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2021 Popjustice Forum Readers' Poll: COMPL--wait what?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by RJF, Dec 8, 2021.

  1. Her whole one hour performance at ACL Festival was incredible. She's the most consistently amazing performer.
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  2. I just spat coffee all over my work laptop. Strong chaotic good.
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  3. RJF



    2. Lorde - Solar Power
    3. Clairo - Sling
    4. Justin Bieber - Justice
    5. Bebe Rexha - Better Mistakes

    I've not listened to Ed Sheeran's album and will not be doing so for the purpose of a scathing blurb.

    Normally my stance even with artists I don't like is that I will at least be an informed hater and listen to the current album that is producing all the things that are drawing my ire, and I have listened to all of Ed's albums in the past (I even quite liked the first two!) but this time around it just doesn't seem worth it. I have zero interest in listening to him skin pop music alive and wear it like a pelt. I know the kind of writer he is these days, the singles confirm my suspicions, and I'm happy living with my assumptions! The only thing I've heard outside of the first two singles is that song that tries to use graffiti as a metaphor for undying love... which is a little bizarre considering I can't remember the last time I experienced love that was power hosed away by the council, but okay. Looking at the song titles and my suspicions continue to be confirmed. If "Visiting Hours" isn't some treacly nonsense about a pensioner dying I'll eat my hat.

    Further down the ballot, Lorde narrowly avoided winning this poisoned chalice. While I seriously doubt a lot of the people voting for Ed's album actually listened to it, I think Lorde at least makes sense here mostly because I know y'all listened to it and, rightly or wrongly, there were expectations which weren't met with the material. Clairo's Jack Antonoff-assisted second album was literally just fifty minutes of those noises you hear in your house after you go to bed and are drifting off to sleep. I, again, did not listen Justin's album and I doubt most of you did either, and BEBE REXHA!!!! When I tell you I SHRIEKED at being reminded her album had come out this year and bombed at #140 on the Billboard 200. It was made even worse when she acknowledged it.


    Not a career built on failure I-

    Anyway, after saying that she wouldn't stop; she never had and never would, that she still believed in this album, and would still push NO MATTER WHAT!!! ...no other single was released. Turns out it was formulate pop star bullshit. People are so quick to give up on shit, and baby, truly, that isn't how you win. And with the lead single being called "Sabotage" to boot?!?!?! SIS. Bebe is at least always serving entertainment, I'll give her that.

  4. BTG


    That wasted win on Ed Sheeran. As if any of us listened to that shit.
  5. Bebe's iconic. Forgot about her.

  6. I did listen to Justin - Justice and is why I voted for it as the worse album. I mean Holy and Lonely were indications that this album was awful. Just listen to MLK Interlude and that says it all...
  7. Not me defending Miss Bleta 'Bad Bitches Only' Rexhar but the lead single was the song with Doja, which actually made it good unlike the rest of the album sans poppers o'clock 'Sacrifice' dd.
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  8. I really thought after Best Comeback she had a chance at snagging top 5 here. We were so close!

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  9. Nice to see Better Mistakes finally chart somewhere

  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    A read n n.
  11. Bebe getting most of the reaction when there were four worse albums above her?

  12. I'm going to assume Clairo did not win because the remaining forum members who gave it a listen are still asleep (or in a vegetative state).
  13. Honestly, 2 bops and actually getting an album out? That is something 80% of the flops girls that this forum stans will never have!
    Shame that I never listened to the rest of said album.

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  14. "My career was built on failures" genuinely enters my brain numerous times a week, no matter where I am or what I'm doing, and never fails to send me.

    Me at the self-checkout buying groceries:


    Me at the gym:


    Me on work zoom calls:

  15. Same. She's who I voted for. She's hands down the best performer amongst her contemporaries.
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  16. Might open with this in my job interview tomorrow.
  17. RJF


    I was counting "Sacrifice" as the lead single because it was the one that ended up preceding the album release, while the Doja track was released seven months earlier.
  18. Damn Bebe if only the album had this energy.

    Also i'm glad we can all finally admit Clairo's album was BAD no matter the season.
  19. ''My career was built on failures'' and comparing herself to mold...


    The fact that enough people even remembered this album existed to get it to chart is kind of a win for her though, all things considered. Now if only those people that voted for it had actually listened to it as well, it would probably double the album's streams.

  20. Users of this forum actually listen to Ed Sheeran albums? That's news to me.
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