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2020 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. All the comments about Little Mix being sorely missed...I mean, they're not wrong.
  2. The same Dua that walked around on stage while performing New Rules? I mean I know she has improved her stage presence, but if we need Dua to save the Brits then god help us.
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  3. Have you not seen or heard her the past six months.
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  4. Sis Dua Lipa hasn't just given one flukey 'improved' performance. She's given us about 6 great performances in a row. Welcome to 2020.
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I see someone's still in need of getting Physical!!


  6. That unmoisturised hand nn
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  7. There's not a lot of time for hand lotion when you're recording the album of the year.
  8. 5 things they could do to turn the BRITs around:

    1. Move it from February to Q4. Run it as a Review of the Year type affair. More artists are on the promo rounds in Q4 too which might improve the lineup a bit.
    2. Have at least 1 public voted award on the night to keep the show fresh and trending.
    3. Bring back the duets! The BRITs were iconic for their duets in the 90s and 00s but we haven’t had one in a few years. Team up the Critics Choice winner with someone the complete opposite end of the music spectrum from them and see what happens.
    4. Don’t announce the entire performer lineup before the night. Have some surprises in there teased through the media in the run-up. Billie Eilish could’ve easily been a surprise with the Bond theme this year.
    5. Have an unpredictable host. Make it must-see TV. Jack Whitehall could host any awards show in the country (BAFTAs, NTAs, British Soap Awards) and it would feel exactly the same. For people to tune in each year, they need to feel like they’ll miss out on a water cooler moment if they don’t. An unusual and unpredictable host who you don’t usually see doing this sort of show could be genius (or terrible, which would be a talking point in itself). Give Elton John another go at it, team him up with Anne-Marie and there you go - TV gold in the making (I’m sure...).
  9. I agree with all of the above. Remember that Klaxons and Rihanna duet? That was great! And lay off the political bullshit too.
  10. 2014

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    No considering that's lowkey always been the highlight of the awards show.
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  11. But we also got Daniel and Natasha and their creepy incest love song.
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  12. This...isn’t the take you think it is.
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  13. Come and have a go if you're hard enough.
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  14. Anne-Marie and Elton hosting together?

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  15. They were the first two random people I could think of.

    Harry Styles and Courtney Love
    Kate Nash and Noel Fielding
    Chaka Khan and Tom Jones

    Just give us random pairings (or people who are actually associated with the music industry) who could create TV gold.
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  16. Someone from the music industry, with experience of presenting, who'd be TV gold?

  17. See, it wasn't that hard...
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  18. They should get two female co-hosts, say like Clara Amfo and Katherine Ryan, ditch the legacy Rod Stewart shit, and expand the number of international performers. The formula isn't that off, I think Jack Whitehall just doesn't pull it off and the U.K. has a tendency to reward boring men.
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  19. I’d rather Jack Whitehall than Joel Dommett.

    Or have Emma Willis host solo next time!
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