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2021 VMAs (September 12th)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babyface, Aug 11, 2021.

  1. I can already smell the MTV Music Awards rebrand, as it devolves further and further into TikTok ephemera and C-list territory... before it perishes for good.

  2. RMK


    All the performances have solid views a few days out. People are curious, but the model to watch has changed. MTV goes for young adults, but we don't have cable (dd).

    One aspect that probably had an impact is the streaming option on Paramount+. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to find it on their Live TV guide. Maybe larger promotions and easier access on streaming is the move. One banner on Paramount+ would've made a huge difference.
  3. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    You know what? There's actually no reason for the VMAS to be broadcast live anymore. They could film the show a week ahead and broadcast it/deliver to streaming simultaneously.
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  4. They really should have their own popular streaming and social media app, similar to WeVerse and V-Live, teebs. Are TPTB at MTV just lazy to really enter the tech realm?
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  5. Tea. They should probably team up with a platform where people could watch globally like youtube. They'd get way better numbers since there'd be no need for pirate links.
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  6. RMK


    MTV is under Viacom, so the only outlet that would realistically happen is Paramount+. They should really launch all the past ceremonies on there, or something. Even if no one watches all of them, the hype surrounding years like 2009 or 10 could do a lot for bringing new interest.
  7. I mean, yeah, most people don't watch because it's long as hell and they can just follow on twitter to see clips, memes, and performance and acceptance vids. No reason to sit through 3 hours when you can get the social media cliffnotes version.
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  8. The thing is, the only current model for award shows to be profitable is through television advertisement dollars, so no matter how bad ratings may be, there will be no moves to make them more accessible online/via streaming because it will only lose them money (despite the increase in visibility & credibility). That said, as @Someboy mentioned, they could instead spend time on reformatting the show & pre-produce better quality content for the event. The ‘live’ element doesn’t hold much weight anymore outside of an occasional meme (which actually could be their biggest priority, so I suppose I’ve already ruled that out).
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  9. The tea is EMAs were huge when a performance there resulted in 300,000 CDs being sold in the US the next few weeks following them. They were a big deal and an album (and tour) selling tool. Now that they result in so few $$ made back, the EMAs are not the investment it was for labels / management. And this snowballs in the bigger artists not bothering, the performances being CD:UK ones, people not turning in and so on.

    Also in the past it was Becky's 'celeb fix' of the week. Now Becky just goes on Instagram and all the celebs are there. She doesn't need the awards just the pics and the clips she'll see filtered by news outlets. Which leaves the ceremony to just the hardcores of each act - kinda like physical album sales at the moment.
  10. I actually love the idea of them pre-recording the show and putting it on a streaming platform. Last year they had tons of pre-recorded bits because everyone was doing it remotely and the whole event felt so much…slicker?
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  11. They should just make the show as widely available online as possible. Just air the show live on YouTube at this point. I'm not sure Paramount+ would work as its quite a small platform still, but they could use the VMAs as a promotional tool for Paramount+.

    The problem is that the cable companies will hate to see the main MTV event lose its exclusive status and ask to renegociate their deal with Viacom.

    Btw the number of viewers across all ViacomCBS channels was around 3 millions: https://www.showbiz411.com/2021/09/...iewers-on-mtv-and-not-much-more-anywhere-else
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