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  1. I think that was a common idea here when it first came out, I remember reading a lot of AOA comparisons. Though I kind of love Brave Girls' vocals on this, I can't imagine ChoA yodeling all over it.

    (Love you ChoA girl!)
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  2. I have the same problem. I recall giving it a 7.5, but repeateded listens have really improved it. I hope it does well regardless!
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  3. ***Hey guys, i'm so so sorry for the lack of posting over the weekend. Real life has been an ahjumma to me this month for a variety of reasons I won't trouble you with but I'd rather devote my time to each post as you & the songs deserve rather than rush through it all. Hopefully I haven't lost your guys support quite yet but I promise i'll get things back on track so we don't drag it out too long.***



    OH. WELL...



    Avg: 7.18

    10s - @ThighHighs @ryan_riot92 @Mikl C @ajmkv
    3s - @Salami @Capitan
    My Score: 8.5



    Overcoming the 7 point barrier, we're essentially having to dig up the laid to rest group formerly known as Rainbow to send forth our blessings to their swansong once more. These poor girls, getting subjected to the fxxkery of DSP for so long only for it all to peter out when they FINALLY got to really use the Rainbow concept.

    but you've given us KARD so we'll let you live.

    FUN FACT ALERT: This is the first song that also appeared in the Underrated Rate to be eliminated in the final (of which we have a whopping 8 more to go - #KPJLovesFlops. In that rate the song didn't even make the final, coming a so-close-it-caused-meltdowns 11th in the Heat of Death #4, against fellow two-times here in the final nominees Ladies' Code & Brave Girls and... well... Rania (who, not surprisingly, didn't really do much with Start a Fire coming out at the arse-end of 2k16). In some respects they should have made it based on their average rank score but it's nice that they got a second shot at Final-dom here. Heck, they even got 4 10s and made it past some big names so well done unnies.


    You may find that original elimination post HURR if you chose to take a wander back down that underrated memory lane.

    So in the context of this rate then....

    Imagine a Family Portrait


    Except this one is of the Family K-80's Monster Bawps.

    Most of Whoo's struggles in the domestic home of 2k16 Seoul Avenue is the fact there was one too many children in this humble family and someone is always going to play bottom fiddle (N .n N .n) in this context

    You've got Elder Cyst, Someone Like U
    She's got a 9-5 corporate glamzon paycheck but wears jeans just like you, so confident, so iconic without even trying. She was the Regina George of Gangnam High and all the Pterodactyl Gals are still squawking ha name.

    There's Lil Cyst, Taxi
    an unexpected pregnancy perhaps but wasn't she just a bundle of energy? Peppy, bright, a gymnastics kween - cover of a magazine. Who could help but smile when she got up to (1 & 2 & 3 to the 4 - *take a deep breath*) dance dance dance at family gatherings?

    There's Older Oppa, Platonic Love
    what a hearthrob. So dashing when he wants to be yet nerdy, an intellectual with a heart of gold and an attic full of Star Trek memorabilia. You might find him in the track team, or listening to a self-made mixtape of Duran Duran and A-ha b-sides, or on the roller rink living ha Xanadu fantasy.

    And then Poor Middle Child Whoo.
    Just like one of those awkward middle stages of Pokemon the beauty of this track is evolving (and will do so upon multiple listens)but is not quite as apparent nor as punch-you-in-the-nose amazing as its 80's siblings. What a shame because the Party for Pride Sorority House special - meets - 80's Aerobics VHS feel of the MV is a hoot. The song is a maHOOsive grower, albeit in quite a basic bop form, and the girls really seemed like they were having fun again. It's the perfect summer antidote to Black Swan's wintery electro-chill and as a two-piece album could have worked well to show off both sides of the Bow. Actually maybe they could have Red Velvet-ed it and gone for a Rain (dark brooding) side & Bow (Cupid's bow cute?) side concept if DSP actually gave a




    So the planned rainbow colour theme for this post ended up getting used on Prism and it's far too early for the sequel so...


    Thankfully for all your Rainbow-ners out there (but mainly the good cyst Ryan_Riot who is still recovering from Black Swan getting the culled far too early in the last rate), the only reviews I got in were overwhelmingly positive. I guess the haterz just couldn't be heard over the handclaps.


