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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Also this is my ranking about bottom 10:

    - Songs that i'm mad about their leaving : Stay - Crush
    - Songs that i truly wanted to see go further : Destiny - Good Luck
    - A song that i'm not a big fan of it , but didn't want to see it in bottom 10 : You Bad! Don't Make Me Cry
    - The other five were good cuts.

    Overall it seems satisfying , cause most of us have lost some favorites but still have many other favorites.
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  2. [​IMG]


    I HATE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!1!1!1111111!!!!!
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  3. Crush is really not that good and I'll never understand the love for it here.

    Disgusting. I hope Crayon Pop disbands this year (JUST KIDDING I don't.)
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  4. I guess instant karma hit me after I gave Oh My Girl a low score... losing another almost-11, shaking my head.

    @Alouder98 I approve of your flawless taste.





    Avg: 6.73

    10 - NONE (oops)
    9.5 - @Reboot

    1 - @D is for Danger!
    My Score: 8.5

    Did you really think we'd be losing the infamous, indomitable, un-imitable TT here in #50? WRONG. But no worries, y'all can reuse your torches, pitchforks and bussys for this delightful number about being feasted upon by a particularly charming Korean Oppa N.nn.n. Whether that's a loving metaphor, a sexual one or a cannibalistic forth-right creepy one is anyone's guess but to be honest if you're an EXO-L then you're probably up for all three...



    But anyway, I can safely assure you that the EXO-Ls are either not to be found in this forum (after the boy-band vitriol spilt a few pages back are we surprised?) or they just didn't speak loud enough in the case of this, arguably their best 2K16 release. Sure Lucky One had the sci-fi bedazzle and flawless skin worthy of a cosmetics commercial, Lotto had... a hidden redeeming feature I still haven't found, Dancing King was a lol joke single (wasn't it?) and For Life was a nice wintery ballad if you wanted that kinda thing but MON-STAH! was a certified jam the likes of which they arguably haven't brought since Wolf/Growl era.

    I wasn't on the EXO train in all honesty when this was released - Love Me Right was fine and all but I despised Call Me Blah so wasn't exactly checking for them - but Monster's unrelenting glass-smash, car-factory squelch backed hollerings & eerie hip-hop atmosphere was perfect for the Autumn chill. Those lyrics are psychopathic mind, I always thought it was "I'm tripping through your heart-beat" which conjured up ECG machine jump-rope imagery when really "I'M CREEPING IN YOUR HEART BABE" is a stalker-nosferatu tea.


    Oh and did I mention the "swallowing you...I'll Ruin You" chorus lyrics?

    Ahjumma EXO-L's everywhere be like:


    But I don't care, the general vibe is a fluctuating groover and all the sections keep you guessing, EVEN the rap line which I actually rather enjoyed even though I know they get a lot of stick. The video on the other hand manages to beat out EXO's previous videography record for "Most bland MV with a vague semblance of a story". It's basically a choreo video that they realised didn't do enough so threw in the boring ass studio sets in various mood lights. LAME. Go to TWICE, if you want real Halloween visuals lads kekekeke....



    Oh wow - the real monsters be hiding in your comms where the boys are concerned no?
    Let's split up and look for clues! to where your deep-rooted hatred for menfolk stems from oops...

    Stepping into the Manor of EXO-Ltance, Slice of Daphne is feeling the Jeepers Creepers at the faceless men AND THE WALLS ARE DRIPPING BEIGE: "An okay song, I must admit. But EXO is such a faceless group to me so this song doesn't incite any emotion from me. A lot of girl groups are called 'beige' in this forum but in my opinion, EXO is a lot beiger than them all. They are just so blah. Keep it." I guess you're out of the ghost-hunt then petal? How's about you Monsieur D is for Danger! ? "It's EXO. Next." I commend your powers of observation. Senorita Ajmkv? You've got the blood of fortune tellers in your veins: "Sorry to be predictable, but I've just never liked it... overrated, overplayed.

