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2022 Grammy Awards

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Sep 21, 2021.

  1. Wasn't there backlash the last time a covers album or compilation took home Album of the Year or something?
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  2. RJF


    Not a pity Grammy.
  3. The matching over the shoulder shots of Taylor, Olivia and Lil Nas are cute at least. I think most pundits overestimate the power of the sentimental vote (the Oscars taught me that lesson earlier this year).
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  4. Nominations are live here in just over three and a half hours.

    Rooting for evermore, Heaux Tales and Lil Nas X.

  5. Megan and Cardi in Rap Performance? We won.
  6. Wait was Good News not eligible for Best Rap Album cause that boys club ain't it
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  7. Wait so Cardi didn't submit WAP in the end?
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  8. Cardi really played herself not submitting WAP last year.
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  9. These nominations are even more of a joke than they usually are.
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  10. Not Selena Gomez
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  11. I'm so tired of Drake getting nominated for everything.
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  12. Not Selena getting her first nom nn

  13. I detected a bit of shade in there, I did I did!

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  14. Wasn't Fine Line nominated the previous year? How can it be nominated again?
  15. The Recording Academy

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  16. Yea what are the qualifications of "Immersive Audio" even? Is this new?
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