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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. A boy band winning a KPJ rate?


    Except BIGBANG winning the 2008 rate.
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  2. You know, the exciting thing is that I have no idea what the Top 10 is going to look like. I can't even try to make predictions because there are just so many 10/10s here.
  3. Same. I tried to come up with my top 10 list for this rate but I couldn't finish it. 2016 has really been a banner year for K-pop.
  4. I've been trying, but the only ones that I (think) might be locks for the Top 10 are Secret and Boombayah. Other than that, I think most of the Top 10 will be surprising (to me, at least, given that I have a tendency for stanning for flops like Good Luck, my first almost-11 out.)
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  5. Canvas, yes. Hate? No.

    I wouldn't be able to call the top 10 at all either. I can see Tiffany and Wonder Girls sneaking in, though. (Or maybe that's just me doing wishful thinking.) And Oh My Girl.
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  6. Secret will be top 10 for sure. As for Boombayah, as much as I want it to be top 10, I just now that the BLACKPINK haters will sink it dddddd. Either way, as long as I won't see that one song I gave a 3 in the top 10, I'll be happy. Hehehe.
  7. I don't think Boombayah could make it to top 10.

    I think Why So Lonely , Secret ,Oh Nana ( and maybe Someone Like U ) have the most chance for top 10. But from what we've seen so far , this rate is one of the most unpredictable rates that i've participated.
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  8. Soyul is my girl she'd never hit me. Even she knows all those ballads deserved those 0 scores I gave them.
  9. The only thing that's a zero is your taste.

    And don't worry, I have backup
  10. Way's Girls have got my back dude. My taste is impeccable.
  11. Not with any of my scores.
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  12. Feel So Good out before the top 20 ???????????????

    Also, both of GFriend's remaining tracks deserve top 10.
  13. Y'all did BAP dirty.

  14. N N. N .N n n n.n N n* n n

    @Slice of Life after reading this post:




    Avg: 6.58

    10 - @Slice of Life @Vesperly
    3.5 - @Deja-Boo
    My Score: 7.5



    We all knew this day was coming but so soon? The Runner-Up in the Album Tracks heat may have taken one or two or maybe 8 steps towards the winning spot but sometimes going one foot in front of the other isn't enough to beat the sprinting, bopping crowd. Just like GFriend's deep cut a few write-ups ago, 1 Step 2 Steps isn't exactly pushing the boat out on the experimental side but what it does, it does with relative success.

    But why oh why then only a meagre 7.5? In keeping with the song's theme (and dragging this out to make a reasonable sized write-up) I have a few STEPS as to why I scored it down:

    STEP (1)

    I remember being so ready for the Pink Ocean mini-album last year that I was verging into pterodactyl girl territory of stanning (and why not when your last release was the once-in-a-lifetime bop-ancholy jam Closer?) and I listened to the album sampler - oh- about a thousand times:

    Those picture-book Ghibli visuals! The mix of Liar Liar that switches up the chorus as the outro (those tricksy heathens!) sounded so good as did Knock Knock's bit & the deer + petals in the breeze for 1 Step, 2 Steps that my bar was raised SO high. When Liar Liar dropped I spent so much time trying to get to grips with the insanity of it all that I lost sight of songs like 1 2 Steps - BOO.

    STEP (2)
    Picked this up more upon hearing they were going to start promoting it, due to its completely unexpected success, and the couple of live stages were a delight:

    SO WHERE WAS THE VIDEO? WHY GIVE UP ON IT? Ok I do understand, and I mean they came back with Windy Day so I can't blame them, but WHERE GIRLS? Like damn, the choreo hit so hard for a mid-tempo-ey ballad affair about sweet first loves and what-not that it's a dampner that the only visual we got was them in ill-fitting grey school-uniforms. Yawn - you're better than that girlies.