    [​IMG] "

    Oh. Ok I guess there's only a handful of us left then. Let's set forth gang - which room should we check first GeiPanda? "Don't have much to say except that I surprisingly like this." I like this plan too but the paintings are definitely staring at us. Ryan_Riot had briefed us on the oldest spirit in the manor: "It’s a’ight … I preferred “Lucky One” though." We must go forth & findeth this lucky one. Dancing Queen Deja-Boo we can always count on you to take the first step towards that locked cellar door: "Lucky One remains superior but this knocks. I don't really return to this despite stanning for Exo's music until Ex'act (ugh), but I used it a lot on release week, so at least there's that." Ooo all that knocking might have unearthed something



    The stroke of midnight is close at hand, let the madness unfurl. Robinho#1's stone-heart is only somewhat melting: "Damn near perfection if it weren’t for the useless rap line. Sehun and Chanyeol are talentless." Did someone fear for ThighHighs's sanity? I fear he doth been taken by the RAGE: "As much as I AGGRESSIVELY don’t care for EXO, they make some GREAT music sometimes. The chorus on this is amazing." The ruse is afoot, Vesperly has tripped through the secret bookcase and unearthed the song's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - ZOINKS! : "I like the verses but the chorus is so anti-climatic that it's kind of funny? I'M CREEPING IN YOUR HEART BABE. And the middle-8 starts off so great and then... The rap. Oh, this song."



  6. Monster deserved to be in the top 20.
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  7. Even TWICE's visuals are barely Halloween.

    If you want a real Halloween concept, watch this:

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  8. ^ or a VIXX MV.
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  9. Pretty sure I gave Monster a 9 but now I regret not dropping it a 10
  10. LEAVE THE BOY BANDS that aren't Snuper ALONE

    Monster is that kind of 'look, we're so tough and cool!' boy band concept that I usually hate, but that chorus is absolutely massive.

  11. You guys are breaking hearts in two with these eliminations

    Actually make that four....

    49th / 48th



    Avg: 6.85 / 6.88

    10 - @Deja-Boo (Canvas), @Vesperly @Reboot @ajmkv (Hate)

    4 - @McQueer @Reboot @Lego (Canvas)
    0 - @McQueer (Hate)

    Fate is a cruel harlot and enjoys nothing more than the depressing ironies of this mortal coil we twirl but then again, she got competition from the morons at CUBE Entertainment. It is both fitting and absolutely undeserved that our only ghost-entrants (r.i.p) deliver their swansong together in a 2-track curtain call before we've even reached the top 40.


    Usually writing up a post for each song is only fair but in this case I'll make an exception. What were 4MINUTE to you? So many big girl-groups fought nail and Dr. Kim syringe for dominance in the latter end of what some label the "golden era". 2NE1 probably get the lion share of stans in this forum, GG will always have @Alouder98 in their corner (if no one else these days) and f(x) are just about keeping themselves relevant, minus Amber's solo career. It wasn't until I saw the high praise for Hobgoblin in the recent KPJ Monthly Chart that it made me think - there's a real gap now 4MINUTE have gone.


    For all the mess at the end and the weird group dynamics throughout - I mean who is Jihyun & who thought she'd be the best person for leader? I honestly thought she was a new member in Crazy...


    I digress - for all of the WTF they offered out, 4MINUTE would also deliver bop after bop after DGAF bop from day one and refused to tone it down. I can honestly say I probably wouldn't even be on this forum or listening the K-Pop if it wasn't for the sapphic-vampirical phase smash that was Volume Up. What a bloody tune...

    They were a fearless bunch, ready to take it all on even if HyunA snatched a considerable % of the screentime. I get that Hate is a divisive piece - it's a Frankenbop (to quote @ThighHighs) with Skrillex features, oodles of blood red thug jumpers & shares very similar DNA with the momentous Crazy, it took me a much longer time to get into it too - but it takes guts & gore for a band to put out something viciously true to their style, a catalyst for their skill sets and just a solid banger with intensely luxe visuals. It's visceral, aggressive, unrelenting in a way few would dare serve up to the OST-lovers of Korea. So-Hyun even gets one of the best bits in that first pre-chorus, serving up a storm with her goth ponytail ensemble! Canvas by turn is the slinky underbelly to the same beast and probably deserved better than a rush release given up on swiftly after, but hey that warehouse serial killers 360 VR video was a sample of what could have been for future-Minute.

    I completely get why they've got eliminated here but, then again...

    But actually I do so please don't leave ok? x


    Oh, and because y'all wrote just as much as I did on these two - find your musings BELOW...



  12. #49

    Let's take it to the easel unnies, and see what masterpieces of sass we can create! Talking of art methods, Vesperly is the Monet of musical portraiture: "Canvas is nice, but Mamamoo released the superior song about sexual painting in 2016." Touche Monsieur, ThighHighs also knows music is the language of lurvee: "I hadn't listened to this one before the rate and I really liked it! Sexy, slinky, and totally a song I would put on the ThighHighs Sexytime Playlist." I bet it's filled with naughty Franken-jams. How high is your high note Reboot? "Pretty tuneless. The video is an absolute waste of time as well. Shame". Keep reaching for that whistle Mariah!


