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2KPJ18: The Year-End Review/Musings Thread

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Jul 4, 2018.

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  2. You know I love you but in this house we stan GFriend and all its members.


    Don't worry, though. I have your back for the main forum charts once again.

    And ignore what a certain someone has to say about #Cookie Jar, she drinks. It still knocks.
  3. I’ve been thinking about this but Heroine > Siren (> 24 Hrs > Gashina > Full Moon)
  4. I did not know the group and I did not bother to check out since I generally use my phone.

  5. Let me take the attention from y'all and say Sunny Summer is the best GFriend song of this year.
  6. Well, now I feel like a big idiot especially since I kept things goings instead of just letting them die off. I'm so sorry. I should have been more careful and considerate as you didn't deserve all of that.
  7. So...

    Top 20 singles (in rough order):

    1. Rollercoaster - Chungha
    2. Latata - (G)I-dle
    3. Turn It On - Laboum
    4. Crush - Weki Meki
    5. Lil' Touch - SNSD Oh!GG
    6. What Is Love? - Twice
    7. Siren - Sunmi
    8. Love Bomb - Fromis_9
    9. Oh! My Mistake - April
    10. La Vie en Rose - Iz*One
    11. I Love You - EXID
    12. Milkshake - Flavor
    13. Under My Skin - Taemin
    14. Shine - Pentagon
    15. Hurry Up - Sohee
    16. Hann - (G)I-dle
    17. Easy - Wheein ft. Sik-K
    18. Lower - Amber x Luna
    19. Heart to Heart - Fromis_9
    20. Red - Jang Moonbok ft. Yoon Heeseok and So Jihyuk
    Top 10 album tracks:
    1. Ladi Dadi - AOA
    2. Dollar - (G)I-dle
    3. Fermata - SNSD Oh!GG
    4. Yolowa - GWSN
    5. Yeolgi - Loona
    6. Metronome - Weki Meki
    7. Ataitai - Red Velvet
    8. Deja Vu - Twice
    9. Lock You Down - SHINee
    10. Sweet Talker - Twice
    Who has been your favourite artist/group this year?

    Biggest turnaround?
    Weki Meki

    Biggest disappointments?
    Oh My Girl (shock, horror), Red Velvet

    Song you loved at first but don't now?
    Bboom Bboom is still great, but I overplayed it for sure.

    Has this year lived up to 2017?
    Overall, I enjoyed K-pop more than I did in 2017. I miss the Gugudan and Red Velvet of last year though. And Sistar. There also weren't any albums I really loved this year, unlike last year, but there were a lot of really great rookie girl groups to make up for that.
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  8. I just can't stop posting in this thread dddd

    Top 15 album tracks:
    1. Taeyeon - Circus
    2. Oh!GG - Fermata
    3. BlackPink - Forever Young
    4. Taeyeon - One Day
    5. Yuri - Ending Credit
    6. AOA - Ladi Dadi
    7. BoA - Everybody Knows
    8. Loona/Olivia Hye - Rosy
    9. Loona - Frozen
    10. Weki Meki - Metronome
    11. Weki Meki - Iron Boy
    12. Red Velvet - Blue Lemonade
    13. Yuri - C'est La Vie
    14. Taeyeon - All Night Long
    15. Yuri - Illusion
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  9. Who has been your favourite artist / group this year so far?
    Girl Groups
    1. Blackpink/Twice
    3. AOA
    4. gugudan
    5. All other gg's I stan mainly WJSN/GFriend..

    Boy Groups
    1. EXO
    2. Pentagon
    3. Winner

    1. Hyuna
    2. Sori
    3. Sunmi
    4. Hyolyn
    5. SNSD solo girls

    Best comeback?
    I'm So Sick & Oh! My Mistake

    Most surprising turnaround?

    Biggest disappointment?
    Red Velvet before RBB and Fav0rite

    What songs did you love in January but now are a bit meh towards (or vice-versa)?
    Oh A LOT of songs. But they just aged a bit in 11 months so thats natural

    Has this year lived up to 2017 / 2016 / whichever "golden age" you felt K-Pop peaked at?
    Uhm It was a great year in terms of music and comebacks I'd say. Not really sure if it was the best..but it's up there.

