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2020 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. So it’s going to be on 18th February 2020 and they’ve announced some changes. Hopefully we can get some great iconic performances. Who do we think will be asked to perform and be nominated?

    This year, we’ll be letting the artists fully take the reins by encouraging them to create and curate performances unique to them, which will guarantee memorable and showstopping moments in the 2020 show. We’re also reducing the number of awards on the night to just nine, meaning plenty more time on the night for music.

    We’ve revamped all the award categories (see below) with the winners being decided by the 2020 Official Voting Academy - The Academy is made up of approximately 1200 music industry experts throughout the UK including artists, retailers, promoters, agents, publishers, labels, producers and media.

    Awards Show 2020 Category List:

    Male Solo Artist
    Female Solo Artist
    Best Group
    Best New Artist (previously British Breakthrough Act)
    Rising Star (previously the Critics’ Choice Award)
    Song Of The Year (previously British Single)
    Mastercard Album Of The Year
    International Male Solo Artist
    International Female Solo Artist

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  2. They need to stop with the gendered solo categories
  3. So in response to everyone saying the Grammys should re-name Best New Artist to Best Breakthrough, the BRITs have decided... to do the complete opposite.
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  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Song Of The Year isn’t just British anymore? Old Town Road is winning that then.
  5. Haven't they already announced that's happening from 2021?
  6. There seem to be fewer categories each year. Where did the awards for video, producer and live act go? To stop this from continuing to be a blandfest they should at least have a few genre categories for dance, rock, pop and urban like they used to do.
  7. Still British. They're "all British unless noted otherwise"
  8. There is still the counter-argument that when awards aren't gendered, women are more likely to lose out, so it is a difficult one.

    Plus if you do just do "Solo Artist", you'll have the annual dilemma of "well, it really ought to be X but the winner has been the same gender two years running so we'll either be seen as sexist or virtue signalling."
  9. Do we think anyone but the CIS boys will get a look in if they stop gendering the categories? They’d need to think about this and make sure it’s a fair, inclusive and open process and then gendered categories can rot.
  10. In the early 90s the International Artist awards were one, and not gendered. The only female winner was Neneh Cherry in 1990 - Prince won the other two times. I am fine with them keeping it as male and female as I'm not interested in many male pop stars!
  11. I'm all for less categories in favour of more music, but the performances need to actually be good this time round. I find myself only ever vaguely interested when Little Mix are set to perform because they always turn it out.

    Also, can the camera people quit with the camera panning across the entire arena when someone is performing. I know awards shows are desperate to get reactions from the audience so they can be turned into gifs but I want to see the performance!!!
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  12. I'm a little annoyed they are getting rid of the "fan voted" awards. Acts like Little Mix tend to get snubbed in the main categories so the fan ones were their only chance at winning.
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  13. True but how many awards did 1D/their subsidiaries win due to those over acts that should have?
  14. Very true, but it's still a shame.
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  15. If you reduce the awards to just 9 in the night, get rid of the international acts. They (aka US) have plenty awards dedicated to them already.
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  16. Having these enables the show to convince higher-tier US acts to roll through and perform, I guess. It's better for telly viewing figures and sponsorship to have those international names associated with it, particularly if it's a year when big British acts are away on tour/off an album cycle.
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  17. Oh. I get WHY we have them. But it’s still annoying prioritising US acts over a limited UK set of awards.
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  18. Makes no sense to just drop the Intl Group category but keep male and female Intl... they should either drop all 3 of them or keep them all...if The Brits are celebration of UK music there is no need for international awards anyway
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  19. RJF


    The International category adds some usually much-needed star power to proceedings. Plus it's a nice way of breaking up the semi-incestuous piss up that the entire UK industry treats the night as.
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  20. They always struggle to fill the international group category though.. so you end up with oldies like A Tribe Called Quest and Foo Fighters winning. Though shame for BTS, I suppose.
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