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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. And again, so it's not at the bottom of the page whoops...
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  2. I'm out drinking in Hapjeong tonight so I might drunk vote later. I'll forget if I wait until tomorrow.
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  3. Drunk votes are the best votes ask cyst @junglefish kii - have a great night!
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  4. Well, that was difficult. I ended up giving 21 10s and an endless supply of 9.5s and 9s. My zero, though... ya'll are going to drag me for that. No regrets.
  5. How about your 1.5s ??
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  6. My lowest score is 4.5... I didn't give that many 10s though.
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  7. You'll never see me coming for you until I'm there and your faves are getting 2s from me~~~

    But I didn't give many songs a score lower than 5 to be honest...
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  8. Any guesses as to who will be this rates villain?
  9. I'm hoping it's me again so I can cause more member meltdowns.
  10. Judging by the amount of songs that have both 11s/10s AND 1s/0s so far the answer is - ALL OF YOU

    I live for the mess this will be.

  11. ^ That is possibly THE worst acting I've seen, proving once again that the child was a useless addition to the group.
  12. Wait for me!
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  13. You've got plenty of time cyst - ready for you to be that Shady B&W Bear again this rate (you'll be in good company this time).
  14. Approx. how much time do I/we have sis? I'm about to go out for dinner but I'm itching to unleash nugu shade.
  15. Well it's midnight here so I wasn't planning on tabulating final scores & doing the first elims until tomorrow morning sometime so - like 8-10 hours approx? Do what you can sis but please don't starve, lawd knows a couple of these songs ain't worth that. Have a nice one!
  16. I can't wait for this to begin!!!!
  17. Apologies for the day delay KPJ-unnies, had some unexpected hospital problemos yesterday (nothing too major) but we're all alive & kicking and ready to GO.​



    And it is a mess - i'm not kidding...

    Because in DEAD LAST
    with multiple zeros
    and just about scraping the 5.0 average barrier
    is one of the biggest bands of 2016.

    Let's kick it off with explosions, bangerzzz and fireworks
    .... ahem.

    It goes a lil' somethin' like....



    Avg: 5.10

    2K-10 - @Alouder98
    2K-0 - @D is for Danger! @Lego @ajmkv

    My Score: 4.5

    ELIMINATION IN YOUR AREAAAAA. What better way to kick off this gauntlet of the 2016 champions than with Blackpink, the super rookies who debuted at #1 and wouldn't let go of their grip on both the Korean and WORLDWIDE audience. Was that #1 the root-tooting harmonica ballad Stay?

    HECK NO.

    I'm still in shock that Whistle's mesh of country bridges and trumpet-hop breakdowns wasn't even thought about, let alone the fact that Stay was nominated ahead of it. This isn't an anti-ballad statement, nor an anti-indie/acoustic nod but more, in my case, a way of saying "Gurrrrlll, you could have done so much better". With Whistle/Boombayah, Korea lapped up Whistle whilst the Americunnies loved a bit of Boombayah probably because it reminded them of 2NE1. Feed the world with bops 2NEPink, YG is all about that eco-friendly recycling policy. But then Square Two strode forth lopsided - EVERYONE was living for Playing with Fire which left Rose's indie moment in the urban self-help-tumblr-quotes wasteland of the video. It's not bad just meh. The "la-la-la" chorus is either something you love or you find annoying as a steam boat whistle. Clearly KPJ's Southern Belles were in the latter category.


    Unlike the Underrated Rate i'm going to keep my personal musing to the minimum to let y'all bountiful, shade-drenched commentaries shine bright (or dark I guess). Thanks again for being so amazing gang!

    Alouder98 stakes ha claim as the Stay Champion with that 10/10: "From what i've seen people say about this , I'm its biggest fan here. It is the only BP song that I can't disagree with when people say BP songs are very 2ne2 but I love it and I don't care if it was 2ne1 demo or something. " The backhanded compliments are real sir. Don't feel like you have to defend this lonely (by 2NE2 kiii) world dearest, you've got others on your side. McQueer is here to clock my Lonely comparison pronto: " >>>2NE1's 'Lonely'." What's on the other side of the sideways mountains? We'll never know... ThighHighs is caught in Stay purgatory but is living (ironically): "Totally lovely. The song starts off a bit slow, but one the hand-claps come in it picks right up and it holds up to repeat listens really well. It’s got a lovely sing-along chorus with some nice vocals, emotional raps, and an appropriately dreamy video. " Slice of Critiques has a few notes for YG, but has still been lulled by this Siren-stay song: "This has grown on me immensely just like any YG ballad does. I love how this is so age appropriate. It matches BLACKPINK's chic auras while still sounding young and fresh. The rap section is on the lazy side and a proper middle 8 could've made this a 10. And I feel like we should reward a song for using unusual words like 'felony.' Kii". I'm not sure we should quite be celebrating felonies but I can accept it Dictionary Kween.


    Some people did indeed Stay - somewhere along the proverbial fence that is. Vesperly is giving us a spoiler teaser of ha views for another BP entry: "Like Boombayah, this is a bit of an awkward mess, but I think it's sweet." In true GeiPanda fashion, I can't tell if this is a compliment shrouded in shade or just pure sass: "Even though 2NE1 are mostly known for their bops; this is definitely BP's most 2NE1-esque song for me - hopefully they can establish their own unique sound + image asap". Some might argue Playing With Fire is heading that way but that's for another post. Ryan_Riot, I've got your back in making #JusticeForWhistle trend right? "How this got in over “Whistle” is kind of beyond me … but I still like it. It’s light, catchy, and unique." Light, catchy, unique - Covergirl.


    Rather than Stay, these final posters flew as far away from the crash zone as possible.


    Heck they might well have started the fire. Reboot left a footnote "Not here for this", which is echoed by Robinho#1: "Going to pretend like this never happened" and extended by Salami: "No. They only get points for being Black Pink and for fearing I'd lose the right to dish out an 11 and a 0." CLOCK MY DICTATE'HA-SHIP. Bound by those rules are our first zero givers in speed-hate style - take it away:

    D is for Danger - "I'd rather listen to Whistle than to this shitty Taylor-Swift-inspired guitar ballad, which isn't saying much because I can barely make it 20 seconds into the former. Again, we have another 2NE1 reject, more along the lines of Missing You (which is shit), than the decent Lonely or Ugly. Stay should have stayed in the previous round."

    Ajmkv - "Oh boy. Listen, originally I wasn't going to give a zero to any of the songs, but honestly I was feeling sassy and this song has always bored me and I never see what's so good about it. The instrumental could be OK but it goes nowhere, and the looks are nothing special. Blackpink could be so good, but this is a huge stinking turd in their (pretty decent) discography so far and I've grown to really dislike it. Meh."

    (@Lego did ask to be notified when this was leaving so they could write comms but, as the first one out, it seemed a bit too soon a deadline. Comment away though unnie)


  18. Oh WOW. Stay Deserves Better.
  19. Give me an hour or two. I've got things to say.
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  20. What a pleasant plot twist.
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