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2021 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Mar 11, 2021.

  1. I really enjoyed the BRITS this year. I was apprehensive looking at the lineup initially but today really turned it around. Everyone was so deserving of those awards, nods, mentions etc. The speeches and shout outs were so authentic and honest, and the performances were brilliant.

    The U.K. music industry really is game changing. It was triumphant as well with how they managed the Covid regulations.
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  2. Despite Jack Whitehall and the ending, one of my favourite BRITs in a very long time.
  3. At least it provided us with a lil moment of our queens.
  4. This will be looked back upon and as iconic, history making year for the awards. Coming off the back of the last year we've experienced, this will be talked about in those Best of TV shows for the rest of time.
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  5. I’m an hour behind on ITV+1 ... when Billie Porter shouted “and the winner is” gave me “and the category is” ... from Pose. Roll on the next series!
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  6. I had hoped that Jessie could have at least presented an award.
  7. I hope someone’s protecting HAIM from all the militant tiny 7s on Twitter
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  8. Brits was a little bit gay rights this year. I enjoyed it! Gutted Jessie didn't win or perform, but happy for all the women who've been represented and rightfully awarded.
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  9. Amazing that outside of the 2 actual "Male" categories, only one other award for a male artist. Thats got to be a record surely?
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  10. Brits saw Primavera 2019 and went 'yas hun, want'.
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  11. K94


    Funny how once the moved away from the same two men with guitars, the past few Brits have actually been great
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  12. Fantastic night!

    The only things I would have changed are..

    - Physical winning best single (but I'm so glad it got the big TV performance it deserved)

    - Taylor winning her award and then performing

    - Dua winning best album and then her performance closing the show
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  13. My lockdown soundtrack all in one photo. I adore them both.

    tenor (16).gif
  14. Just catching up and Pretty Please getting it's moment? You guys weren't kidding when you said gay rights. Incredible.
  15. Were we all watching the same show? It was a badly organised line-up sprinked with women getting either flowers that were long overdue or just blatantly well deserved. The bare minimum. Meanwhile did they have Jessie Ware doing temperature checks at the door or something? Like...
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  16. Duo Lipa
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  17. DUA winning Album of the Year and Best Female, HAIM winning International Group and LITTLE MIX finally winning British Group!

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  19. Wait when did this happen?
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  20. Just before he won International Male.
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