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2020 U.S. Election

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hyrulian, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. People across all parties have observed Biden's inability to often remember where he is or the subject he is speaking about. Multiple members in this thread supporting a myriad of candidates observed that the way Biden speaks is often incoherent and illogical. Just as many, if not more, have made the same observations about Trump and asked him to take similar cognitive exams. The mental acuity and ability of both candidates has been a long-standing issue for everyone. Biden's inability to address that concern without yet another blow up that's in a long line of blow up's is not defensible and trying to brush it under the rug with whataboutism will be as helpful as claiming Trump was way more corrupt than Clinton anyway in 2016.
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  2. Observations of a candidate appearing confused don't qualify laymen to recommend medical screenings for dementia - that goes for both Biden and Trump. If journalists are going to inquire about that, they should do so responsibly, based on the opinions of qualified professionals.
  3. Except - again - this is a relevant discussion to the election given that is it not "laymen" making these observations, but Biden's own opponent, Trump, accusing him of cognitive decline. I understand how awful Trump is leads people to over-correct in their analysis of Biden, but Biden not being able to simply articulate what you could just now and instead leap to another instance of wide-eyed angry shouting like a bunch of hooligans have taken over his lawn and started smoking whacky tobaccy on it is probably a valid concern and something to take issue with.
  4. "Whacky tobaccy"

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  5. FUCK

  6. You know who never forgot where they were?

  7. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I don't think questioning the health or mental acuity of anyone who wants to be president is out of bounds. It just hasn't been a necessary question in a long time. Between Clinton, Bush, and Obama, all of whom were under 60 when they took office, the country went 24 years without needing to ask if the person wanting to be president could keep up with the pace of the work. Bush and Obama exercised almost every day.

    But I would never expect Trump or Biden to take the question seriously; they're both longtime public figures who are easily triggered and become defensive when seriously pushed.

    Also, I'm surprised anyone has any air left in them to be deflated, I thought all our minuscule hopes had been popped on Super Tuesday.
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  8. I hate to compare people's mental health. But Biden gets defensive and calls people hooligans or whatever. Trump says "There'd be less cases if we tested less" for months and no one says "Sir, that's stupid.". I'll take Joe's old man nonsense over Trump's any day.
  9. I'm perched for the NY AG's major announcement today. It's apparently about the NRA and I'd love nothing more than to see them obliterated
  10. Deutsche Bank lives to see another day (maybe - I'm sure the NRA - RNC - Trump - Deutsche Bank pipeline is rusty all the way through):

  11. This Latinx voter outreach is unmatched, whew.
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  12. A black woman shuttering the NRA.....you love to fucking see it.
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  13. She delivered on her campaign promise to investigate the NRA if she won. I'm glad she pulled the trigger to put them out of their misery.
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  14. It's way too early for them to have a case yet based on what's come out, but I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT DAY
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  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The kii being that Black people are also...Latinx people... and that Latinidad is a false understanding of this "united people" that have roots in Latin America. What a doofus.
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  16. Latinidad isn't real and it's all made up, just like the notion that Biden will restore order~ to Amerikkka. I want off this planet.
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  17. Apparently the VP decision is down to Kamala and Susan Rice.

    I can’t.
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  18. that tea was exposed as stale today (though I think Kamala is probably gonna be the pick with all this Bass oppo being dumped)

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  19. Yeah I'm expecting Kamala at this point. Dems are so stupid. I still can't get over everyone dropping out to secure his nomination.
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  20. Trump signed an executive order to ban TikTok in the US if it's not sold within 45 days.

    Of course that's priority for him.
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