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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. That Gee throwback was quite nice

    Losing another 11 might be a bit more of a comedown




    Avg: 6.28

    2K- *11* - @Lego
    10 - @ajmkv
    1 - @Mikl C
    My Score: 7

    Ah the 80's. Power shoulders for ladies, perms and Valley girls in the California sun roller-skating down the boulevard. K-Pop was channelling the eighties a lot in 2016 - with a lot of them yet to come - but one visual tapped into was Pam-Am & the Hoff's beach fantasy, Baywatch.

    Cue dodgy VHS scene:


    Cut to AOA:


    Nice cinematography, lovely cinematography. The one thing missing in the Korean recreation?


    That's right we can talk about Good Luck for the GUD LUK KITTY KITTY YOU LIK MEH chorus, for Jimin's nonsensical but kinda iconique "PRINZ." rap, for the fire-trucks, for Seolhyun practising her track-sprint skills for Zico and the fact Mina gets a mere 6 seconds of screentime, which is 4 seconds less than their other song in this rate, but let's spare a thought for how Good Luck actually became BAD DIRE TERRIBLE Luck for the Pwetty Gurrls.

    So it's summer 2016 and you've decided to rock up with a hot summer video fresh for the blockbuster release season after a super successful ground-work laying 2015. Hot lifeguards and booty shaking - what could go wrong? Well first your video gets lambasted by eagle-eyed ahjummas who ring the shame-bell viciously for Hey! parrot Jimin's boob slip (it's a hot Korean summer what can we say...) and then everyone starts up some shxt over the amount of product placement blatantly on show for the whole populace to see, something which can be accurately demonstrated in the below:

    Is it weird I actually really enjoyed this in chipmunk form? Anyway this song may have made it to #2 in the GAON charts but the damage had noticeably been done by the time I-Flunked-History-Because-I-was-Locked-in-an-Entertainment-Company-Basement-since-I-was-seven-gate had been and gone and everyone had accused the music shows AND China for rigging their wins over rabid-fanbase figureheads BTS & TWICE (which actually turned out to be true in one case oops).

    Needless to say, whilst Excuse Me was a somewhat return to something you could call form for the sexy job concept pioneers in 2017, Korea just wasn't having it. History and covered boobage come before quality music and that folks, has nothing to do with Good Luck or admitting to a Kitty Kitty that you like it.


    I've already rambled on enough and you guys have a LOT to say so take it away surf patrol.

    Sitting with their toes in the water worrying about Miami bay sharks is Deja-Boo: "This is horrible but in a so bad it's good kinda way?? I JUST DON'T KNOW." Alouder90 gave this a big score but ha commentary is laced with palm tree shade: ""This is my least favourite AOA single but I give this a high score because it is the song that made me their fan. And it's not that bad except Jimin's rap part and the chorus is really catchy. " D is for Danger! sums up my spiel much faster: ""Good Luck kitty kitty is not bad, but after the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink amazingness of Heart Attack, this was a disappointment. I like the synth buildup before the chorus. Too bad history-gate, Top Madam's nip slip and music show chart manipulation cut promotions short after one week. I wouldn't have complained to see the girls dancing in their Baywatch outfits for another couple of weeks." Y*SSS I've been waiting for D the Pervy Oppa to return - this is a shining moment & here's a gif to celebrate:


    Refusing to step in the sand & taking a cocktail at the Kahuna bar are our nay-sayers. Reboot denies D's reasoning for points: "Even the hot girls in the video can’t save this train wreck of a song", Robinho#1 orders in the first round of Tequila-Critiques "Second worst single after Heart Attack" but GeiPanda is a classy gurrl and won't settle for less than Daquiris: "The worst AOA track for me. Just so middle-of-the-road. And the "Boom Boom Beat Drop" part is so cringe..."



    Finally our surfer crew out in the waves serving up Pamela Anderson curves. ThighHighs still got those fanchants sorted: "GIRLS! GIRLS! ON TOP!” is amazing. I love parts of this song and think other moments are pretty odd, but it’s a ton of fun when you’re drunk. Jimin looks amazing in the video." Drunk on Sprite-uh? Vesperly clocks Jim-HAY! instead on this ballot: " I have loved Good Luck since my first listen. I know this forum has been scarred for life regarding all things brass thanks to Amber, but I really don't understand why everyone detests this song so much? I only deducted a point for Jimin's godawful, out-of-place rap, but even then the aside "prince" was kind of a moment."


    Enter the KITTY KITTY brigade to put out lofty fires of discontent - GO GO KITTY KITTY:

    Ryan_Riot - "I don’t understand the dislike for this song. I loved everything about this comeback. The song was catchy, the outfits were fire, the routine was cool, and the girls all-in-all looked amazing. That and I loved saying “Good Luck Kitty Kitty” all the time. I like it when they go to that sassy-sexy sound."

