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2020 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. This...just doesn't make any sense with the rest of the show!
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  2. Rod’s appearance screams of the Brits ditching outstanding contribution and finishing with a legacy act and then ITV telling them they were going to do that anyway.
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  3. Y’all didn’t switch off immediately after Dave left the stage? Couldn’t be me.
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  4. Well, they replayed the audio from Mabel’s performance over a montage of clips from the show after Rod finished, so there’s that.
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  5. K94


    Don't Call Me Up deserved British Single, but that was a pretty good set of winners
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  6. Give us that comeback Tina!
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  7. Oh. THAT’S why they had Rod. They immediately ran an ad for his orchestral retrospective album, which includes that song he did.
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  8. Sophie Ellis-Bextor out here inspiring all of the girls now.
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    "Rod as you've never heard him before"

  10. By the way in terms of the stage and design etc I don't think the Brits had ever looked worse? It looked so cramped. Granted for the most part of the past 10 years they had the opposite problem of it looking like an X Factor final at Wembley Arena, but I seem to remember the past few years were great.
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  11. Yeah the inflatable legs need to return.
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    ITV playing Dave's "the prime minister is a racist" on the news headlines - guess we'll be having gammon tonight!
  13. to poundland
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  14. I spotted that! We have no choice but to stan.

    I’m sitting through this “fast fashion” feature just to see what they say.
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  15. My favourite performances were Stormzy and Dave two very powerful performances !

    EDIT: I enjoyed Lizzo and Billie as well .
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  16. I don't buy it.

  17. Don’t stream it either.
  18. Does anyone know what he actually said in his muted Best New Artist speech?

    I’m not expecting it to have been anything useful, but I’m curious about what ITV chose to mute.

    EDIT: Never mind, I found it. It wasn’t even an attempt to be interesting.

  19. The show closing performance we deserved.
  20. ITV specifically highlighting Tyler, The Creator’s Theresa May drag in addition to Dave “accusing the Prime Minister of racism”... we love to see it.


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