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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  2. [​IMG]

    No time like the present as they say...

    Y'all ready to lose the first 11 of the competition?




    Avg: 5.10

    2K-*11* - @Laurence Nope
    2K-10 - @ThighHighs
    2K-0 - @ryan_riot92

    My Score: 8.5


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Oh my feline Kpop-does- J-Pop twins-but-not-twins, how I tried to make you happen. Here we have CocoSori, a duo of frenetic cookery class acid-trip fantasies with their stop-gap until Orange Caramel returns second single Exquisite! To those that struggled to understand WTF this was all about, I suggest you try the below because it gets so much weirder:

    Queens of Brocco-daddies. Queens of laser-eye Persian cats. Queens of agricultural vehicle driving. Queens of hallucinogenic baked goods. Mary Berry would describe them as positively scrumptious I'm sure.


    Honestly i'm past the point of knowing if my stanning is ironic or legitimate anymore. On the surface CocoSori is an oddball exercise in the surreal, when you scratch that back it's still an oddball madcap drug-addled invention of some Japanese boy netizen somewhere but it's also really just a musical project of two cute Korean Youtuber nerd-girls who love anime, cooking, bumbling about Japanese arcades and dubbing Studio Ghibli films.

    Let's watch them stan Pokémon for no reason whatsoever.

    You may think "What a couple of weirdos" but really they're living out the fantasy life all us K-dorks could wish for one hi-NRG dance machine hard rock kitten cosplay girl bop at a time.

    I see you lookin', I see y'all SHOOK at the power of the Persian Illuminakitty.


    Tell me your troubles my acid-trippers. Starting from those on a bad trip Robinho#1 thinks the walls are melting and can only let out a little "eeek" and Reboot is in such a way that they've lost all form of coherent speech instead talking in GIF languages I daren't speak: "rihanna_shocked.gif". At least Ryan_Riot is coming to in time to give his zero some context: "How anyone can consider this a bop is beyond me. It’s pure racket to me. Let Orange Caramel show you girls how this concept is done. Coco should have stayed in BLADY."


    There are some that could only just feel the effects of the LSDoughnuts I baked for you all. GeiPanda is not in the mood for baked goods: ""Cute, but not something I'd really choose to listen to." and I just know that Ajmkv has more of a sweet tooth than he lets on "The bridge helped this not get a zero from me, but as much as I try to be nice (SNSD rate notwithstanding, oops~~) I just don't really go for this kind of music that sounds like the instrumental has been sucking off the Duracell bunny............ the vocals are cute, though, and the bridge, like I said, save this song. And the middle 8 is all right. Otherwise, NOPE, bye~ (Oh and the video is cute, too.)" I hear the Duracell bunny hosting an orgy with BBQ in an hellish version of the I Wish video is going to be their next concept actually... Still, Slice of Sinus Pain is suffering and might well need that bunny's power to make it through: "Not bad. I like the sudden cat growl breakdowns. I just felt like there's a lot going on. I almost got a headache because of this. But it's cute."

    You're an NCT Fetus stan unnie - you should be used to a lot going on...


    Finally those on the best trip possible with just the right dosage - you guys get the special deluxe brownies fresh from the oven. ThighHighs accurately narrates my own gleefully messy experience with this song: ""This is preposterous and I don’t know how to feel about it upon a first listen, but I’m writing my first opinions of it now so that when I listen the second and third time and fall in love with it, I can look back and laugh.
    I’m giving it a 6 on first listen.
    UPDATE: 2nd time in. This song is a 7.5.
    UPDATE 2: This song is an 8, and that’s final.
    Update 3: Just take my 10. I am a wreck and I blame this song

    Also feeling it is D is for Danger! who's got his unmentionables on the vertical surfaces (again): ""Balls to the wall craziness. I don't think this song slows down at any point in its 3 minutes and 30 seconds run time. CocoSori should hold us over until Orange Caramel makes a comeback, if ever. The video is an acid trip if I've ever seen one." and put the icing on the cherry on the cake 11-star baker Laurence Nope: "Often when a girl group promotes a particularly cute song there will be no shortage of people to comment about how they're reminded of J-pop, even though 90% of the time what they should really be saying is that they're reminded of cute K-pop from about a decade ago. But here's an example where such a comparison is totally warranted, right down to its metal interludes and characteristic key change at the chorus. It should be no surprise that someone like me would fall in love with this best-of-both-worlds gem".

    So true, T.T cat ladies.

