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2021 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Mar 11, 2021.

  1. Olivia Rodrigo said in her Instagram post about performing at the Brits that this will be her first time in the UK, so I’m assuming she’ll be live in the o2.
  2. My ticket has been emailed to me, im in Section 108, Row T. Riiiiiiiight at the back. Thank you key workers, but not that much, lol.
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  3. But WHAT if there's a stage B.
  4. Not that anybody cares but here's how I'd wish the Brits go tonight:

    Album of the Year - Future Nostalgia
    British Single - Physical
    British Male - Yungblud
    British Female - Dua Lipa
    British Group - Little Mix
    Breakthrough Act - Joel Corry
    International Male - The Weeknd
    International Female - Miley Cyrus
    International Group - Haim

    Here's to hoping...
  5. And nothing for Jessie, it's to the gallows for you.
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  6. The only thing that I care about is that Little Mix win Best Group. Doesn’t matter how you spin it there’s just no sensible reason to not give them the award. They more than deserve it and it’s about time a girl group wins it!
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  7. I get it, I do love me some Jessie. But Dua saved 2020. It's only fair she win every nod.
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  8. Well I hope that BRIT's won't be fair as always so Jessie could snatch Best Album. To follow up with perfect scenario, Little Mix would win Best Group and Dua would win Best Female. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed so that could happen tonight.
  9. Hope you have an amazing time, you deserve it! I wanted to apply as well (NHS staff) but don’t live in London, unfortunately.
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  10. #JusticeForMelanieC
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  11. We all stan Jessie and her album was brilliant . . . but Future Nostalgia is The Album Of The Year in every measurable way.
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  12. I don’t see any way that Dua isn’t getting Female & Album. Jessie’s album is brilliant too but Dua has just had the most incredible campaign.
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  13. I LOVED Dua also but I do think Jessie should take it for being more of an underdog than anything, Dua has many other awards so she won't really notice one
  14. Serving Kelly Osbourne meets Amy Winehouse realness.
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  15. The possibility of them winning and Taylor being there are the only reasons I'm going to watch this. If the girls don't win....
  16. Is there a way to watch it live from abroad this year?
    Last time there was a Youtube live streaming of the show (with some funny digital hosts during the ad breaks). Any chance they do it again this year?
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  18. Here’s the official YouTube stream:
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