    From this point onwards, chat turns to two different colours on the palette. First up is the deep red of 'Why wasn't No Love chosen as a single?' courtesy of master impressionist McQueer: "This does nothing for me. No Love should've been in its place instead." Robinho#1 agrees with the sentiment: "This is alright but certainly not better than No Love." but dear sweet auteur Ryan_Riot has his visions set solely on the Canvas: "I would have rather had this as the title track because it’s much better than “Hate”. It’s smoother and less in-your-face which is what I like about it. " NO LOVE VS HATE? What a choice....

    Strategically placed retrospective Slice of Life commentary #1 - "Quite a bop. I wish this was the single instead of Hate. This sounds fresh and not tacky. It's pretty low-key too despite the hip hop production. Ugh. CLC better be serving this kind of bop now that 4Minute is dead"

    It wasn't just the song choice that took a grilling - y'all were not wanting to spend too much time in that CUBE warehouse dungeon were you? D is for Danger! takes them to cinematographic church for their sins: "This was not how things should have ended for 4minute. The song is fantastic, but everything else about it screams budget mess. The girls find themselves in a 360 degree video dancing in a factory where I assume they will be taken apart and refashioned into newer idol models. Hindsight is always 20/20, right CLC! This is not how you do 360 videos Cube. There shouldn't be any cuts or edits. It should all be in one take. Group members disappearing randomly and being faced with an empty room is not entertaining! Take notes from Bambino if you plan on doing this in the future Cube!" We could all learn something from Bambino ahem. Don't talk too much on it though D, you'll make Deja-Boo cry like TT: "If this were their title track they'd probably still be together lmao. Aw I made myself sad. But really, this should have been the title track and no 360 MV filmed in Cube's sub-basement will make up for it." I didn't completely dislike it... ish. Ajmkv has a challenge for y'all - dare to ask unnies? : "Can we consider this 4minute's last release? That disappointing video was a fitting send-off, I guess, given the way that they ended. However, this is a pretty great song, and I have fond memories of this song (ask me about it if you dare~)"

    I'm imagining, something like...


    GeiPanda my muse, please give us the final daub on this bountiful mural of sass: "I can see why they didn't go with this as the title track - it's not instantly impactful. But it bops. Visually, the dance is awkward and it gave birth to one of the most horrendous Kpop outfits EVER courtesy of Gayoon (who apparently was the stylist for this performance):


    JESUS GAYOON. This ain't the Frump Mom Weekly Model auditions:




    but also not really

    Are you ready for the flames of hatred to engulf the entire thread until only a pile of ash and HyunA's butt pads are left?

    Well, not quite yet because this parade is a love/hate relationship. 10 bestower Reboot goes all ominous on us: "Deliciously relatable" WHO HURT YOU? Robinho#1 assesses the lay of the charred landscape: "Many people were disappointed but this grew on me". It wasn't such a relaxed process for Salami's inauguration to the Crimson Jumper Cult of Hate: "Jarring in a good way. I do wish the chorus was better though because everything else is a 9." Talking of almost 10s, Deja-Boo came close to offloading one of his: "Would've been a full 10 if Skrillex hadn't put his white nonsense hands on this. Hyuna's middle 8 remains one of the finest moments in their discography though." I prefer Seohyun's barn-storming two lines personally but that's good too.

    hall we get the nay-sayers out of the way hmm?

    McQueer - "This is GAARRRBAAAGGGEE. 4Minute deserved to flop and disband for releasing this terrible song. I get so mad even thinking about it. I don't really believe in giving songs zeros but this one deserves it. I don't understand how a song that can go so 'hard' be so boring. Keep Skrillex away from K-Pop forever please god. "


    Ryan_Riot - "I’m rating this lower because I’ve grown quite tired of the song and it sounds like a nuisance to me now… at the time it was pretty fantastic but the track got stale about a month later. They tried to make another “Crazy” but unfortunately that wasn’t quite the case. It started out so strong but then the chorus was just racket."


    ThighHighs - "I like parts of it but every time I listen to this it just feels like kind of a mess where the parts of it never manage to come together. As evidenced by a few of my other scores, I have nothing against a Frankensong, the bits & pieces of this one just don't stand out enough!"

    A MESS?

