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2021 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Mar 11, 2021.

  1. It’s all very ‘who is Arcade Fire’, and it’s delicious.
  2. This was one of the best award shows I've seen in years. Pretty much a flawless set of winners and mostly great performances. Haim winning especially was such an unexpected treat and thoroughly deserved.
  3. Complaining that people won awards that were well deserved??
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  4. Putting some of the vile behaviour of BTS fans to one side, I can see why some might be aggrieved at them not getting a Grammy because they've put in quite a lot of leg work stateside, but I don't think they've done anywhere near enough in the UK. They seem to do a lot of US promo and then just rely on UK fans watching it online.

    I mean, they have a new single out at the end of the month. If they were serious about winning a Brit they could have rejigged things and recorded a performance to debut last night.
  5. I get the frustration but isn't it known by now they only get noms because they're a huge online presence? Something Grammys / Brits abuse for clicks and traffic? Also both awards shows like to award income and I'm guessing most of what BTS make (rightfully) ends up in their label / management / the boys' bank accounts meaning US / UK suits make nothing off them.
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  6. Super late to the party, but can I say how AMAZING the Elton/Years performance was?!
    Seriously, that was so enjoyable and impactful! Kings!
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  7. BTS fans have to understand they only win when it's public voting. Their fans are younger and have more available time to be voting for this kinda thing.
    That's why I generally love when the winner is not voted by the public!
  8. The constant ‘BTS don’t win awards because of racism and not because their music is mostly critically-reviled garbage’ is an unsurprising, eyeroll-worthy sentiment.
  9. Remember Brits 2020 when Dave called Boris a racist? History.

    Two great shows in two years, shocked that the Brits seme to have...turned a bit of a corner?
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  10. The “award shows are popularity contests” mentality is what it is.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Clara and Maya walking out to Hot Hot was an underrated moment. In desperate need of Jack being replaced with them next year now, he was by far the most dated aspect of the whole show.
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  12. This is hilarious. “Literally no one has heard of them”. Erm, they’ve had 2 number 1 albums and a number 2 album. Just because she hasn’t heard of them means no one else can!! Also, Haim’s 2018 Brits appearance is iconic so did she not become aware of them even then?!?!
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  13. Nothing says “I live in a bubble” more than thinking “I’ve never heard of them” is a legitimate argument.
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  14. 'I've never heard of them', 'I can't name 5 Taylor songs', 'I miss Geri Halliwell giant vagina'... elder gay Twitter was exhausting yesterday.
  15. Can we not miss Geri Halliwell giant vagina but also have loved most of last night's show?
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