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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. You Bad! is infinitely better than Boombayah.
  2. What I feel like y'all wanna do to me right now:

  3. Someone needs to be punished for their shit taste.

  4. I just listened to it again to see if maybe my 2 was too harsh but nah I stick by it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  5. Everything out so far has been an 8 or above for me. Then again, I only gave a handful of songs lower than a 7, so that's maybe to be expected. However, there are some songs crying to be kicked soon.

  6. Who was the most unexpected nugu to breakthrough last year?

    CLUE: They like Pink



    Avg: 6.43

    10s - @Slice of Life @Laurence Nope
    0 - @Salami
    My Score: 5

    Looking at the list of the underappreciated girl-groups in the 2014/15 brigade, who did you have your bets set on a breakthrough? Oh My Girl I bet right - they have to no? 2016 will be their year finally. Well, ish but who actually got a top ten single for the first time these last 12 months?



    They've been about for a bit, arguably released carbon copies of the same single AND video package every comeback (Digipedi when he fancies an auto-pilot job basically) but finally they kicked past the Korean ignorance and did good with this track, Destiny (although their MILLION SELLING single Ah-Choo remains unbothered and still easily my favourite release of theirs).

    I... don't really have much to say about this in all honesty. The super disco vibes are pretty, the video full of cosmic marbles and exposed filament lightbulbs is basically a Forever21 x Ikea advertisement collaboration and the live performances were perfectly nice. In some respects there's a ton of parallels to be drawn between this and, still to come entrant, Secret by Cosmic Girls. Similar vibes, similar aesthetic, similar celestial subject matter/concept and i'd argue it probably had pro AND con effect for both sets of ladies.


    PROS: Well, basically this came first and you know the Korean General Public are particularly blindsighted to seeing a concept, running with it and somewhat ignoring other attempts. It's the one with the #10 and managed to capitalise on the success of 2015 - good news for their 2017 chances too.
    CONS: A vast majority of us probably don't even remember this was released such has been the full force of the WJSN.

    PROS: Secret felt positively fresh and huge and blockbuster in comparison to the more subtle leanings of Destiny and perhaps it helped elevate our perspective of it? Needless to say it has the potential to do very well in this rate whilst Lovelyz have... not.
    CONS: Partly from being a newer band and partly because they got their fill from Destiny, songs like Secret and Ladies' Code Galaxy might well have lost out on some Korean buyers who wanted something a lil' less Michael Bay-does-anime visuals or sombre-indie-cred-jazz-space-café.

    That's all I have really. I consider this a success that I managed to write so much - quick, now time to hide from Lovelyz stan Slicey....



    The video may chock full of pink shades and cute blonde 70's flower girl weaves but a lot of y'all wanted it red, BLOOD red. You did not mince your words. Before we go down that route let's trip the light fantastic and check in with those on the edge of this planet's atomosphere. GeiPanda has been spending all his nights staring at the stars, TV ones that is: "Sounds like a old-school song for a TV drama" I take it a good one considering your score? ThighHighs found himself on a journey to Mars when all he wanted was Venus & ha headbang choreo: "It’s nice and the video is pretty, but I spent the whole time wishing GFriend were singing it." OUCH (but I kinda agree). You better watch out Lovez, Ryan_Riot has got a batch of steaming anger brownies for the interstellar bake sale and he ain't afraid to use them: "This one I can live without. I feel like it was a step in the wrong direction. I’m not a huge fan of “Candy Jelly Love” but I love “Ah-Choo” SO FUCKING MUCH that they are really gonna need to kick it up a notch with me. This did however get some brownie points with me because a major complaint I have with their songs is the choruses always seem to be a mouthful but this one did not. Good job girls, less is more sometimes."


    Who decided the Lovez need a more fitting colour palette? D is for Danger! is the head honcho in the art of Beige: "I can't believe I actually can make it all the way through a Beigelyz track. That chorus and those strings are a killer. The group still does nothing for me." It's a worthy sacrifice for the sake of Beige-ological Studies, just ask your pupil Ajmkv who's learning to identify the shades within: "Beigelyz actually deliver with this soul-sister of WJSN's Secret. I really like this!"

    An Exclamation Mark! The solar figures are swirling into alignment. Let's keep the cosmic vibes going with a lil' love from Vesperly: "The style and arrangement of this song are so interesting, and the video is gorgeous, I'm so glad Lovelyz did well with it." followed by the Lovez head cheerleader and Astronaut of Enlightenment Slice of Galaxies: "I absolutely adore this. I love how the softer vocals are used in the first verse... and then the more soulful vocals take center stage during the second verse. That Jin section. YAS MAWMA! It's the little things, really. I love the dramatic delivery like it's for a tragic Korean drama... but with better production than all those bland OSTs. Stop sleeping on Lovelyz, y'all! Ah-Choo, For You and now, Destiny - Lovelyz are getting better and better and I am so perched for their February comeback."


    HOLD UP THERE'S AN ECLIPSE. And now the world is blacker than Salami's dark side of the moon shade: "Blander than APink. That chorus is so irritating and the rest of the song just goes nowhere. I can't believe this actually made it when the likes of Whistle didn't. I know I didn't vote for that, it wasn't in my top 10, but it's better than this trash."



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  8. [​IMG]


    After winning the first round of the Top Answer Game Season 3, I have to be subjected to this absolute disaster of an elimination? Worse than Apink? Byeeee. Enjoy the lack of taste, I guess.