    GeiPanda - "Disappointing. Felt like they tried to recapture the perfect magic they had with "Crazy", but the package just ended up being reductive (©Madonna) in every way - the outfits, the music video, the song itself. It's messy and just not that pleasant on the ears."

    REDUCTIVE ?!?!?

    But you're all basically true though -
    I just appreciate a good messy, trashy Reducto-racket from time to time kii.

    Enough with that codswallop and bluster - D is for Danger! i need you to cleanse this post: "A lot of people hated this, but I loved it. Sure it was just a rehash of Crazy, but it was a half-ballad half-trap/EDM masterpiece. When will your faves ever incorporate fart trumpets into their song?! Sohyun really delivered on the hate with her first section. Jiyoon rapped quite well. Jihyun wasn't useless for once. I feel like she started to become anything but useless as of the Crazy era. Again, it's a shame we never got to see more of the girls. Fuck you Cube!"


    Slice of Forgiveness, I have your comms locked & loaded now: "Pominit!!! RIP Kweenz! This is not bad. Not Crazy level of amazing but it's more than sufficient. The verses up to the pre-chorus is the best part but the chorus is like... It's very anticlimactic. It's not as bad as some people make it out be. But it's also not good. It's just there. I'm living for the visuals though. Hyuna looks charismatic as usual with ha glasses and apple hair. Jiyoon looks like a dominatrix. Gayoon is serving Asian muse of a French couture designer. Jihyun looks like she was fed before this was shot so that's good. And Sohyun!!! The Possum Unnie did that. I love her eye make-up. She looks like a witch". Jinkies!

    stans the same parts: "Seohyun is the real MVP with her rock-style scream in the pre-chorus. The increasing fury leading up to the breakdown is everything, and... I actually love the breakdown. A somewhat ironic ending to 4MInute considering what happened with their disbandment. "I don't need you. Get out." - Hyuna, 2016" Sigh sealed and deliver me Ajmkv my darling maknae. We couldn't have explained this out better if I tried - take it away, you have the final word on 4Minute: "This makes me sad. On the one hand I love everything about it, including the "let's see what more we can add to it until this is on the brink of offending human sensibilities" production and that fantastic video where everyone looks beautiful (yes, even o_O HyunA, but especially Jihyun and Jiyoon, I mean....)
    ...but on the other hand, this should have not been the send-off to one of the most iconic and successful K-Pop girl groups. They deserved so much more. I wish that they had at least been given the dignity of disbanding peacefully but I guess Cube likes to fuck with their success just 'cus, because I see no other reason to not negotiate to keep all the girls. I mean, this, their lowest-charting single in years, reached the Top 20, almost reached the Top 10. But no, let's sacrifice it all for HyunA, whatever.
    I still love this son



    2009 - 2016
    Meori buteo palkkeutkkaji, y'all were hot issues.

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    I expected this rate to be a mess for my boy group faves, but for my girl group faves as well?

    P.S. @Squashua apparently the character limit for posts has been lifted.

    Sis if you want to drag me, do it and commit to it. But don't come for the Pope because I will get vicious.
    Their contracts with Chrome expire in March and I'm a bit nervous tbh.
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  14. [​IMG]

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  15. Okay but I at least gave them both a decent score or what I thought was a decent score anyway ... I'm REALLY scared for my 11 ...
  16. I'm almost certain my 11 won't make the top 20.
  17. 4minute should not be out this early with some of the shit remaining.
  18. @Alouder98 DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT!!!
    I'm sobbing.
  19. What the hell?! Y'all crying that 4minute disbanded and you couldn't even give them good scores to get them to the end. Bunch of #kimchisneakybitches
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  20. I AM SAD.






    So here are my comments. Hehehe.


    Quite a bop. I wish this was the single instead of Hate. This sounds fresh and not tacky. It's pretty low-key too despite the hip hop production. Ugh. CLC better be serving this kind of bop now that 4Minute is dead.


    Pominit!!! RIP Kweenz! This is not bad. Not Crazy level of amazing but it's more than sufficient. The verses up to the pre-chorus is the best part but the chorus is like... It's very anticlimactic. It's not as bad as some people make it out be. But it's also not good. It's just there. I'm living for the visuals though. Hyuna looks charismatic as usual with ha glasses and apple hair. Jiyoon looks like a dominatrix. Gayoon is serving Asian muse of a French couture designer. Jihyun looks like she was fed before this was shot so that's good. And Sohyun!!! The Possum Unnie did that. I love her eye make-up. She looks like a witch!

    @Squashua cyst, I will never forget about this.


    Love you still. x
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