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2021 Grammys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. The Don’t Start Now section slayed. As always.
  2. Yaaaaaaaas Versace Doll!!!
  3. She looked absolutely phenomenal and nailed Don't Start Now.
  4. Nothing but respect for MY AOTY winner, Miss Peep
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  5. That basic dance she does during the bridge of Don’t Start Now is so cute
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  6. Dua looked good.
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  7. This feels refreshing cause there’s none of this “let’s go and see who’s in the audience” crap and the main focus has been on the performances and awards.
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  8. The premiere pop girl. Plate clean. Rent paid. AOTY secured

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  9. Whew! Jeeessus! That performance made my gay heart flutter like I was watching Britney circa 2001 or RiRi circa 2010. Dua darling,...let me catch my breath!
  10. Damn she killed that performance! Her moves and looks are on point.
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  11. She's also had the most performance time so far, hopefully that's a good sign she wins something
  12. The scenic design referencing the geometry of the album shoot... the pride lighting retro TV effects... the freshness and flavor of the arrangements throughout... Physical choreo references and a final dance break into the added outro??

    This kills the cig.

    Her sheer hunger to be a Pop Star has just about transcended much of the shit circumstances of the last year, and I’m really proud and impressed with her. The performance felt like quite the celebration of all she’s managed throughout the campaign.
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  13. Not JHud singing her heart out for MasterCard
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  14. This livestream I'm using playing Taylor songs during the ads (and god knows there's a lot of them) is one of my favorite things about the Scammys so far..

    Dua Legend served, as usual
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  15. Dua finally infusing these performances with some actual star energy. Phew!
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  16. Bruno Mars? Bathroom break time

  17. I can’t help but laugh.
  18. Yeah, I've really enjoyed the set up so far! I'm not sure if it's just because it feels fresh for the show, or if it could actually work long term as an alternative to the way it has been done up to this point though.
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  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Oh my God this song is so corny.
  20. K94


    This prob wont do the Bruno appropriation debate any favours but BOP!
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