    First up, let's soothe the alms of Redundancy with a few girl member compliments! Casting Agent Reboot has her eyes on one particular lady: "Jae Kyung is so pretty."
    Ajmkv thinks another starlet would be perfect for the role: "Another last single, and what a last single it was. Pure fun, with a cute riff, and a beautiful and colorful video that really showed off their Rainbow concept and their endless beauty (unpopular opinion: NoEul was the most beautiful in that group and had the most unique voice, I mean did you hear her in Pierrot? NoEul's ahjussi fan here~ And before you ask: yes, I am aware that Jaekyung exists.) To South Korea sleeping on this group and making them flop into oblivion and disbandment:
    Clap clap~"

    Hold out a min, AJ because there's a critique doppelganger in our midst!


    Robinho#1 do you have something to say? "Meh."


    Enter GeiPanda to remind y'all that K-Pop can be less than an Ivor Novello masterclass & get away with it: "As their final song, it's a bit throwaway. But I think this is a rare case where each member gets their own chance to shine. I like that's it's just fun, and doesn't try to be anymore than that." Why do you think our sub-unit Cystren was part reborn from the opening of High Heels? Same deal. ThighHighs runs with this jam hand-in-hand down rainbow road: "A pure rush of bubblegum energy. The girls last single serves up everything I love from them. They did bubblegum power-pop just as good as any other group. The hand-clap breakdown near the end really elevates the sugar rush. RIP gals." Talking of RIP, Father (oppa?) D is for Danger! came to lead the service: "RIP Rainbow. They deserved so much better than this. You fucked up DSP and SK! This feels very positive and cheerful, but I can't help feeling sad as I listen to it now. I'm reminded of late 80s to early 90s TV shows like Saved By The Bell for some reason."


    Take this moment to grieve as you were not allowed to in the Underrated Rate. Slice of Solemn is feeling the anger stage of the grief cycle: "I high-key got annoyed when this didn't make the Finals of the Underrated Queens of K-pop Rate. The utter disrespect! Look, I know. I know this is beyond basic but it's just so joyous, it's impossible to deny it. Whenever I listen to this, I feel happy and pretty, you know? I really love it. Shout out to Seventeen for introducing me to this bop thanks to their cover. Hehehe." whereas Ryan_Riot has loved and lost but will learn to feel again: "The reason I’m giving this such a high score is because it holds a pretty special place in my heart. I was going through a pretty rough time during the year when this came out. It made me smile and ease the hardship because of it’s energy and joyfulness. Sure this isn’t what I wanted from them (I wanted another “Black Swan”) but in a way, I’m glad it was this. The mini is quite fantastic too if you haven’t listened to it!"




  4. Whoo is a solid BOP.
  5. One of my lowest scores, I don't even remember how does it sound like ! So nice cut.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]

    Oh, Rainbow. You will be missed!
  8. Whoo is really good, even though I haven't listened to it much. They have better songs, though.

  9. Look who's judging my 5 when he gives 1.5 to songs that he thinks are cool, Kii.

    But seriously I'm not saying it is a bad song or something , it just didn't click with me at the time of rating and I haven't come back to it. I never called for it to go out and gave it a 5 which is not a horrible score. And the average is good which means we weren't harsh on them.
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  10. [​IMG]

  11. This makes it more nostalgic , cause it was your avatar at the time , haha.
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  12. Ok cool now lets get Crayon Poop and SeoYuri (the lesser Secret) outta here.
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  13. i think the fuck not!

    coming for the pope with this weak drag. i mean the nerve
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  15. I agree.

  16. WE HAVE A
    3 WAY TIE
    AT #40






    Avg: 7.20 (less tens)

    10s - @McQueer @Aries
    4s - @Laurence Nope @Mikl C
    My Score: 9.5

    Oops 'dere it is! At the bottom of this particular three-way we find flag bearer to the Far East by way of LA Tiffany in a whole heap of bother because you've all just gone and scalped her 2nd song out of the running. Heartbreak indeed.


    Thankfully you can remove your earplugs in advance because this isn't Tiff's diva showcase take on the Elvis classic. Actually it's good news - this is one of the highlights of SM Station year long 'will this do?' a-thon which gave us perhaps 4 songs I've actually gone back to despite it airing every week. At first I was really here for the idea as a way of getting high quality music from our SM idols out there but by like a couple months after Luna's EP the general feeling was very:


    No thanks SM.
    When you realise Heartbreak was meant to be on the IJWD EP but relinquished for the sake of SM Station it makes you think - did she like it so much she wanted it to get a single release or was this the song she was happiest to do a visual for but only promote minimally for a week?

