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20GAYTeen the Rate: WINNER!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Trouble in Paradise, Dec 8, 2018.


What's your favorite album from the main artists of the rate?

  1. Expectations by Hayley Kiyoko

    15 vote(s)
  2. Bloom by Troye Sivan

    12 vote(s)
  3. Palo Santo by Years & Years

    15 vote(s)
  4. Language by MNEK

    10 vote(s)
  5. O by Ssion

    5 vote(s)
  6. Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae

    59 vote(s)
  7. Chris by Christine & the Queens

    15 vote(s)
  8. Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides

    15 vote(s)
  1. Nooooo! Ya'll didn't have an emo phase in high school and it shows!
  2. Also Heather and her girlfriend Kailee Morge are super cute:

    Stream "Headcase" ft. Hayley Kiyoko
  3. Oh good riddance, such a faceless song
  4. You take that subtitle back right now!
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  5. Honestly it lasted longer than I expected, so I can't be too upset. The thread title made me afraid that we lost Dance To This!

    I didn't know they were together! That's so cool - I love Headcase!

  6. Hey loves!
    This is a rough weekend for me personally so I won’t be getting a write up out. I also want to take this time to ASK FOR HELP! I was able to edit down the commentary document over break but didn’t get all the leg work I wanted to keep things moving faster. I am 110% committed to finishing this rate but if we want the pace to pick up I will need some guest eliminations. So, please let me know if you are interested in writing a post! You can have your pick of just about any song or artist so lemme know!
  7. I'd be willing to help.
  8. This is my one of my favorite rates ever so I'm here with a helping hand if you need it x
  9. I would, but I can’t. Sorry!
  10. Thanks for all your support! I'll be pm-ing you all shortly while I get the next elimination up and ready!
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  11. Our next elimination is presented by BD Wong a Tony award winning actor well known for his role as Dr. George Huang on Law and Order: SVU. Most importantly, Wong gave voice to definitely at least bisexual Disney prince Li Shang who was at least 50% responsible for me turning gay.

    39. "Heaven Is My Thing Again"
    By Ssion

    Highest Scores: 10 x 3 (@dylanaber @Riiiiiiiii @Untouchable Ace) 9.5 x 1 (@Remyky22)
    Lowest Scores: 4.5 x 1(@Sanctuary) 5.5 x 3 (@LE0Night @KingBruno @londonrain)
    My Score: 10

    Heaven you are my thing again
    My thing again
    You are

    You vultures just can't help but stomp on my heart while it's already sitting on the ground! This is the song that turned me into a full fledged Ssion stan. He went from being this interesting artist with catchy songs and daring visuals to my Current Obsession. Just the title alone caught me off guard. "Heaven Is My Thing Again" described in so few words how I've come to love myself and my place in the universe after years of damaging teachings from the Catholic Church. I'm just gonna quote from my review of O from the PopJustice Advent Calendar cause I don't love re-living that whole period of my life:

    Yes, I did cry like a baby when I heard "Heaven" by Troye Sivan live but that's neither here or there. The truth is, "Heaven Is My Thing Again" did what the best art does: it brought to light something I had known and felt but had never considered before. It named this new confidence I felt in knowing that I am living my life correctly after years of being taught I was doing just the opposite. Not to mention the joy in falling together as this part gets me every. single. time.

    you're it, no really, you're -
    if you wanna fall for something, baby just let me know
    if you wanna fall for something, don't fall alone

    Isn't that what we're all looking for: somebody to fall with? It's especially transcendent for me as falling in love meant falling in the esteem of the church, but now I see that "you're it, no really" you're heaven for me again.

    Okay, that's enough of my Catholic boy meanderings. Cody actually had a fascinating quote about the making of the video that brought new light onto the song for me:

    “I feel like this entire month has been such a shit-show. All this goddamned pressure to be proud 24/7. Don’t get me wrong I am proud sometimes, but it comes in waves and I guess that’s extremely normal which is something that I’m not very proud of. Ultimately, I’m FINE. I just gotta ride out the storm and be thankful for the ‘real’ shit: my ability to sweat pools and ROCK in-humans all over the world against all odds and manholes. So, when my network television debut falls apart before millions of raging-screaming-teenage-girls I just deal with it cause I’m a seasoned queen and ready to be burned alive.”​

    God, isn't "I'm a seasoned queen and ready to be burned alive" a MOOD. Honestly, me every day my class flies off the rails. I mean, when you hit that point of your teens where you give up on having a future/existing at 30, and then all of a sudden you're a year away from 30 and realize holy shit I still exist and nothing can shake you like that realization.

