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2022 BRIT Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Nov 21, 2021.

  1. I think once upon a time, people watched award shows because there was less options on the TV and to not miss a cultural moment (something akin to nipplegate). Nowadays, there's nothing that's performed on TV that you won't see on YouTube a few hours later and there's very few performances that are truly 'exclusive'. You can also just watch the bits you want to see rather than all of it.
    My take on last night is there needs to be much more performing and much less talking. Why would you have Olivia Rodrigo, Maneskin or Griff just sitting in the audience? What about forking out a bit of money and trying to persuade The Weeknd to perform something from Dawn FM for the very first time.
  2. I think the whole thing very visibly missed the international side of things. It really didn't feel like there was a big 'moment', it didn't feel starry enough and the whole thing just ended up feeling a little 'local'.

    Having Ed, Adele and Dave as the big hitters is never going to feel exciting, mainly because we've already seen them do BRITS performances in the not so recent past. And quite a lot of the other performers didn't seem like they'd had a big enough year to really warrant performing. It certainly didn't feel like that line-up represented the biggest music of the last twelve months. When you look on Twitter and there are young people saying they don't know who half of the performers/nominees are, you know you're in trouble.

    I don't know how much of the issue is a reflection of the industry as a whole at the moment - there are lots of one-off hits, lots of 'single' artists, and we haven't really had any massive breakthrough acts since Dua? Compared to the line-ups you'd see in the heydays of the 90's and 00's BRITS, the whole thing just felt like it was lacking.
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  3. RJF


    Yeah, I was gonna say. Moving it out of London would be disastrous, and they will never do it. The biggest lure for the talent is surely the fact that it turns into an industry wide piss up the moment the cameras go off and their houses are twenty minutes away. You only need to look at the EMAs' annual struggle for buzz and a line up to see how damaging it is to have these things outside of industry hubs.

    For better or worse I thought that most of the wins were... perfectly on point and largely representative of where the industry is this year? Adele sweep notwithstanding, you can't really argue with the likes of Dave, Simz, Sam Fender, Wolf Alice etc. getting their flowers in their respective categories and they all either shift units, net massive critical acclaim, or both. The intrinsic problem is that consumption of pop culture is not really something that lives on network television's archaic format any more.

    They should also just... ditch having a presenter. Pointless.
  4. re. 1. - I was saying the exact same thing last night. In 45 years or whatever it is they have never gone out of London. Hold it in Manchester or Glasgow or Leeds or something just to make it different.

    re. 3 - I was also saying this too! I remember them saying they wanted to end on a biggie with best album and have it feel like best picture at the oscars. But if that recipient doesn't then perform it loses something because they just come on stage, say thanks and that's it - kind of lacklustre. I used to love it when it ended on the outstanding contribution winner doing a medley of their biggest hits - Bee Gees, David Bowie, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, Spice Girls etc. It felt like a big celebration of an act's discography.
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  5. Like others have said, logistically it wouldn’t work to have it held in different cities each year. I don’t really think the location is the issue. I agree with everything else though.
  6. Just book superstar performers with current hits and a legend or two, get Miss Amfo to present and you’ll be fine. Yes it’s hard but it can be done.
  7. I typed my reply before reading others who said it wouldn't make sense, but in my head I was thinking of the EMAs which used to be in a different city but RJF said that failed. Keep it in London then!
  8. EMAs are in a different city because there used to be MTV Italy, MTV Spain, MTV Germany etc. So Madrid, Milan etc got their chance to shine and give local teams time to shine.
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  9. It wasn't moving it to different cities that failed; it was successful for many years. The problem is that the generation it's aimed at either don't watch MTV or don't associate it with music, so the awards themselves have been drained of all relevance.
  10. Not the UberX! I know the UK is feeling a bit down, but surely Glass Animals could afford a Uber Black.
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  11. The biggest thing when you compare this week’s show to that of previous, is that it just didn’t feel like an event nor celebration of music.

    When you look at previous ceremonies it’s equipped with performances that people still talk and moments people remember. Even those performances that are weren’t necessarily at the same level of others still felt like a moment.

    It says something when the thing that is getting coverage the most is Anne Marie’s left ankle.
  12. My only thought of this year’s show was… if the Artist of the Year winner, who had also won both the song of the year and album of the year, had written all of those songs, how can they not also be songwriter of the year instead of Ed who was nominated in all of the aforementioned categories but lost out. Clearly, it must have been his JLS and Westlife songwriting credits that pushed him ahead.
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  13. I think people (read: organisers) forget that presenting is... an actual skill/talent. You can't throw anyone (or any comedian) on a stage to host a massive 2 hour+ show and expect everyone to ace it. The sudden appearance of Maya Jama despite no mention of her in any promo gives me 'they lost confidence in Mo in the dress rehearsal and drafted in someone who knows how to talk at the last minute'.
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