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2021 Popjustice Forum Readers' Poll: COMPL--wait what?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Dec 8, 2021.

  1. I voted for Miss Mussy despite enjoying the album nn.
  2. RJF


    2. Nicki Minaj
    3. Demi Lovato
    4. Justin Bieber
    5. Ed Sheeran

    Most Deluded is kind of a bizarre one every year because, really... all our best popstars are a tad delusional. No one's gonna buy your fantasy unless you're living it, and I lived as Patrizia Reggiani for six months, bitch. I even have a little bit of sympathy for popstars who end up surrounding themselves with yes men and end up in an echo chamber because Jesus, when you reach a certain level you're probably getting it at all angles and it becomes impossible to tell the difference between educational, constructive criticism... and people just tearing you down for the fun of it.

    Jesy is kind of all of the above, but she's also shown herself to be wilfully delusional this year. There's not engaging with trolls' being hateful online, but when the black woman who you've shared a band for ten years with tries to communicate a very real and hurtful problem with how you're presenting yourself, and you not only still don't engage, but try to demonise her in the process... then I'm not really sure who you're convincing that you have no responsibility in how things went down. It's been both tragic and stunning to watch as Jesy pissed away all the goodwill her initial departure from Little Mix came with all down to actions that everyone could see a mile off were going to blow up in her face. Ignoring black fishing allegations. Going on Instagram Live to listen to a complete stranger tear her former band mate to pieces. Releasing a song about wanting bad boys "so hood, so good, so taboo". Turning up to the Jingle Bell Ball in a jacket emblazoned with the word BLACK. I could go on, but I won't. Rising above the noise is great, but sometimes you end up leaving the Earth's orbit entirely. Good thing she liek abitta bitta in the swee!

    Elsewhere, Nicki Minaj was a distant second in this category in her role as one of 2021's biggest chaos demons, raising her head from whatever volume on vaccines she's been studiously reading to actively revel in upset, discord and disaster no matter the cause or source, as long as she was at least adjacent to the blast. At this point in society's history, I'm not really sure how anyone could blame Demi Lovato for saying, "Fuck this, let's see what those ETs are saying instead." as they dumped the album they released earlier this year (remember THAT?) to go and take a pair of pliers to fences at Area 51 instead. We'll probably need to bring Least Deluded back to award them when aliens are discovered at some point in 2022 because honestly, what else could go wrong? Justin and Ed are white straight men, who as a breed are delusional in thinking they're perpetually owed something. I've honestly managed to swerve the majority of both of their antics this year, but from what I can gather Justin will be lucky to escape 2022 without joining some underground commune where a minister tricks him out of his fortune. And in all honesty, I think Ed is maybe one of our least deluded "popstars", and that makes him all the more dangerous. He knows what sells, he makes it, he gets money. A capitalist in Converse.​
  3. Me on the phone with XenForo™ customer support just so I can catch the reveals for the 5-7 categories Jesy Nelson will 'win'

  4. [​IMG]
  5. We argued about this last year but voting for the crusty straight men in these categories is always the boring option tbh. We know they're terrible. Meanwhile, Demi was giving us camp. The bakery feud? Al*en being a slur? Singing Skyscraper to the extra terrestrials to help them cope with their trauma? Promoting QAnon streaming websites? That's legendary.
  6. Most of Kelly's covers feel too short for me, but since I only listen to the edit of Happier Than Ever and she does all the good stuff, I didn't really mind with that one? That's probably why it's become one of the few I revisit more than a couple of plays of the YouTube videos when they come out.

    "fingering gays in a barrel" is ART, @RJF - Booker Prize immediately.
  7. RJF


    That was SURELY not this year WHAT.
  8. RJF


    Also, I have one more bullet left to fire tonight, so I'm gonna go work on that while y'all struggle to talk amongst yourselves on this raft of a server.
  9. BTG


    I’m not sure how this Jesy photoshoot passed me by but Christ
  10. The way that Kelly writeup read fully as a critique though, I'm sad!
  11. RJF


    She's meditating.

    She's dead.
    Solar Power won this category by such a ridiculous margin - and all the other votes were so splintered - that it's not even worth doing a Top 5 and I'll just mention a few of the other votes at the end.

    With it far in the rearview mirror now, it's maybe easier to see how the campaign for Lorde's third album went off the rails, and it was maybe a bit of a reckoning that was inevitable. When you've spent a massive amount of your formative years with everyone telling you you display a wisdom beyond your years, it can sometimes be hard to remember that you are, in fact, not beyond your years. You add in the privilege of being famous and wealthy on top of that ego boost, and... profound becomes precocious fast.

    I don't think Solar Power is a bad album. I think the biggest crime it commits is not being visceral for an artist who made her name on these incredibly elegant, articulate gut punch pop songs. And Lorde has grown up! She's 25 now, she's had a wealth of experiences, and her teenage angst has largely been quelled. So she found herself with a new, unique appreciation for the world around her, just as she settled into being herself at the same time. You couple that with the fact she had spent most of the pandemic in New Zealand - a country which, at the time, had largely defeated COVID - and she was enjoying life. So naturally, an album that sprung from that peace, that fun, that broadened horizon, attempted to capture all that.