    Maybe we'll never know...


    The song is really nice. Downbeat yes, obviously, but it's got that glossy r'n'b-pop vibe of your Love Me Harders & your Styles. The problem? It... doesn't really go anywhere. There's a nice-ish come out of the breakdown note towards the end and that's great & all but it doesn't really develop from there. The video is also a smidgen on the low budget mess side of the scale but hey, at least Tiff got to get hawt and sweaty in da klerb. My 9.5 more stems from when I was listening to it to how I feel about it when I'm not.



    Sorry Tiff, better luck next track...


    If there's one thing you come to learn from holding divisive, heavily competitive rates is that it's is better to be greeted with a mix of loathing & Y*Ssss than for your critics to quote Ajmkv from a few posts ago and say:


    The reviews weren't damning but let's just say that it's a case of Heart-Beige Hotel. Heck, even recognised Kween of the SNSD Stan-Club Alouder98 struggled to find a score above 8 for this one: "I'm surprised that it is popular enough to make it straight to the final. Before this rate it was like a 6 for me cause of being a being a bit dated. But as a Tiffany stan I can't give this below 8 and it has grown on me whilewatching live performances. Still don't get the point of using J Lo's First Love intro though." Yeowch. I hope you're crossing all your jazz hand fingers for I Just Wanna Dance now boo...


    A major source of annoyance for the general KPJ populace was a certain mysterious fella known only as Mr Gray...


    Nope, there's no BDSM play here (although maybe Buttspank Hotel might have got more points), instead we have a case of RaR. What does that mean Ajmkv? "I liked it, but as usual I'm put off by the rent-a-rapper." Oh you rented thugs you. Always invading the ladies' parts (of songs keep it clean unnies).
    At least Robinho#1 was aware of his presence before the invasion: "Disappointed given the hype around Gray’s involvement" Hype Anastasia? If only the good pure cyst Vesperly had been aware of such things before IT STRUCK: "This was gorgeous! I was loving it! And then that rap started... And it wouldn't stop... Why won't it stop..."


    Some middling scores now that, despite their similar tallies, end up with wildly varying thoughts along the Shrug Scale. First up, GeiPanda won't be checking in again any time soon: "Not the most exciting piece of work" whilst Ryan_Riot hasn't dwelled too long his stay there: "I liked this song when it first came out but I kind of grew distant to it. It’s not a bad track what-so-ever but I just haven’t had the urge to listen to it in quite some time." Flip-side, we've had a couple of noise complaints and it's lowering our score on Hotels.com. Load up the Rising Sun Mobile and fix it @Bat-ffany!


    D is For Danger! brought his ear-plugs for a silent night: "I didn't really like Tiff's voice in this. Otherwise it's a great song." whereas in the suite above, Slice of Slumberparty keeps changing the channels between popular opinion and unpopular thoughts: "No doubt Tiffany's best solo song. And this is also one of the (very) few SM Station songs that doesn't sound filler-y and phoned in. It's very low-key and moody and it's perfect to listen to during rainy nights. Simon D's rap is also a good addition. Also Tiff and her love interest look so good together in the music video. But I just can't give a Tiffany song a perfect score because I have major problems about her vocals. Sorry not sorry." But but - Salami has a point: "So much better than IJWD, I don't see why this was relegated to a Station release. She doesn't even shriek on this one."

    Will this GIF make an appearance in all Tiff's songs?
    Yes, yes it will.

    Over in the Honeymoon Heartbreak Rent-a-Rapper penthouse suite are the mistresses of pop references. ThighHighs got that James Dean daydream look in ha eye: "Tiffany does “Style.” It’s really good." I'm glad you approve, McQueer would have been lost if you hadn't Run Away With Ha: "This would have been a highlight on E·MO·TION, an album FULL of incredible songs, and that is all I got to say about that."

    Your commentary...
    And that is all I got to say about that.

  17. There are so many great songs in this rate I feel like nearly every elimination is gonna hurt from here on out but wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
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  18. Heartbreak Hotel is good, but it's nothing compared to her other material.

  19. My commentary is a mess. Not only because those bold parts , I love this song now. And i gave it 9.5 in the SM Rate as a relief ( Blame the rap part for that 0.5 point ).

    I hope it is the underdog that makes it easily to top 10 .
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  20. Also can I say a friendly shut up to those of you who are dragging Tiffany's vocals every single time ?
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