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2020 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. PHEW
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  2. aux


    Wig! Love how happy his mum is
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  3. THIS.
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  4. Dave's a cutie.
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  6. aux


    *turns off TV*
  7. The mediocrity has been kept to a minimum this year.
  8. GROSS
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ok bye!
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  10. Dave, my unexpected king of the night. Well done.
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  11. Ddd the Tina Cousins logo on the screen behind Jack.
  12. That is not what I thought Finneas looked like!

    You know what? These Brits have been...alright? Granted I've mostly survived on wine, being on here and playing Last of Us during the ads, but it got me through!
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  13. B*Witched and Tina Cousins getting their name on the wall!

    The BRITs have obviously been stanning their ABBA tribute performance.

  14. Rod can fuck right off.
  15. aux


    How generous of them to close out the show with shite so I can go to bed earlier!
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  16. Scream at them going from Stormzy and Dave to this.
  17. Ain't you the Nazi salute bitch
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  18. My husband: “This always happens at the end of the show. It’s like whoever books the closing act are the same people who choose who we send to Eurovision.”
  19. K94


    So he's not even doing new material

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  20. This is such a random act for the BRITs nn. Is this because it's the 40th anniversary?
  21. Can't beat a bit of Mysterious Times or Killing Time!

    Why is Rod here again?
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