    Live performances you have been enjoying?
    TWICE - What Is Love @ MAMA
    TWICE - What Is Love @ SBS Gayo (Nayeon, Jihyo, Mina, Chaeyoung)
    TWICE - End Of Time (Jihyo, Tzuyu, Momo)
    TWICE - Really Really

    Indie or alt finds you feel like everyone missed?
    Nobody missed any Indie acts
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  10. Another year without a BEG comeback so...complete disaster.
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  11. Or f(x).

    At this point I almost don't want an f(x) comeback. Let them live in complete perfection in my mind for while at least.
  12. Who has been your favourite artist this year so far?

    I don’t know what it was, but this year TWICE felt different. 2017 was an amazing year for them (Knock Knock is still their best single) but 2018 felt like a proper moment. They were relentless, and I enjoyed every second of it.

    Best comeback and most surprising turnaround?

    Full disclosure, I would probably be considered a Pink Panda. Apink are special to me, as they’re one of the few groups I truly stan, but their singles quality has been in decline since 2015. I’m So Sick obliterated any doubts I had that they were done for, both in quality and success.

    What songs did you love in January but now are a bit meh towards (or vice-versa)?

    I played Bad Boy once after it was released. The English version made me reconsider my stance, and while I don’t think it’s one of their best, it’s finally clicked and I enjoy it now.

    My Top 10 singles:
    1. Complete - ONF
    2. Oh! My Mistake - APRIL
    3. What The Heck - SHA SHA
    4. MMook JJi BBa - Saturday
    5. Secret Garden - Oh My Girl
    6. To The Sky - CLC
    7. Egoist - Olivia Hye feat. Jinsoul
    8. The Grand Dreams - Minseo
    9. I’m So Sick - Apink
    10. What is Love? - TWICE
    My Top 5 album tracks:
    1. Heart Signal - Favorite
    2. Which Star - Dreamcatcher
    3. Distance - CLC
    4. Miracle - fromis_9
    5. Pick Up The Phone - Red Velvet
    And my Top AlbumBlack Dress by CLC!

    Overall I thought 2018 was much better than 2017 in terms of music output. There was just so much more to enjoy this year.
  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    My year-end lists aren't ready so lemme answer these questions first.

    Who has been your favourite artist / group this year so far?
    I'm gonna be predictable but I'd say LOONA. I wasn't the biggest fan of the yyxy stuff so to see the full group snap so hard on [+ +] is just amazing to me.

    Best comeback?
    Apink's I'm So Sick. Full disclosure: I dislike almost all pre-I'm So Sick Apink singles. I'm so glad the day that I became an Apink fan has finally come.

    Most surprising turnaround?

    Momoland. Bboom Bboom is still that bawp and I won't hear otherwise.

    Biggest disappointment?
    Jennie's Solo. I can't believe Stay isn't the worst BLACKPINK song now. Also, I was tempted to say BTS but they have been a disappointment since 2017 so...

    What songs did you love in January but now are a bit meh towards (or vice-versa)?
    Sunmi's Heroine! I already loved it in January but it hit me harder the following months.

    Has this year lived up to 2017 / 2016 / whichever "golden age" you felt K-Pop peaked at?
    Yes. K-Pop keeps on improving and we're thankful.

    Live performances you have been enjoying?
    All WJSN live performances. Stunning, stunning, stunning.

    Indie or alt finds you feel like everyone missed?
    Fromm? Midnight Candy is a really good album.
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  14. My 2019 f(x) prediction is a 10th anniversary SM Station single...
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  15. With out Victoria.
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  16. 3Xs


    5 months late? Yes. Do I care?

    Korean Singles 2018

    1. SHINee - Good Evening
    2. Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)
    3. NCT U - Baby Don't Stop
    4. Apink - I'm So Sick
    5. Hyolyn - Dally (feat. Gray)
    7. Yaeji - One More
    8. EXO-CBX - Blooming Day
    9. Heize - Jenga (feat. Gaeko)
    10. Pentagon - Shine

    11. Zion.T - Uh Huh / Sleep Talking (feat. Oh Hyuk)
    12. Primary, Anda - The open boat
    13. Aseul - Sandcastles
    14. Peggy Guo - Han Jan
    15. CLC - Black Dress
    16. NCT Dream - GO
    17. GFriend - Night
    18. Sunmi - Siren
    19. SHINee - I Want You
    20. Hyolyn - See Sea