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  3. That DarkCircle song is a lot more enjoyable. Even if the video is a bit weird.
  4. ddddd @Squashua I gave Exquisite! a 5. It was sandwiched by two 10 though.
  5. This song took over my weekend as I was rushing to submit my scores. I listened to it at first in horror, then in appreciation of the nerve, and finally, out of love. What a bop.
  6. [​IMG]

    Thank goodness you alerted this to me now because, just checked, & I'd bungled about 7 song scores in the middle of your ballot randomly for no reason. I did think Exquisite wasn't really your thang n/n//nn... All has been fixed now & CocoSori are still 59th so no real harm done. I'll edit the post up top.
  7. Cocosori was the best discovery in the rate, y'all did them dirty

    Can't wait for all my faves to get eliminated before the top 30! x
  8. Wait at my two lowest rated songs being out first.

  9. "Deep cuts" can mean non-singles
    the feeling you get when your faves get eliminated.


    Which one will this be for you?



    Avg: 5.35

    2K-10 - @Vesperly
    2K-1s - @D is for Danger! @Robinho#1

    My Score: 8.5

    Let's real talk, 2016 was definitely not stingy when it came to nugu girl group releases. Heck, we've had more than a handful depart in this rate alone including this band's mermaid Whitney-whistle-note-heavy debut Wonderland. Y'all slept on that one, you should ALL be doing the shoulder slap dance with me by now...


    But it's Diary that made it through, and it is Diary that was only considered better than a steamboat whistle ballad and a kitty eared acid trip. Choices. However let me stake my claim for this because you will be seeing more of them this year. Why should the Gu9u be on your radar? It's all down to a single entity...



    Girl has got pipes we all know that. Girl has got popularity we all know that. Girl has been overworked to the bone in 2016, everyone but Jellyfish Entertainment knows that. Girl probably wants to make indie music but has to deal with Disney concepts, we all know that. BUT the investment is there - she's set to be the poster girl for the company in the same way Somi more than likely will be the minute JYP makes her the centre & lead for TWICE's next Coasterlane EP. Except... you know... Sejeong is actually good? Diary, for me steers past the usual girlband album track fare largely on vocal chops of this lady and whoever wrote the melodies of it all because the whole vibe is Britney circa Oops! straight down to the "Ah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah" post-chorus. It's a complete throwback and a lovingly done one.

    I get people dislike "girly" and "cutesy" so that's cool and fair. For those of you in that bracket, have a gander at the Gu9udan yet to come...

    Someone get that girl a double deluxe monster meal - she deserves it.



    As I could have predicted, reactions were basically:


    I'm Hyeyeon right now kii. Ahem.

    So let's pick the lock on your secrets and spill all the juicy goss. First those who were having middling days in the Gu9u theatre. GeiPanda sighed deeply: "Just average to me", and Ryan_Riot was thinking about a Harvest Moon lifestyle: "I totally misread this as “Dairy” and was kind of disappointed." It's ok, the Dairy Queen hoe-down anthem will happen one day - maybe try this, which might just make you lactose intolerant, or that one shot in Stellar's Marionette with the milk until then? Ajmkv is our resident hostage negotiator on the Dairy ranch didn't you know? " It's just OK, I guess. Better than their title track, but everything was better than that, poor Sejeong looked like she was dead inside when she was promoting with Gugudan." I admit it, she really did poor dear...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Miserable minnies be spilling all the shade in their pages include: resident sexy-concept supporter D is for Danger! whose coined another of his iconic name puns: "Not my thing. Couldn't listen the whole way through. Sejeong didn't almost completely vanish for this shit. Nugudan they'll remain for now." NUGUDAN IN YOUR AREAAAA. Short & the opposite of sweet are Diary burning duo Reboot who throws out some rhetoricals "Too cutesy. Doesn’t go anywhere. Why is this here?" and Robinho#1 who can only utter a disgusted: "Pathetic."


    Not everyone was having bad dairy product reactions. Consider Slice of Life in the midst of a slight lighters-up sway: "Well, aren't we a shady lot, unnies? Nominating their b-side instead of the main single? Kii. I love us. Well, this is a million times better than Wonderland, I'll give it that. But it does sound b-side-y, if that makes sense. It's still super lovely though." Over in the next paddock is ThighHighs hitching a ride through dreamland on a rainbow steed: "A much better song than their debut. It’s so wistful and nostalgic. It’s a bit sleepy compared to lots of the other songs in the rate, though." and the colonel of cute confessionals is our own Vesperly with a 10/10 for flag-bearing and commercial pop melodies: "The chorus sounds like One Direction's Perfect... Which in turn is just the same chorus Taylor Swift's Style... So, a chorus I love in three different songs. Yay? "

    Perfect - Style - Diary?


