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2021 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Mar 11, 2021.

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    The 2021 BRIT Awards will be held on Tuesday 11 May 2021. Pushed back due to COVID.

    Rising Star Nominees:
    - Griff
    - Pa Salieu
    - Rina Sawayama

    What are your predictions for nominees and potential winners in other categories? Who do you hope to see perform?
  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    What's the eligibility period for this year?
  3. I think they said it was a bit longer due to the push back to May, but I’m not sure when it starts. Usually when held in Feb it goes as far back as about July 2 calendar years before (i.e. 2020’s awards included albums released from July 2018. And it usually goes to about December of the year before - Harry Styles managed to bag male and album nominations last year when Fine Line had only just come out on 13th December but I think it may go to March this year maybe. So I reckon we may be looking at a big eligibility period of July 2019 to March 2021. But that’s just me speculating.

    The only awards I ever really care about are the solo female ones. My predictions ...

    Dua Lipa (huge album and hits)
    Jessie Ware (critically acclaimed album)
    Celeste (rising star winner last year so will probably be on this list even though album only just came out)
    Charli XCX (critically acclaimed album)
    Laura Marling (they love her)

    Taylor Swift (two huge albums - and Lover if the eligibility period is as I think)
    Ariana Grande (zzzz album but a big seller I think)
    Alicia Keys (they love to throw her a nom even if major chart success escapes her - maybe not this year?)
    Kylie (I can dream - she did have a number 1 album though)
    Lady Gaga

    That shortlist is pretty white though, so maybe the official one will be more diverse. Or maybe not. Maybe Lianne La Havas in British and someone else in international?
  4. Bree Runway robbed .
  5. Manifesting Little Mix for Best Group.
  6. I’ve heard they’ve reinstated the Best International Group category?
  7. Probably just for the retweets that BTS generates
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  8. It’s finally time to give Best Group to a girl group: Little Mix!
  9. Apparently The 1975 are gonna be nominated again...
  10. Can you imagine the backlash The Brits will get if The 1975 win again?
  11. Will all the performances be done remotely?

    You'd think Kylie will be back in the UK by May?
  12. Yeah, but I could genuinely see them doing it.
  13. Little Mix's Confetti is the only 2020 release by a British group to make the top 40 of the year. I'm not sure where the supposed backlash against a 1975 win is likely to come from, because where are the alternatives?
  14. No other group should honestly win Best British Group than Little Mix this year . If they don’t the uproar will be justified to be honest.
  15. But again, what uproar? Do Little Mix's fans even care about the Brit Awards at this point?
  16. Yes they still spam the Twitter account all the time about it they’re very much campaigning for them to get that win.

  18. RJF


    There better be a Dua Sweepa.
  19. Praying Little Mix finally becomes the first ever girlgroup to win Best British Group.

    Also, I know Sweet Melody probably hasn’t sold enough but would love for the BRITs to find a way to nominate it regardless.
  20. Dua is coming to sweep.
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