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2020 Popjustice Forum Readers' Poll

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Dec 8, 2020.

  1. Or it's a testament to how monumentally shit everything else she did in 2020 was dd
  2. [​IMG]
    2. Lady Gaga - Stupid Love
    3. Justin Bieber feat. Chance the Rapper - Holy
    4. Justin Bieber & Shawn Mendes - Monster
    5. BTS - Dynamite

    2020 was the year that Justin Bieber confirmed that he's irredeemable as a person pop star. He has no artistic instincts, no ear for melody, no finger on the pulse, no style or sense of fashion, and worst of all: he's BORING. Marriage is BORING. God is BORING. Everyone ruthlessly mocks the BORING people you went to high school with who get married to someone they will inevitably despise, with whom they have two kids who they haul to church because that's the only way to meet people in their hometown aside from getting smashed at Applebee's. And here we have the one of the world's biggest pop stars, with endless wealth, emulating...THAT. Of course it resulted in terrible music. Yummy is shit, and shit is not yummy. Holy? Satanic, and also another nail in the coffin of Chance the Rapper's potential, which has to be damn near airtight at this point. Monster? Good title, lovely title. Shawn Mendes is BORING.

    Stupid Love? Now there's something I can sink my teeth into. Like it or not, at least it jackhammers your skull. If I hear ONE more song where Justin Bieber sings about his BORING marriage and how no one understands him, at least slap some ridiculous BloodPop production on it so I can have my wig slightly nudged. What a shame that Lonely didn't notch a couple more votes as that would've put it at 5th and given Justin a podium sweep for the ages. Instead, we have BTS - perhaps a controversial placement? I like Dynamite, but perhaps some of the terrestrial radio girls are tired of getting pummeled with it. Can't relate! Maybe now that Dua has shown up on the cover of British Vogue with one of their haircuts, y'all will stan?​
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  3. BTS were robbed.

  4. Dynamite is such an odd choice. It’s a perfectly harmless, albeit entirely faceless, bop.

    Surely, one of the Selena/Demi abominations should have taken its place.
  5. Yeah, not if you're a K-pop fan where it became the longest charting #1 single of all time in South Korea and the song with the most music show wins in Korean history. It's an abomination not worthy of any of those titles.
  6. The K-pop girls finally showing up to get a podium placement by....dragging a K-pop song

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  7. Fair enough, but wow at us needing that sort of K-Pop support in some of the ‘Best’ categories.
  8. We made a conscious effort not to force K-Pop entries into this specific rate as we have our own The K-PopJustice Forum Poll 2020, which voting closes for on JANUARY 8TH.

    All are welcome.

  9. Dynamite would've actually been a perfectly fine song if it were sung by a group that can actually hold a note without it being slathered in autotune. The vocals are what make it bad.
  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Me liking all these Dynamite drags despite never actually listening to it
  11. I never heard dynamite but all I can say is this song got robbed


    literally the worst vocalists I've ever heard it's insane
  12. Damn ddd.

    Not even gonna ask what an "ethnic hip" is.
  13. It's this

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  14. Girl we're not supposed to let MAGAPOO escape KPJ.
  16. tea


    ddd there was good KPop released this year.

  17. Dynamite has always sounded like a middling JLS single from 2011 that has been elevated by the exceptional K-Pop veneer of great dance, visuals and marketing. In a vacuum, it is objectively not a very good song.
  18. The way I would have been very annoyed at this amount of K-Pop related posts a year ago nn

    You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain, etc.
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  19. All this excellence... and yet you forgot the best Kpop song of the year!!!

  20. I've still haven't heard Yummy x


    And I don't ever intend to x
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