    Slice of Sprite - "I still wonder why I like this so much. Maybe it's the ridiculous kitty kitty chorus? I dunno. I just find it cute. But I'm knocking off pointSSS because the music video is such a ZZZ. Seriously. How could they waste the lifeguard concept this badly? Ugh. At least the girls looked hot drinking the... um... Sprite. Kii."

    In all honesty, I feel like I don't see what people dislike about this. I thought it was quite a good song, with a great video to boot. Sure, it's not the most exciting single they've put out, but this brassy ditty was different from other things that they've done before and I loved it. This almost reached my Top 5 of the year, so that speaks to the volume of love I have for this.
    I mean come on, how could you not love this? Pop dat booty Seolhyun!"

    And finally, finally having woken up miraculously from that Stay-induced coma, it's our very own Hasselhoff & AOA fanclub leader Lego (i'm not even sure I can fit this in one post so let's see):

    "QUEENS of summer, lifeguarding, sunset, synthesizers, Sprite, fringe, fire trucks, being on top, turning on lights, taking down a video three hours after upload, my gay soul, etc.

    One of the great KPop Injustices of 2016 was that Good Luck did not become the mega smash hit it deserved to be. But I'm willing to cut Korea a little bit of slack on this. Good Luck still charted well and had surprising longevity despite AOA becoming involved in a potentially career ending scandal. But that scandal really did hold them back, so Korea at least has an excuse. This forum, however, does NOT have an excuse for it's gross treatment of this legendary bop and I am disgusted by it. Because this era was EVERYTHING as an AOA fan.

    I thought they would never top Like A Cat but this really went for it. I rarely ever get super hyped about comebacks unless they're Crayon Pop, but there was so much built up anticipation after Jimin's solo, AOA Cream, and Ai Wo Choudai, and then they reveal they're serving a sexy beach lifeguard concept????????? Bye. I was there the SECOND that video dropped. AND THE VIDEO. *gay screeching* I was like "okay this is nice" when they had the Cherry Pop instrumental intro showing all the girls, but then they hit you with the brass and the hook chorus and my gayness definitely leveled up with how hard I started fanboying and just generally freaking out. THE SONG THOUGH. Okay tangent away from the video, but like? Just on an audio level this is sensational. I live for anything 80s inspired so the summery synthesizers basically guaranteed I would like this but then they added brass too which is another pop element I'm a huge slut for. Super catchy chorus too? Yeah, I'm totally in love with this. AND Choa's voice matches this perfectly and she's never sounded better. This really just gives me everything I want in a pop song. I even love Jimin's rap even though I generally wish that most rap could be expelled from KPop. Mina and Chanmi could have gotten more lines, but eh, small detail. So yeah, the song's spectacular but then the video also just totally ELEVATES everything so back to that. It's so simple but they seriously just rock it the fuck out. ALL OF THEM are insanely on point visually and in literally every outfit. They look awesome dancing in their fringe shorts in front of fire trucks, they look awesome in the red swim suits and denim shorts dancing on the beach, they look awesome in their cocktail attire, and they look awesome in their casual beach party wear dancing on a bench in some pretty abandoned building. AND THE FUCKING SUNSET SHOTS TOO??? I was shook as hell when those popped up. I literally will still get chills when I watch the video and Choa leads us into heaven I mean the final chorus with her voice and they do their incredible struts and body rolls with shots with the dancing by the sunset added. It's truly a moment. The live performances also slayed. So this whole comeback was really just everything I could have wanted and more? Everything and everyone was on point.

    Low scorers should take a page out of AOA's book and properly reflect on their mistakes. I personally recommend copying their social media hiatus and staying off all accounts, including your PopJustice ones, for several months until you've properly reflected and accepted Good Luck into your hearts as the true epic bop it is. Whatever it takes




  2. D'awww and this was going so well! I still don't understand the dislike...
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  3. It's a shame that such a visually pleasing video is accompanied by such a disappointing track. Thankfully it's easy to pretend the song ever happened with the songs they released this year.
  4. @ajmkv You are growing on me a bit .... But I still haven't forgiven your zero.

    And my avatar tells how I feel about this messy elimination , not ?
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  5. My 1 was generous. Prinz.
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  7. I can't believe anyone gave Good Luck an 11 after all that was on offer last year.
  8. My villanous days are mostly over (I think!)... unless you loved Oh My Girl, because then you're going to hate me~~

    Anyway, justice for Good Luck!
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  9. My scores for them are in 5-7 range. So we're together in this (hopefully) .
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  10. [​IMG]

    I'm heartbroken already.
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  11. Cackling. @Alouder98 and I are going to be the petty team together~
  12. Make it three.
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  13. Poor Kitty Kitty... I gave it a 9 I think.
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  14. [​IMG]

    HOLD ME, UNNIES. I'm about to become a murderer.

    Be very careful, gorls. I take my Oh My Girl stanning very seriously.