    Oh sorry, went back to my strange thoughts! But actually, I love the juxtoposition of my profuse self loving with this song and Cody's fight against the pressure for self-love overload and 24/7 pride that's so prevalent. I also love that he labels the waves of pride he feels as normal but simultaneously says he's not proud of being normal. Never change Cody.

    Now what did you all have to say about my potential 11?
    Music is Life This had me bopping in my room. I like the sometimes weird vocals on this, and the melody is really catchy. Maybe a little too long though.
    You were so close but if anything it's too short! Not enough time for me to work up a good cry while dancing along!

    Constantino This is such a trip from start to finish and I love it. The last 30 seconds in particular, whew!
    When you're right, you're so right!

    Pop3blow2 Oh, MNDR is in this song? That’s random & fun (I was pretty obsessed with her for a hot minute). This is pretty good.
    She's on a fair number of the songs of O and Jametatone makes his second appearance as he's the featured rapper on Calvin Arsenia's entry (remember that!)

    ufint Roxette left lying in a ditch while SSion stole their sound and mixed it with the last four decades. Per Gessle is probably somewhere cussing in Swedish right now.
    I honest to God did not understand a word of that.

    Yuuurei An ambient and slightly creepy jam.

    KingBruno I do enjoy some Imogen Heap nonsense, but that bridge is too short
    Umm an Imogen Heap comparison and a sub 6 score? Does not compute.

    The Hot Rock Even more chill vibes still. This was the most enjoyable of the non-Comeback songs and I loved the lush instrumentation.
    The Hot Rock's Ssion commentary is more or less a repetition of "chill vibes" and an unspoken desire to listen to "Comeback" on repeat. Speaking of "Comeback," how long will my beloved Ssion hang on with that jam?

    Untouchable Ace I'm getting Kylie Minogue 'Obsession' from this. 11 contender as well, but when my 11 exists...
    Untouchable Taste is more accurate!

    And now, my partner in personal storytelling, Catholic childhood damages, and meandering narratives: Untitled's award winning commentary:

    please let this be the designated space for catholic sob stories, otherwise i will feel pretty dumb! i'm going to start by saying that most specialists i've seen would agree that i'm on the autistic spectrum. but at this point in life i don't have the money or time to pursue a diagnosis, but anyway. i'm only mentioning this to give some context for my main point. that is, i was growing up without fundamental understanding of the idea of taking someone's words with a pinch of salt. it's like this world was full of authorities and i would never imagine questioning them. if my family said i was good for nothing, i would believe them. if my faith said it was a matter of sexuality, whether i'd end up as a guest on Satan's barbecue or not, i'd believe it. but thanks to therapy i know now how anxiety works and i know that i believed in everything that was presented as truth only because i lacked the buffer zone that keeps people from feeling like everything can hurt them. How does all of this relate to 20gayteen? Well, that was the year I decided not to let other people's beliefs send me to the barbecue. I can finally admit to myself that i'm bi. And the signs were there a decade ago, but the sheer thought would give me a panic attack, so i kept making up excuses and rejecting it. So my goal for 2019 is to keep questioning and keep growing up, because one cannot be done without the other. (I'm sure this commentary doesn't make a lot of sense, but incoherent rambling is my passion and i felt i needed to get this out somewhere. Heaven Is My Thing Again, ha topicality!)

  12. Dddddd I really was thrown off by how mellow most of the SSION tracks were after Comeback ended me like it did. I do love them all still and am sad to see this go. :(
  13. While you all may have eliminated one of my favorite songs of 20GAYteen, I do want to say a big thanks for all your understanding and support! We've got at least three fun guest eliminations on the horizon. If you'd like to join in the fun just shot me a PM with what song/artist you're interested in!
  14. Loved this write-up as usual and also loved the BD Wong feature! I always appreciated the visibility he provided in SVU! Thanks @Trouble in Paradise xxx
  15. Just to be clear I didn't mean anything bad by this, the song just has some aspects that (to me) give it a slightly uncanny or mysterious vibe, which is something I really enjoy in music (unless it goes too far and makes me anxious to listen to - ie, the serpentwithfeet track or Sophie's It's Okay to Cry). Maybe "otherworldly" might have been a better synonym there especially considering the title.
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  16. Remember when he did Liza drag? Legends only!

  17. Ssion is an unfortunate elimination, it was always going to go out dancing before it's time.
  18. If it helps I can do the elimination post about my 11. Let me know x
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