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  10. Aww. This left way too soon. But with the level of competition, this was destined to exit early. Poor it. GodSejeong, please find strength.
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  11. I like the 'concept' of Gugudan and its members, of course, but that song does not deserve to be here. Wonderland is a lot better.
  12. So far K-pop justice is being served.
  13. Shaking my head.

    And I was looking over my scores and realised I gave Matilda the wrong one. I am Bad.
  14. I will hunt you if you gave it anything less than a 9.9.
  15. I MEANT TO GIVE IT A 10.
  16. Stay is perfectly average but how is it the first thing out?? Y'all deadass??

    This rate is gonna be a mess bye.

  17. Was it a good idea to include Album tracks?

    I wonder...




    Avg: 6.18

    2K-10 - @Vesperly
    2K-2 - @Robinho#1

    My Score: 9

    With a hop, skip and a giant leap over the 6 point average barrier, we find ourselves losing another non-single in the shape of GFriend's Gone With The Wind. Despite the title, this isn't a deep south bible belt bayou serenade where the girls play red-headed vixens during civil war America but...


    It's instead a very GFriend GFriend track with all the usual ingredients for a success. Yuju power vocals? Check. Whimsical melodies? Noted. Electric guitar breakdown? Dudeeee d'uh. It seemingly starts with a siren before an oh-so-familiar sound that may or may not make you think of a certain monster girl-group single. GEE I wonder who that could be... but I digress. Wikipedia's only notes on this one are that it actually wasn't the highest charting album track upon the release of the girls' debut album L.O.L (*shivers*), an honour which goes to Fall in Love & LOL itself, but also this lil tidbit:



    BUT I will say the very best thing about this song, and what makes it stand out for me slightly compared to the singles, is the more electronic breakdowns post-chorus that inch themselves ever closer to anime theme song territory. Oh and the "doo-doo doo doo doo-doo" bits are catchy as hell, them too. I get why it didn't make it so far in the face of the two 2016 singles AND having to fight back against those that preferred other songs of a very good, atrociously named album but it's a lovely little number. We'll be coming back to in three, four years time during the GFriend Discography rate where it'll come 8th behind the singles and Eunha's #1 indie chanteuse booty-dropper of a banger.


    If the wind has taken us on a journey, it seems to have split us down two paths - the Meh-way and the Dual Carriage-Yay. Let's traverse the Autobahn of commentaries shall we? Singing high praises is GeiPandawho's a spectrum kween - say his naaaaammmeeeeee: "Wish they promoted this song instead! It's different from what they've made before, yet still very much maintains GFriend's "color"." Well, good news GP, they kinda did...

    Business as usual - finger-snapping is an appropriate response to the windmill echo move in the first breakdown. Others who caught the broadcast and we're somewhat appeased are Ajmkv, who let out that held breath he'd been saving: "Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. The live stages were pure energy though, so I'll give it some points for that." Wind power - renewable energy Kweens. Oh and ThighHighs was pterodactyl fangirling his heart out: "What kind of Golden Era “Gee” rehash?! What’s better than it sounding just like one of the best kpop songs of all time? Having even better vocals. The choreography, Yuju’s vocals, clapping sounds. This has it all!"



    Talking of the G word, y'all clocked the similarities immediately like budding sexy AOA detectives. Gold stars and electric guitars for you all. Deja-Boo opens up questioning and asks Mr.Mr to bring the Boys out: "Does this sample Gee or am I imagining things??" YOU CAN'T MAKE ME TALK. Ryan_Riot plays the good cop with a Lionheart: ""Is this “Gee”? Even though it has the exact same song structure as all of their other songs, I like it better than both “Rough” and “Navillera” though." YOU THINK? Oh! Enough of these interrogation tactics, D is for Danger - spell out your final verdict: "The opening is Gee 2.0, but the rest of the track is classic GFRIEND". I'm not sure if that's considered a good or bad thing in your book but Tell me Your Wish and i'll see what I can do.


    We may have left the SM prison cells behind us and headed for the GFriend tornado but Slice of Breeze is not convinced with the escape plan: "Is this really their best b-side? Hmm, I'm not sold. The production is really good but that's about it." Not even Yuju's vocals? They're pretty neat I must say. What colour is the wind Reboot-cahontas? "Sounds like an anime soundtrack song, but it’s a bit beige." Good prognosis Shaman-in-training.

    Oh heck.



  18. So far so great.
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  19. This is going excellently so far. I wouldn't be against more GFriend songs going next.
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