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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. There's nothing wrong with Tiffany's vocals. She certainly releases the kind of song that suits her tone, anyway.
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  2. Talk better pull through out of the 3 Tiffany songs just so Nicola can finally get a taste of victory.
  3. It already got eliminated.
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  4. WAIT WHEN!?
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  5. 47th.
  6. I completely missed that one... I was so ready for stan Talk into the 30s. Oh well, this thread has become the messiest rate of this sub-forum and I'm living for it.
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  7. Come to the rate in my signature and give Nicola and Tiffany what they deserve Capitan.

  8. Taeyeon's shite song should have been out before ANY Tiffany's.
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    I flopped I know - mature image in progress


    [​IMG] [​IMG]



    Avg: 7.20 (no 11)

    10s - @GeiPanda @Slice of Life @Aries
    0 - @Robinho#1
    My Score: 9.5

    It was almost as if i was waiting for the I Got Love track to drop before announcing the departure of Korea's Sweetheart wasn't it? Yes let's go with that...


    We had a spot of fate with Rainbow leaving after Prism and, as if by Buddha's Magical Weave, we've got another case of destiny, kismet, holy alignments. Taeyeon and Tiffany, the two ingenues of Girls' Generation and that sub-unit that never managed to turn out a decent song, have found themselves locked together here in joint 40th with Tae winning the battle but ultimately Tiff won the war with I Just Wanna Dance yet to come. I'd say that's the top GG alumni track but we still have Yuri to come and what a kii that would be if she became KPJ's most successful 2k16 SNSD member.

    When will Yoona's vocal runs?

    I love Why and i'll go on to that in a second but I must admit doing this write-up has pushed me to point of lopping points of this song because Google is a shady animal and seems to think "Taeyeon Why gif" or any other variation actually means i want pained stills of ha in the I video or any other video in fact that isn't Why.

    WHAAAAaaaAAAAaaaaAAAA WHAAaaaaaiiiiAAAA?

    The South Korean TaeTae might not be showmancing her way through the Seoul equivalent of Hollywood like her American padre but my goodness is the imperial phase real. South Korea lapped up everything she released - i was a #1, Rain was a big #1, 11:11 did relatively well only getting cock-blocked by TT - but do you what the least successful song was by position/sales terms?


    If you guessed her OST track from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo then yes, you are correct. But the second biggest underperformance? Why, the song. And how apt because I looked at those stats and it got me thinking:

    WHAAAAiiiiiaaaaaiiiAAAAAA? WHHAAAAIIIiiiaaaaiiii?

    Sure it's a bit trend-chasing, trop-house for summer is hardly a stretch into the unexpected, and the original 'storyline' MV being a glorified Guess commercial is pretty but yawn BUT I was bopping. Heck I still am whilst writing this post. It's full of finger snapping coos and guitar strumming with the sparks of hazy sunsets in the air. The breakdown is whimsical, there's no rapper, the dance MV is better than the original and she's doesn't look a day over 16 (minus that awful grey bob / pink leopard print jacket lining combo when she goes all #badgirltae with the condiments).


    It's bemusing to me that something like Blood Sweat & Tears can smash whilst Oh NaNa flops and Why relatively underperforms. They're bound in different paperchase wrapping paper & ribbons & body roll bows of course, but if you like one I don't see why you'd dislike the others. More's the pity that you have less songs to get your LAYF too I guess.



    In honour of all things Tae I have some very special people to announce.


    They're three in number and free in their sassy opinions

    Dest-R-nee's Shaaadeee

    The three Rs came to cut deep. Reboot ain't happy with the paparazzi: "Not a fan." Leader of the gang Ryan_Riot spotted that dreaded vehicle in the stadium parking lot again: "We’ve heard this sound plenty of times before and you just kind of hopped on the bandwagon. No thanks." And
    Robinho#1 tried to hit the adlibs but ended up in another language: "I don’t like the song or voice.Is she still masquerading as a Swedish woman?"

    lowkey HOWLING

    Let's play a fun international guessing game:




    I think the last one is a still from The Boys video personally...


    the Holy Cystren of High Praise

    GeiPanda be quoting Black Swan's iconique spoken ending: "Perfect". And who else could twirl on stage in a carefree manner more than Slice of Swift? "OH MY GOD THIS IS STILL MY JAM!!! And it breaks my heart that Taeyeon doesn't perform this now and she just sings those boring ballads of hers. Ugh, I hate her. I hate SM. I mean, that double chorus? Her low notes in the middle 8? HEAVEN ON EARTH. Come on, babe, give me another one of this."

    the sassiest strutting duo in the Las Vegas circuit:


    ThighHighs could actually move ha Dr Kim enhanced visage for this one: "She didn’t bore me to death, for once! Ok, that shade isn’t deserved. I liked “I,” but the rest of her titles have been snoozes. This one started more of the same, but the second that beat drops I was in love. Also, for a solo dance video, she didn’t totally embarrass herself!" Yay for not flopping - I mean Salami let out an audible gasp! "Genuinely didn't think she had a song as good as this in her."

    They went from balladry to boppery in a single yelped rhetorical -

    the Disciples of No-Slow-Tae.

