2024 BRIT Awards

The international award nominees just highlighted all the people who could be there but aren’t.
It’s a shame that these aren’t taken that seriously like Grammys… these are more like Smash Hit Awards. They’ll be doing “Fittest Artist Award” next year
I suppose I should give Raye's album another listen. But I wasn't particualrly fussed when I last did. Good for her though getting all this glory.
There's elements that are good, they're definitely nominating/ giving the awards to the right people and the performances are generally great (barring whatever was going on with Tate just now).

There are elements that just aren't landing as well though. Move the industry people to the back of the room, move it out of the 02, have fewer of these awkward links from within the audience and bin this time slot. Are the ratings that much better on a Saturday to put up with an audience of boring people on Twitter banging on about how they ''don't know who any of these people are'' etc?
he/him/basic cishomo
Are any kii's happening? I'm gonna put it on now. I fully expected Raye to sweep and it sounds like she has? Yas.

I'm letting myself go into it optimistically: this year's Grammys was the most enjoyable I can remember since Roman Polanski got exorcised on America's WASPiest major network.