    Love you all still. x
  15. At least two of Oh My Girl's songs deserve to go top 10.
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  16. Count me in. I gave one of the OMG song's a 2
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  17. Screaming at @Lego 's AOA thesis paper.

  18. Please don't do Windy Day wrong. It deserves to be top 3.
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  19. We've lost five songs already

    How about another five?




    Avg: 6.38

    10 - @Reboot @D is for Danger!
    2 - @McQueer
    My Score: 9.5

    We've all been guilty of fantasising about temporary power groups - Sunny Girls & Solunani capitalising on that fact - so let me pitch you one. Imagine a group composed of the Ghost of Nana, Han Hyeri's equally baby-voiced sister, the short-haired brunette lady from Rainbow's Whoo video (Noeul?) and some other rainbow-vomit haired unnie who might as well have been in 4TEN.


    And there's no way to accurately explain in words the sheer critical mass levels of insanity present in "You Bad! Don't Make Me Write This Long Ass Title Again!" so I present to you:


    *Enter stutter overly-processed vocals, random ghost ahjumma hollering in the background and general swagggaahh*


    *Han Hyeri's doppelganger speeds things up after about two lines of the one we call Nana-geist in both Black Bob & Blonde Ponytail variations*


    *But hold up! It now slows back down after another two lines for a smidgen of lite-trap*


    *KABOOM. We enter the klerb of madness with a resounding BAH. NO NAPANAPNAPA BAH.*


    *It takes it up ANOTHER LEVEL LIKE WTF. Get ready to be indoctrinated to the cult chant of "YEHehEHehEheh-EH-EH BAHD*


    *Slows back down & starts the whole process again in that reggae-ska mode*


    *Ready for another chorus? Here it comes...*


    *A quick breather for the breakdown, how are you feeling precious?*




    *Get your final pose down unnies - finish with flair*


    SUMMARY: This song is a bloody nugu mess of a B.A.W.P and I liveeeeeeeeeee.

    That is all.


    The critic reviews are in, I wonder what % this will get on Rotten Tostados. Starting things off on a decidedly unbothered front is our cyst for the QueerTea Magazine's Mess column McQueer: "Why is this here?" Because it is an anthem of our generation. Equally damning reviews come from YG's Cooked Meats magazine, courtesy of Salami: "Boombayah without the Charm" and Home Choreographer to the Stars Ryan_Riot: "I thought this was pretty decent in the beginning but now I’m like … ehh, it’s okay. It kind of got annoying to me to the point where I would skip it so much that I just kind of flicked it out of my playlist."

    You unnies be like:


    Hold up, breaking news! Not everyone was against Matilda - we've got middling reviews after all. Monochrome Mammal fashion quarterly star columnist GeiPanda was quoted saying: "Basic, but a bop", which is a fair verdict shared by Bussy Bawps Weekly's writer Ajmkv: " I wanted to like this more than I do (something that seems to happen a lot these days with K-Pop songs that the forum likes, but I tend to revisit this only to hear the hook. The rest of the song kind of loses me. It's still quite good, though." Slice of SM Discographies references a similarly disjointed predecessor: "What kind of nugu version of I Got A Boy??? It's super jarring to these ears and I probably won't listen to it again but I salute them for releasing quite a gutsy song. They did that." They did that.



    There were critics who actually shared by Stockholm-syndrome enjoyment of this? I am blessed. Reboot made sure ha opinion was the straight up, copyrighted fact: "An Experience™". That's the supporting tagline AND disclaimer for the track too dontcha know... ThighHighs is so impressed he's ready to stamp that trademark into the theme park sector: "Now THIS is a Frankenbop I can get behind. The disparate parts are good, but the way this song melds them together is amazing. It’s the sonic equivalent of being in the passenger seat of a go-kart out of control." Go-kart, rollercoaster, doomed plane crash in the Bermuda Triangle - all appropriate. Lastly D is for Danger! , the Editor-in-Chief of Moon Hyuna's heart has a ten to bestow and awards to dish out: "These girls finally made it onto my radar with this song. Just like EXID's L.I.E, this is another reggae-EDM hybrid, except this time the production is all out bonkers. It feels like a few songs were haphazardly pieced together, but it works oh so well. I like how the verses change styles and slowly build up the energy as we transition from one section to the next. The pre-chorus slows it down again briefly. That said, you're never quite ready for what comes next. The chorus comes in swinging at full force. Wig snatched! Lyrically it's a zero, but musically it delivers a ten. The acoustic guitar during the middle 8 helps signal a brief reprieve and allows listeners to catch their breath before the chorus, with new lyrics(!), comes back in one last time to deliver the knockout punch. Amazing!"

    Reboot & DifD with their 10s be like:



    Life-defining, relatable, bonkers, powerful, 'sounds even better when you're angry' You Bad! Don't Make Me Cry deserves better than this. I can't believe this.
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