    STEP (G?)
    We already had Rough in the world at the time & it arguably covers most of the bases with a lot more impact than this song managed to muster, not for lack of trying from the gale-force rush of that final section & Seunghee slicing through the air with her vocal chords. It's lovely and it's nice but it's, dare I say it, a bit pedestrian of the OMG coven. It would be like f(x) releasing their own version of NoNoNo - be your fabulous genre-bending selves & i'll cheer for your eventual Daesang sweep.



    Which foot were y'all on with this one? Anyone? No? Sadly for this album track, not everyone was ready to dish an opinion on it so we've got a limited amount to hop, skip & jump through. Ajmkv travelled more than 2 steps to get ha groove on and came away without a 5 star review or even free souvenirs: "Cute but boring. I'm not revisiting, sorry gorls." And you said you weren't going to be savage this rate...


    Before you think you're the only unnie out there not being moved by this, Ryan_Riot is ready to start a we-shall-not-be-moved protest with y'all entitled Unnies Against the Uneventful (UATU): "It’s not bad but I’m not completely in love with it either. To be honest it’s kind of boring in my opinion." Ah well, as long as you've treated Windy Sl*yyyy better this time around I suppose we can just call this a relapse <3

    Wanna know the 3 steps to get yourself name-checked in a KPJ rate? First, find D is for Danger! and get him to complement (& also slighty shade) your instrument: "For the longest time, I couldn't distinguish this song from PD101's In The Same Place. Makes sense considering both were produced by that B1A4 guy. The drum loop used in this is fantastic, especially at the end. I also like the addition of the electric guitar during the final portion of the track." OH B1A4 - what's your name? Maybe ThighHighs can help bring your step 2 out to a wider audience: "The song itself is good and cute, but the choreography is really what makes it amazing. Jinyoung getting his props in the final with at least two songs in here!" HECK yeah for two songs in here except none of them are for B1A4 whoops... Last touches and all will know you mysterious band member song writer man - Slice of Stannage has all the connections, all the feels and none of the words (except the French): "J'ADORE. I don't know what's with this song but whenever I listen to this, I get emotional dddddd. I don't even know what the song means (I don't look up English translations, soz) but it never fails to make me slow down, reflect and shed an imaginary tear or two. Kii. Jinyoung did that. He really does have the magic touch when it comes to girl group songs. And the girls serve vocals here too especially Seunghee's heavenly ad libs. Kween!"


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  15. One Step, Two Steps was my lowest Oh My Girl score (an 8), but it's still an hell of a lot better than a lot of other album tracks in this. I clearly undermarked it.
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  16. One Step, Two Step should not be out before WIndy Day.

  17. MOMOLAND weren't the only ones reppin' that Koong Kwang...




    I.O.I - CRUSH
    Avg: 6.70

    10 - @Reboot @ajmkv @Alouder98
    1 - @Robinho#1
    My Score: 6

    Contrary to popular belief, I won't spend this post discussing the entity that was Produce 101 despite this being the kind of "Winner's Single" if you need an equivalent to Western singing comps. I mean it's no Sound of the Underground is it? But considering this is the ONLY I.O.I song that made it through out of all four lead singles in 2016, it might be the last chance we get to wax lyrically on the weird one-year only sub-lease-a-band that was I.O.I.


    I'll start from the end because it's always better to start things off on a good note before we descend into mediocrity - WHERE THE HELL IS VERY VERY VERY? Their last big, fully promoted single was a bit of a monster in the Autumn and kinda divided the land between cautious bopping and a complete check-out. The General Discussion thread even got somewhat rowdy on the subject of coloured gym socks which was probably a pre-cursor to #PromohyunGate and we just didn't see the signs. Along with Whistle, they're probably the two songs that warrant being here in the final for impact alone if nothing else - pioneering (but actually re-using) the athletics surreal world of pastel corridors, multiplying clones and eggs for Mina.


