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2020 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Dave really deserves the Album of the year out of the nominated acts.

    Surely the purpose of wheeling out a dinosaur like Rod is to have them perform with a current act and share a bit of ‘credibility’? No?
  2. Turned off the TV to listen to some real legendaric music.

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  3. I’ve been loving all the old logos tonight! Steps were the initial first shock and seeing Billie Piper was epic but Tina Cousins?????
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  4. Just the old Nazi faves
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  5. Was anyone asking for new material from him, though?
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  6. Remember that year Robbie flopped on stage for twenty minutes
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  7. I’m watching this instead of Rod facking Stewart.

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  8. I stan your husband.
  9. Is this better or worse than the time Adele’s speech got cut off so we could listen to Blur produce some forgettable claptrap for half an hour? Discuss.
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  10. Who really wants Rod Stewart to close an awards ceremony in 2020? Really kills the vibe.
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  11. My dad: "You're watching Rod Stewart? He's like a fossil!"
  12. Was anyone asking for any material from him?
  13. K94


    If Madonna performed like this she'd be dragged, but they're still not ready for that conversation

  14. Imagine getting it SO right and showcasing British black excellence all evening then ending with this...
  15. Anyway. To next year, when I hope it’s a Dua/Little Mix/GaGa/Rihanna extravaganza.
  16. Can this stop now?

    I'd take Blur anyday, least they have a few tunes!
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  17. to be fair, she did have the closing performance a few years ago and got dragged - literally down the stairs
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  18. I'd rather have Robbie Williams.
  19. Oh god this is so embarrassing.
  20. I’m choosing to believe that this is the Brits’ way of reminding us where we would be without black British talent.
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