    21. George - 오랜만에
    22. NCT U - BOSS
    23. Chungha - Rollercoaster
    24. Olivia Hye - Egoist (feat. Jinsoul)
    25. Sam Kim - Make Up (feat. Crush)
    26. Yoobin - Thank You Soooo Much
    27. UNI.T - No More
    28. Jennie - SOLO
    29. EXID - I LOVE YOU
    30. Jonghyun - Shinin'

    31. YESEO - Privacy
    32. Stella Jang - Beautiful
    33. ONF - Complete
    34. HA:TFELT - Comfort
    35. j-hope - Daydream
    36. Hanhae - Organic Life (feat. Reddy, NO:EL)
    37. UNI.T - I Mean
    38. Lee JinA - RUN (feat. Gray)
    39. Oh Hyuk, CIFIKA - MOMOM
    40. Pristin V - Get It

    41. SF9 - Now or Never
    42. Naul - Feel Like
    43. Crush - Bittersweet
    44. Hoody - Why (feat. George)
    45. Wheein - Easy (feat. SIK-K)
    46. MXM - YA YA YA
    47. Chungha+Gorls - Wow Thing
    48. Primary, Anda - Moonlight
    49. HYO - Punk Right Now
    50. KARD - Ride on the wind

    51. EXID - Lady
    52. Jay Park, Simon Dominic, Loco, GRAY - Upside Down
    53. Hyolyn - BAE
    54. Cherry On Top - HI FIVE
    55. Yoon Jong Shin - Summer Man
    56. NCT 127 - Touch
    57. Yoobin - Lady
    58. G-Idle - LATATA
    59. Red Velvet - Bad Boy
    60. KHAN - I'm your girl?

    Who has been your favourite artist / group this year so far?
    Overall Hyolyn. A trio of fantastic singles, each of which showcased different sides of her talent/persona. The live performances just reminded everyone why she's such a POWERFUL force and the fact that she's now her own boss is even more impressive and inspirational. She truly deserves all the success.

    Best comeback?
    Obviously, I have to say SHINee. Literally coming back from tragedy to deliver one of their most solid albums and (according to my records) their 3rd SOTY on my personal charts, solidifying their position as perhaps the most consistent K-Pop group of the decade, and very certainly tops among boy groups. "Good Evening" manages to hit all of the rights notes, combining their R&B roots via a 112-sampling chorus with the wonky and emotional house music that's become an increasing part of the repertoire in the last few years. It's at once fully boppable yet also pulsing with a wistful sense of longing.

    Most surprising turnaround?
    Apink fully snapping with I'm So Sick was truly one of the most unexpected yet welcome surprises of the year, especially given the stagnation of their previous singles. NCT unleashing the floodgates and dropping banger after banger was also a bit of a shock, not necessarily because it represented a turnaround, but just because of how good the songs were and how much it elevated their sound/aesthetic. They still have a problem with being essentially faceless but with bops like Baby Don't Stop and GO (which I will always associate with a bouncing gaggle of lesbians and drag queens on the back of a truck at Seoul Pride), it didn't really matter.

    Biggest disappointment?
    BTS. A nightmare, literally a nightmare. IDOL is everything all of us feared a US K-Pop crossover would entail, completely stripping them of everything that made them unique and interesting when they first debuted, and tacking on a lazy Nicki Minaj feature to boot. Thankfully they've struck a much better balance with their new single, but yikes last year was rough.

    Has this year lived up to 2017 / 2016 / whichever "golden age" you felt K-Pop peaked at?
    She was a cute girl but I feel like 2017 was actually better ddd. Though that being said I don't think I actually did a 2017 list? So maybe I'll go back and do that next.

    Indie or alt finds you feel like everyone missed?
    Peggy Guo places Korean music in a totally different and fresh context, interspersing Korean lyrics with Afro-Cuban drum beats and bubbling house synths. It pushes the idea of Korean music beyond its usual confines of K-Pop and ballads. It represents the sort of artistic direction I feel South Korean music needs to take in order to become a truly world-renowned producer of culture, which has historically lagged in the high arts but is now only starting to emerge. Guo and Yaeji also show us the immense potential that the global Korean diaspora holds, whose influence until recently was mostly felt within the hip-hop community via the likes of Drunk Tiger, Jay Park, et al., but is now expanding across all genres.

    Also, get into the MOST divine Korean-German accent you've ever heard:
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