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2021 Grammys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. Beyonce doing the bare minimum this year (Black Is King aside) only releasing 2 songs with one being a ft yet still managed to get the most nominations is legendary behaviour in all honesty
  2. Being very liberal with the use of “Sound” here
  3. The way I screameddddddddd at this. Best post in the entire thread.
  4. I mean, they did kind of campaign for the Grammy with the Billboards and For Your Consideration mailer.
  5. I just feel so proud for Black Parade - yet another example of Beyoncé making lasting cultural imprints. While it’s in my top songs of the year, I never expected it to be recognized like this after zero promotion and pretty much getting swept under the rug after it’s release, despite its appearance in Black Is King credits. Hoping the amount of love it got could encourage Beyoncé to perform either it or finally the Savage Remix.
  6. Interested to everyone’s predictions for Album of the Year winner. I’ve got everything crossed that Taylor will get it.
  7. Small victory in the Country Album category at least!
    No matter which nominee takes the award, there will be another woman with a Best Country Album Grammy in 2021.
    Personally I'm pulling for Brandy Clark but I have a feeling Ashley McBryde will take it.
  8. I would be more surprised if Beyonce didn't get multiple noms every year.
  9. RJF


    I'm not gonna stand for the narrative, however legendary, of Beyoncé doing nothing but still snatching noms. Queen was in a vacation year and still found time to produce a third visual album for a soundtrack release and drape herself all over "Savage", adding nearly two minutes to its runtime and ad-libs all over the place. Some girls couldn't even get their faces out of their cheap ass eye shadow palettes long enough to remember they even had released an actual album. Queen stays booked, but she also stays busy between those IVY PARK drippings!
  10. RJF


    While we're on the subject of artists who do nothing,
    So... billboards that appeared exclusively in LA (which seemed to be the Chromatica era specialty) and... an email. The blitz!
  11. I want my white witchy aunty to live a long time! The work she put in for Harry was borderline embarrazzing.

    Like Columbia Records can NOT be happy that they spent 5 videos worth to be shut out of the main categories like this. I just know they felt ROTY or SOTY was in reach. Maybe I'm wrong.
  12. RJF


    The way Harry continues to reach for industry approval... only to have to settle for the approval of (sections of) minorities he won't even mention out loud in case anyone thinks he's... you know... poor it!
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  13. So many conflicting feelings, I'm at peace with Fiona not getting AOTY only cause I know she could not care less (I'm not at peace, but i'll make it there). So happy for so many deserved noms that I never saw coming like Haim, Kaytranada and Big Thief! Beyond appalled at the Weeknd snub and J*st*n getting ANYTHING. But again balanced by Harry being snubbed from the main categories (even if they are a HOT mess). You can kind of smell in the main categories the whiplash from the critique that last year's noms were too success driven (consider the fact that 7 by Lil Nas X is considered worthy of an AOTY nom but Fetch the Bolt Cutters ain't this shows that any attempt to understand the Grammys is feeble cause it's.....the Grammys)

    Honestly, this should be fun once I stop fuming for Fiona
  14. I haven't even used After Hours that much but this must be one of the cruellest, weirdest shut-outs ever. I really thought we had the clearest path to an Album of the Year win since 21 ddd. But I do kind of love that fully half of the Album of the Year nominees were on practically nobody's radar. A little bit disgusted that Coldplay got in for an album I'm convinced the Grammys just made up but also a little bit into the absurdity of it.

    Fun fact: there are only two years this century that Beyonce didn't get any Grammy nominations.
  15. Imagining Este Haim’s reaction to their Album of the Year nom and it’s already iconic
  16. I'm... gutted for The Weeknd. The Grammys have always thrown in some sort of random ass nominations but this year they completely overdid it.
  17. Variety speculating that The Weeknd didn't actually submit to be nominated (since Grammys have had no issue with him in the past and several artists from Republic received noms), or the committee simply couldn't decide whether to categorize him as pop or R&B so they... left him off entirely,.
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  18. Pop Duo/Group... Gaga and Ari vs. Taylor vs. BTS. Oof. I'm praying!!!

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