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2020 Grammys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Island, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. They’re definitely scrambling together some sort of tribute or moment in his honor. The red carpet and awards have technically already started, so there’s no chance of cancellation.
  2. I was going to watch for a laugh and the potential for a mess but now there is a cloud of sadness over all of the proceedings. What a tragic loss this is. Kobe was the definition of an icon and seemed to be a very charitable man as well.
  3. Island

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  4. @Island has a schedule shown up yet of the pre-show awards? It feels like it takes longer and longer each yet to get alone.

    Edit - Oh wait, one has:
  5. Island

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    Glad Pop Vocal Album is being presented during the main telecast today.

    Esperanza Spalding gladly accepting Michelle Obama's Grammy was a kii.
  6. Glad He's Gone and Cellophane missing to Old Town Road is disgusting already.
  7. Yes!!! Best Blues Album is so deserved!!
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  8. I honestly don’t know what’s more ridiculous: FKA being nominated for only one award this year or losing it, with a video like Cellophane. Geez, the lack of awareness.
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  9. Is gaga up to 8 Grammys now
  10. It's one of the best videos I've ever watched but the Grammys? Awarding FKA twigs?

  11. Read into his sexual assault case

  12. Hey queen! Girl you have done it again
  13. Melania could never.
  14. Island

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    Tasha Cobbs lost her Grammy. Show is over.
  15. @Sekou Andrews & The String Theory, John Waters, Eric Alexandrakis, Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz, Scott Sherratt & Dan Zitt


  16. Not Baha Men!
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  17. 'Grammy winning artist Rosalía' we have to stan.
  18. The song choices for music that gets played while people are walking to the stage is fucking killing me. So on the nose in a way the Grammys could only be.

    "What should we prepare for the Latin categories?"
    "Smooth by Santana!"
  19. Not saying that she doesn’t deserve the recognition, but I’m...confused how she’s in this category dd.
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