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2021 Popjustice Forum Readers' Poll: COMPL--wait what?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Dec 8, 2021.

  1. RJF



    2. Steps - The Slightest Touch (Five Star)
    3. Will Young - Daniel (Bat For Lashes)
    4. Elton John & Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (...Elton John)
    5. Angel Olsen - Eyes Without A Face (Billy Idol)

    Considering Kelly is covering other people's songs, like, four times a week, it's not really a surprise that she ended up here with one of the most notable hits of the year, not to mention a song that kinda doesn't feel that far away from the stuff she built her empire on... The empire which has shot her to the upper echelons of, um, a sofa where, from what I can gather, she's a babbling wreck in front of whoever is having to do the miserable daytime talkshow circuit in the US. Or you know, depending on your sense of humour, hilarious comedy genius-slash-host of The Kelly Clarkson Show!

    The cover itself? Eh. It's a five minute song butchered down to two minutes, and that's where most of the issues lie. It feels like it has barely started before it's over just as abruptly. Props to Kelly for not neutering the swearing but... we don't hear it anyway. It's basically an excellently performed ringtone. So I'm very whatever to it really.

    Further down the ballot: the forum wheedles my annual acknowledgement of Steps from me! Finding they were probably running short for their second album of 2021, they (or... whoever is masterminding their albums) reached back in time and snatched this eighties synth-pop number from Five Star and turned it into... a noughties electro-pop number, which, with their audience, is like fingering gays in a barrel in terms of reception. The straight one looks so uncomfortable in the video, lip-syncing his first line with his hands in his pockets which has to be a cardinal pop sin. Has he been reading their thread on here? Will Young takes on Bat For Lashes' "Daniel" and... kinda tears all the song-making atmosphere out of it despite his vocal being lovely. Natasha Kahn found... not shaking in the slightest! Dua Lipa CHEATS her way into this section with... whatever Elton John was doing this year with his greatest hits/remix/collab album with easily the best song here, and in a shocking turn of events after 2019's brilliantly oppressive All Mirrors, Angel Olsen decided to have some fun with an EP of eighties pop covers. Not Steps setting trends! But of course, because alt girls have to alt girl, we get a Billy Idol cover instead of a Madonna one. Enjoy all these covers below!

  2. RJF


    The way it's taking like a full fucking minute to do anything... forget Kelly, this forum is a wreck.
  3. Jesy for Eurvision? Tom Aspaul is right there ladies.
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  4. Damn PJ these choices are very boring and basic. What happened there?
  5. The last ounces of the server's life force hearing results were kicking off tonight

  6. rdp


    My prostitution have worked!!
  7. The way I've yet to even hear that Dua/Elton collab and... I'm at peace with that.
  8. Will Young makes me feel really sad in my soul for some reason fkldsgdhgjhfsgdfa
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Your loss <3
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  10. Cold Heart counting as a cover is a bit questionable, but then again I guess this isn't the correct answer game dd
  11. RJF


    Not a Cloudflare error message.

    Not us going down with the ship.
  12. These results acting as the forum’s death rattle feels…right.
  13. The forum saving our hosts from having to think of something new to say about Steps when they inevitably appear in every category. Technology is healing

  14. Legitimately can't believe that "no one" wasn't the top answer for Eurovision. It was mine.
  15. It’s shit. You’re missing nothing.
  16. RJF


    The next category is ready to go on my part but I'm not posting at the end of a page so y'all better kill ailing host forum dot popjustice dot com by posting four more times!
  17. BTG


    The way Kelly could’ve populated that entire list and I wouldn’t be mad. I hate that her career has come to covers on a chat show ddd
  18. I haven't watched/listened to any of her covers, so dddd.
  19. I couldn't recall a single song that anyone covered last year.
  20. Me trying to make this post:

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