    Then we move down the line to Whatta Man - the "sub-unit" that was really just the "We Don't Have a Band to Go To" orphans klerb. Also quite a surprise in output, more for Sohye doing THE SPLITS every performance than the idea itself. Penguin Queen of Acrobatics and Trolling Korea come throughhhh. If you think you enjoyed this, stanned for this, lived for this then you've got nothing compared to this GRAMAMA award nominated oppa:


    And we trek back to the first proper comeback Dream Girls....


    Our final destination being this song Crush. Now production wise I actually don't mind it (it's cool, there's a slight appropriated Arabic flair in the verses which gives me Holly Valance - Down Boy teas) but whoever wrote it played it too hard on the teen-isms. The "OH MY GAWD" valley girl bits, which I think are largely the highly miscast Somi ahem, are painful and there's a lot going on that I'm not sure really adds up to letting anyone shine (particularly with Sejeong having to keep up with too many syllables in the chorus). On the plus side it was nice to see inside an Entertainment Company dungeon in the video and that "KUMQUAT OO-OH-OO-OH" bit is a good promotion for the prevention of scurvy.



    KUMQUAT OO-OH-OO-GO! - bring in your delicious bounty on comms my unnies.
    Critiques weren't harsh, per se, more avoidant of the the song itself, which says something really. McQueer is struggling to find the good fruit in the barrel: "Chungha is the only good thing about IOI." Depends on what you go for, with those members it's like a skill/specialty buffet. Out there on the edge of the orchard, Vesperly can be heard hollering A-ING~~ in the distance: " I hear you paying tribute to Mimi's iconic "Oh. My.God." Oh My Girl >>> Oh MAY GAWD. And Ryan_Riot is lost from us forever - the Dream Girls got him: "Eehhhh … I really don’t see the appeal for this song. I find “Dream Girls” more listenable than this garbage. The fact that this track made it in over their other tracks make me question some taste levels around here. Though considering I didn’t mind “Dream Girls”, I question my own taste level sometimes."

    Don't we all cyst, don't we all...


    Apparently this isn't even the best version of the same song for some of y'all. D is for Danger! is less Crush, more Squash double concentrated: "PD101 Crush > IOI Crush. This song never fails to get me moving. The chorus is infectious (kumkwang ooh oh ooh whoa) and I love the ad libs from Sejeong and Yeonjung at the end. I'm glad they got rid of the Donald Duck outro. The MV is a tragic mess however." ThighHighs kept ha tens in check for a one time only: "I love this song a lot, but I can only give the I.O.I version an 8.5. The top 22 version would have been in competition for my 11. GIVE ME A SEASON 2." You're in luck honey bee, the o.I.o is coming....

    KUMQUATS come better in pairs, BOGOF deal on aisle 5. Here's two meh reviews, and two of our 10s joined together on the proverbial branch. GeiPanda is a master of the backhander: "It's alright! Better than all the other songs they released." whereas Slice of Shudders has horror tales to tell: "Good but not super great. I feel like the production could've used a little more bombast. Yeonjung's high note is truly awesome though. This song and music video is just forever tainted for me because of what it did to Yeonjung. Somi's creepy uncle fans need to chill." Poor Yeonjung, they were out to end ha from the start...


    Reboot has officially been Stockholm syndrome by dulcet tones of Korean teenage girls emulating the Califorrnian socialites: " I was going to criticise y’all for putting this song through when they can do so much better, but I’m still bopping" and who else could round things off but the Klerb's Sassiest Gurrrl Ajmkv: "This was in the running to be my 11. I think that, unfortunately, I.O.I peaked with this because I liked all of their subsequent releases less and less (with the exception of Whatta Man.) I liked their more mature (and in this case, clubby) releases more than their cutesy ones, so I wasn't really here for their other stuff. Regardless, Crush is a relentless and energetic smash and I give it a 10."



  18. I probably overscored that one, but I couldn't let the only IOI song in the rate potentially underperform. Crush does feel a lot like the token 'quickly put together first single', in good and bad ways.

    Whatta Man is where it's at.
  19. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    At least , me and @ajmkv became closer to each other after this !

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