media presence, her pretentiousness, my getting older. This album rollout didn't start off well for me either. 'Without Me' irritated me more every time I heard it. Her voice and the melody just grated on me so much. Plus, I heard it every time I went to a damn supermarket. Dammit Fresh Choice! Anyway, I didn't pay much attention to the rest of the pre releases. However, as the album grew closer I had started listening to music a lot again so I decided to give it a go. To my surprise, I loved it! This time the pretentious dramatic dystopian concept was gone. For the first time it feels like Halsey isn't playing a character, instead she's revealing herself. These lyrics are her best. They're so honest and real, exposing herself and all her flaws. I really feel every track here. From the biting anger and regret of 'You should be sad' to the delicate nervousness and heart eyes of 'Finally // beautiful stranger' to the absolutely heart shattering moment that is 'More'. I think we all know that '3am' really is the one here. A complete gut punch of a song and truly one of the highlights of her discography. There is nothing I outright dislike here. Even 'Without Me' works in the context of the album, despite still remaining my least favourite. Even the songs that weren't as immediate are already growing on me. It's not a perfect album, but I suppose that's the beauty of it.
  17. Week 3

    The Hot Rock - 19/50 old releases, 4/50 2020 releases, 23 total

  18. Bringing an update since it's been about a week. Gonna try to give my thoughts on the albums I've listened to as well.

    First, an amendment since while scrolling through my last.fm I noticed I missed I Disagree by Poppy.

    Poppy - I Disagree (2020)
    Rating: 7/10
    Favorite Song(s): BLOODMONEY, Sit/Stay

    While I don't actually see myself returning to this album much outside of my favorite songs from it, I Disagree still gets a 7/10 because it was solid and the highs are fantastic. I'm excited to see if Poppy continues with this genre of nu-metal infused pop or goes in another direction again.

    Now for the new albums I listened to this week.

    Electric Youth - Innerworld (2014)
    Rating: 6/10
    Favorite Song(s): Runaway, Without You

    A pleasant synthwave album that I discovered while diving back into a Synthwave Essentials Guide I started going through last year.

    Halsey - Manic (2020)
    Rating: 5 or 6/10
    Favorite Song(s): 3am, Finally // Beautiful Stranger

    Honestly not sure what to rate this, I'm going to have to listen to it again. I've posted my impressions in the Halsey thread already but basically I found myself ultimately whelmed by this. I didn't care for a lot of the tracks that were supposed to be emotional which is a problem in an album driven heavily by lyrics.

    Louise - Heavy Love (2020)
    Rating: 4/10
    Favorite Song(s): Straight To My Heart, Villain

    Took a shot in the dark with this one; never heard of Louise before seeing her thread pop up on the front page a bunch and I pretty much got what I expected. An average pop album that had me toe tapping most of the way through but not engaging me enough to keep most of the songs in my playlist.

    Rating: 4/10
    Favorite Song(s): DUO, VIEW

    Okay so I listen to a lot of Vaporwave in, well, waves, and while I almost never keep any of it in my main playlist (with the exception of stuff in the Future Funk sub-genre) it's my go-to music at night when I want to relax and zone out. I checked this album out since it was rated one of the best Vaporwave albums of 2019 but I wasn't too interested in it. It was just a bunch of sample loops on repeat, and while a couple were catchy enough to keep my attention, I was overall disappointed since Vaporwave production can be a lot more interesting.

    Side note: chances are a lot more Vaporwave will flood my albums list as I sift through the rest of the "best of 2019" list and I was debating even counting them for this challenge, but why not.

    Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine (1989)
    Rating: 7/10
    Favorite Song(s): Sin, and like 4 songs tied for 2nd favorite

    If you told my 2012 Vocaloid stanning ass that one day I'd be fully into a Nine Inch Nails album from the late 80s I would probably mock the whole concept dddd but here we are. God bless the "Heavy rock/metal but for gays" thread.