    But I remain positive because at least @D is for Danger! Oppa-nim kinda liked this song. Little victories, etc.
  9. Lovelyz don't do much for me at the moment. I checked out a bunch of their videos the other day and most of the songs just blended into each other. Maybe I just don't like that cutesy sound.
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  10. This rate is already such a disaster.

  11. We've been a bit harsh on the girls so far

    Gender equality time - BRING THE BOYS OUT




    Avg: 6.55

    10s - @Slice of Life @Deja-Boo @Lego
    2 - @D is for Danger!
    My Score: 9.5

    Real talk the KPJ sub-unit has generally been inclined towards lady idols since the dawn of time so all the more impressive that guys that weren't SHINee/EXO/BTS managed to make it through (albeit very few of them). That being said, I'm quite sad that out of all of them B.A.P & Feel So Good had to go first because it's a Miami Vice pastel coloured cruiser on a highway of quite serious entries. This was NOWHERE on my radar partly because it got lost in the fold during the beginning of the year but also because Skydive and its feature length video runtime brainwashed me into thinking all their stuff was pretentious gun-toting drivel.

    The only way I managed to get through it was:

    But Feel So Good is the opposite end of the spectrum for them in all ways. It's another entity born of the late 70's/ early 80's this time taking those funk-guitars and putting them to glittering use. It's an all-round infectious little ditty and took me completely unawares on the first, second, third listens. The pre-chorus with the crescendo-ing low-key brass are astounding and the chorus is undeniable. That video though.... Eeek. Whoever was doing the colour scheme for that yellow elevator shaft/photobooth should have their eyes tested because it's truly grim. Everyone also looks so pale... where my Florida tans at?


    The neon-lit alley at the end is easily the highlight as far as visuals go and i'll leave it there. THEN I took a gander through their discography and honestly where are their other Feel So Good summer jams? I remember having Warrior on my iPod nano back in the day - because that was a whistle grunt mega-#MASC bop - but the others?



    We've got a shootout down in the Sunset Boulevard and i'm not sure who'll make it out alive. D is for Danger! shoots bullets like he does one liners: "Sorry, this doesn't feel so good to these ears." whereas gangland mob boss for the NOIR Ryan_Riot is having none of this goody-goody shxt: "No. I don’t get it. “Skydive” was better than this garbage".


    Some people are incredulous to believe that such violence could come to their town and blame the work of MEN in that regard. GeiPanda is shook at your choices: "A boy band? In a KPJ rate? It's ok, but gets grating after a few listens." Yes indeed, boybands are in fact welcome in this world (but not always encouraged depending on output kii). Ajmkv had a predisposition against the madness of the Male but has since been converted by pastel masculinity: "You know what, I came into this rate thinking, "hmmm, I'll just give a 5 to every boy band song because whatever, I don't check for them." But this smooth jam has converted me, so I'm going to give it the fair score it deserves. I'm actually really feeling this..."



    @Deja-Boo / @Slice of Life hold me...

    Get the innocent bystanders out the way, before their innocent souls get caught in the cross-hairs. Vesperly has seen bigger bangs in ha days but still liked: "Even the video is BigBang Lite. The chorus is nice though.", whilst ThighHighs has an... interesting comparison to make: "This is a ton of fun, isn’t it? Playful, breezy, and catchy like all the best One Direction songs were. I knew I liked it, but when that chorus kicks in, the song really hits its stride." Stride is the correct word, Wand Erection is... not. LOOK over there, Robinho#1 wait! I never knew you could do compliments cyst! : "Light hearted and fun from the group" Well at least I think that was a compliment. It's a start unnie...




    Who better to round things out than the two leading Boyband Advocates, the good cop/sassy cop combo of Slice of Life and Deja-Boo. The former has A LOT on ha mind, remembers the good ol' days before public corruption engulfed the state: " It's still such a shame that B.A.P lost their momentum (and fame, lbr) when they filed that lawsuit against their record label. Because if they were still as popular as they were once before, this would've been another breakthrough hit for them. This is just so much fun. Right amount of cutesy and cheesy. Right amount of #masc. It's just right. I adore it when B.A.P does their moody, hard-hitting concepts but I must say they also succeed in this. We need more bops like this from boy groups" and if you'd like the abridged version Mr D-Boo has the words for you: "2016 was BAP’s year and this is the pinnacle of it. Well done boys!"


  12. Cute song. I've been listening to Feel So Good a lot more since sending in my scores, so I'd probably give it an 8 or 8.5 now. It's not enough to make me want to check out their discography, but it makes for a nice new track in my 'feel good' playlist.
  13. Feel So Good deserved top ten
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  14. The 'You Bad! Don't Make Me Cry' write-up is so good oh my god. A+++ gifs @Squashua.
    I won't even comment on the previous page and the Oh My Girl hate. I don't even remember which members it was because I've already ignored and reported them.
  15. Get 'em, Soyul!
  16. To be fair, I only ended up giving one of the boyband singles a 5. The thirst is real..
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  17. The remaining boy band songs in this are all top 20 material. Well, apart from one...
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  18. This is exactly what i said and what i did.
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  19. If you boy band haters end up doing my 11 wrong, there will be blood.
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  20. I decided not to call any songs or acts here and be calm but i really want 4minute songs out , NOW.
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