    So why the fuck was she such a self-aggrandising ass about it?

    In a campaign that relied on putting Lorde front and centre to explain the album, it turned out... she was awful at it. Meandering, self-absorbed, borderline lecturing odysseys in her email newsletters about how everyone should probably just eat an edible and chill at the side their friend's infinity pool. Humiliatingly detailed humblebrags about, gosh, golly, this hotel room I paid for is so expensive and I, nothing but a pauper, don't belong here! Oh, yes, another bottle of champagne please. It was self-absorbed and horrifyingly lacking in self-awareness, and would have been at the best of times, but espousing the values of freedom and travel and socialising for paragraphs when the entire world had largely been without those things was such insult to injury. The largely missed-the-mark videos where she had promised a visual journey... although honestly I think Lorde has maybe made about four music videos in her entire career so y'all played yourself with that one. The $60 environmentally friendly t-shirts. CDs apparently being bad for the wee turtles but empty cardboard boxes and three kinds of vinyl were just swell. I could go on, but I won't, because unlike Lorde, I'm trying to be economical in my words. It was like she was trying so hard to find meaning and purpose in something that had largely been born out of stillness and... navel contemplating, mostly. Go get your tan and be quiet, sis!

    Anyway, the person who got the most amount of votes after Lorde was none other than Zara Larsson with Poster Girl, which I full on shrieked at when I saw the final tally earlier today. Worst campaign? What campaign? When "Wow" got a shred of viral buzz and they spent weeks promoting it when it had long died? Elsewhere, you have Lana Del Rey just chucking albums out onto her front lawn for her label to snatch before the sprinklers come on and ruin the 8-track she's mumbled into. Lady Gaga's "Hi gay bye gay!" disrespectful fuk of an anniversary campaign for Born This Way where she put it in a brown paper bag and made Olly Alexander whine to "The Edge Of Glory", and Adele popping up to mope about her marriage and the state of the industry as she continues to make more money than anyone by doing largely nothing. Normani and SZA also popped up in this category, which LMFAO. Album? No thank you, there are six more Future Of Music magazine covers to be on this year!

    Really... most album campaigns are awful these days. Wars of attrition to see who will break first: the label, who want to make money but don't release anything, or the fans whose interest understandably dwindles at one single a year with minimal push and support. And sometimes you even have the artist in the mix of that who has figured out that selling vitamins on Instagram or sitting in Vegas is much easier than being a creative, and the entire process becomes as turgid as the forum currently is at the moment. Uh, but, yay! 2022! Sky Ferreira is coming for wigs!​
  12. [​IMG]

    2. Lady Gaga, Rina Sawayama & Clarence Clarity - Free Woman Remix
    3. Kylie Minogue & Jessie Ware - Kiss of Life
    4. The Weeknd & Ariana Grande - Save Your Tears (Remix)
    5. Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen - Like I Used To

    Me high and feeling anxious inside of the CVS:


    This isn't a surprise I suppose. Enough of a bop to appease the uptempo gals, but also with depression credentials for our serotonin-free sisters. Miss Bridgers flexed her newfound industry muscle to save MUNA from potential RCA purgatory and immediately hopped onto their first single through her label Saddest Factory. We love synergy! But shop talk aside, the song is also melodic, catchy, and the type of wistful sapphic pop MUNA does very very well and Popjustice is made to respond to.

    It was great to have Rina show up and uncage Free Woman, morphing it into the propulsive, aggressive banger it was meant to be. Not to dismiss the rest of the Chromatica remixes, but this one works best because it takes the original and elevates it instead of dismantling it. What a corker! Kiss of Life? She's cute. I remember bopping like one of the Kylie gerls. Is this what @matthew. feels like all the time? Also, how fun it has been to watch Jessie Ware find this lane. She fits into it perfectly.

    We all know my feelings on Save Your Tears, but let me reiterate my relief when Ariana's vocals actually fit in a natural way instead of sounding like they were recorded over the phone. She's a natural fit for the song, giving us range, giving us lower REGISTER mama yes god. Like I Used To? Can't relate, I slept til noon today. Happy New Year!

  13. Btw I was about 3 hours behind the deadline but my Best Poster award would have went to @Phloo

  14. Yes Silk Chiffon was the correct answer, congrats everyone!
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  15. Pa Mis Muchachas not even making the top 5 is a damn mess. But then again I guess songs in any language other than English just don't have a chance here, even if they're by one of the forum's favourite artists.
  16. [​IMG]

  17. It was very close behind!
  18. No 'Wild Side'?!
  19. The way I voted for the other Kylie collab despite knowing it didn't have much shot at making the results whereas Kiss of Life did... but I just don't think Kiss of Life is that good despite the ridicumazing video...
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  20. Nn I switched my vote from Wild Side to Silk Chiffon at the last minute thinking it would need the help more. I thought Wild Side had it in the bag.
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