    The Birthday Massacre - Nothing and Nowhere (2002)
    Rating: 7 or 8/10
    Favorite Song(s): Video Kid, Over

    Just listened to this album before making this post, currently have Video Kid and Over on repeat. I'm leaning more towards an 8/10 for this since I kept more songs than the Nine Inch Nails album I listened to before it and found myself into it more. Excellent discovery and I plan to listen to more of their discography soon.

    edit: listened to 2 more albums tonight, so:
    also decided to use decimals in my scores to make things easier for me so I'll probably end up retroactively changing a couple ratings in my first post.

    3D Blast - Iconic Bitch (2019)
    Rating: 5.5/10
    Favorite Song(s): Ruby, Roulé Doolé

    Dove back into the Vaporwave Best of 2019 list for this one (and the next.) The title of the album caught my eye and it sure came out swinging with the first three songs. Ruby samples Break Free and Roulé Doolé manages to stay interesting despite clocking in at just over 7 minutes.

    Unfortunately the middle section of the album was a slog. The last few tracks almost brought the album back up to a 6.5 or even a 7+ with some sickening productions but they all featured random poorly written and performed rap verses which is not unheard of in Future Funk albums but... generally the "rappers" are monotonous and the lyrics are cringy.

    SAINT PEPSI - Mannequin Challenge (2019)
    Rating: 6/10
    Favorite Song(s): Visions, Sea Tea

    SAINT PEPSI was one of the best Future Funk producers of his time and his comeback album was... just okay honestly. When it comes to his more recent stuff I much prefer what he does under the Skyler Spence moniker. Nonetheless, I found myself grooving throughout and put a couple songs into my playlist.
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  19. Week 3 // Louise - Heavy Love


    Honestly I am floored. That double punch of Stretch and Lead Me On to kick the album off is brilliant. Especially Lead Me On is such a lovely breezy bop I can imagine enjoying a lot more with intense sunlight gracing my skin. Breaking Back Together is not your average ballad despite it would have easily have fallen in that trap. The prominent use of background singers is definitely working for her and the same can be said about Not The Same and Hammer. A bit filler-ish are Just a Minute, Villain and Settle for Nothing.

    Hurt however is an instant earworm and Wonder Woman with that sultry vocal delivery and lush, smooth and soulfull production is an instant winner for me. Followed by the thrilling Hands on the Sink that has a chorus transporting you right back to the 90's or early 00's. Give You Up comes in and the small gospel feel in this track takes the pace a bit down, but not the quality. Straight To My Heart is that infectious bop that gets me dancing instantly. Wrong manages despite being on a 15-track album that already floored me to make sure a new high is reached. Her vocals alone make this a track to stand above the rest, let alone paying attention to the lyrics. Add some beautiful violins and you have pure art.

    Songs I will take along from this era now are Stretch, Lead Me On, Hurt, Wonder Woman and Wrong. But this entire album has strong replayvalue. Louise did that!
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  20. 14/100

    Apple Music usually uploads K-Pop repackages as separate EPs, so that's usually what I think of them as. The three new songs are a nice coda to the original Purpose album, but none of them felt essential to me.


    I honestly know nothing about AOA, but I heard Come See Me and Sorry in playlists and thought I'd give the mini a shot. And it's great! All bops and doesn't even bother attempting a ballad, I like that approach.


    I've already written quite a lot of my thoughts on this album in its thread and I have to say it hasn't gained an ample amount of likes for the time I spent writing it so go and fix that. TL;DR: Not a fan.


    Gabrielle's always been something of an on/off fave for me. Her debut was a huge disappointment, while her second album was unexpectedly great, and her releases since have been a mixed bag despite 2017's Waking Up Slow being her best song by a country mile. I honestly had no idea where to set my estimate for this album's quality, but it turns out it's pretty good! It doesn't even try to lightly nudge any boundaries but I don't mind, it's just a fun and accessible collection of songs.
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