    D is for Danger! can sense a change in the winds of Waaai: "Not as bad as I seem to recall when it first came out. It's definitely a little derivative and on trend with today's Western music, but when compared to her other solo material, it's like a breath of fresh air. More of this and less I/11:11 Taeyeon!" whereas Rain Gawd Alouder98 saw the light peeking through the clouds: "I hated this when it came out but it started growing on me when I played the album in full for a few times. And I appreciate the fact that she did what she liked to do with the album unlike those SM Station ballads. I love Rain and I even wish it was in the rate but the girl has more than just ballads in her and she showed it with this album." Ajmkv got dragged into this against ha will (but I know they'll be bopping again anyway): "So far, this has been Taeyeon's best single. I liked how it fit the summer, but it also sounded like everything else on the radio at the moment so I didn't end up listening to it that much." It's true that with the international fans she's going to have to do a lot more stand out.

    What does the future hold? Heck, maybe her & Wiz will become the transpacific super couple and rule the first world until they're retired and unbothered....

    @send photo this is why you should've voted!
  11. [​IMG]

    But no seriously, this should have been out a long time ago.
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  13. I'm not here for her or the song so this is good.
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  14. TOP 40 UNNIES!





    Avg: 7.20

    11 - @ryan_riot92
    10 - @D is for Danger!

    3 - @Capitan
    My Score: 9

    Now many of you might not know this but February is the real kick-off of Eurovision Song Contest season, filled with national finals of more varied quality than a K-Rookie mini album. In the most basic essence, Eurovision and K-Pop are kindred spirits - favouring the biggest of bawps combined with conceptual performance and flashy visuals. Why do I bring this up?



    The bedazzled Victorian showgirl lady of the night corsets, the classical piano house beats, the random rapper invading proceedings, the skin baring, the breakdown into final chorus whoosh, the fish wave arm dance move, the ninja attired backing dancers, the only just passable vocal ability... it's everything you could want brought to the ESC table.

    It's like this:

    Combined with this:

    With a dash of this:

    And I BOPPED. Continuously. On repeat. Girl kills it in everything but being a particularly fabulous vocalist. I'm not really sure what her role was in Secret (and I couldn't even name you on of their songs) but Hyo Seong is a visual Bombshell if I ever saw one. A Hani type perhaps?


    If there was one thing that stopped me joining Jun-Fans Ryan & DD in the upper upper scoring echelons it's that my initial stanning in the Heats was somewhat abated when I heard the song amongst the other finalists. It's an immaculately put together EDM diva track don't get me wrong but it is a smidgen more basic than some of the others gals work in a very competitive final round.

    Still, I've got it in a loop in the background so who's the real winner here?





    I wasn't expecting anything from this song, I thought the still of Hyo Seong emoting on the YouTube video meant it was a ballad, so who knows what you guys were waiting for. A lot apparently as I get schooled on my lack of knowledge concerning the Legend of Secret. Want to know the way to GeiPanda's romantic heart? "Not as spellbinding as 'Goodnight Kiss'... but not much is anyway."

    in the pale moonlight

    Wait @ this being the angelic HyunA banger I didn't know I needed.

    Delving deeper into the tomes of Secret old but also being dealt the cruel hand of non-disbandment, it's Slice of Historian: "Oh wow, Hyosung is 3/3 for her title tracks now. A lot of soloists could learn a thing or two from Miss Jun. She knows what works for her and she brings it. I love her. Perched for the official Secret disbandment so she could become the next Lee Hyori. (EDIT: ddddd just learned that they are not disbanding and will be making a comeback instead kii)." D is for Danger! is even more enthusiastic about all things Hyo: "No one was really expecting much from Hyosung, however she delivered a timeless sad disco anthem. I love it to pieces! Solo Hyosung is 3 for 3 as far as I'm concerned. Strings. Check. Piano. Check. Snare drums. Check. It's the perfect blend of classic instrumentation and electronic music. Truly a well crafted and well produced track. The rap break helps to switch up the flow of the track. I never heard of featured rapper, but he does the job quite well. I'd love to give Hyosung some of my D.Action. What?!"

    the boyband ver. of D.Holic
    Coming soon to Double D Entertainment

    For those stuck on jury service for this song, there were good things & meh things a-happening. Vesperly is still scarred from the Heartbreak Hotel incident: "Another amazing bop spoilt by a male guest rapper. Go awayyyy." Robinho#1 is a visuals kinda gal: "Video is way better than the song." whilst ThighHighs couldn't even make out ha visage: "This is nice, but a bit faceless." Either way McQueer has the true balanced verdict "An underrated bop, would be much better with a stronger singer though."

    Dear ShamanUnnie
    a backing singer dub


    To announce the points for the good ship USA and great, yet vastly underrated, taste is my cyst Ryan_Riot - im sorry that they dealt Hyo & Black Swan so wrong: "Probably the most underrated jam of the year. It was over-shadowed by “Liar Liar” however I don’t even think “Liar Liar” can compare to this banger. It’s s stellar dance-pop tune! She looked flawless, her body was killer and the stage outfits are to die for … and let us not forget the infamous performance of her dancing in the rain with no shoes on. Queen. Another honorable mention about this comeback is her boobs were like two amazing graces from Shaman Unnie blessed onto her in those outfits. Truly a worthy 11."

    BRRRRRR Hypothermia

  15. Fuck off.

    EDIT: Was that too harsh to say?

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  16. [​IMG]

    I regret nothing.

    EDIT: I didn't mean to come off as super shady but I think this is quite a basic song that sounds kinda cheap really and rated it accordingly. Sorry @ryan_riot92 for your 11!
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  17. This is one elimination that hurt.
  18. I know I often say that I can't recall certain songs, but I genuinely thought that was some sort of joke elimination. I had to look up my scores again to make sure the song was actually in the rate! Poor my memory.
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  19. I don't think I even listened to it.I'm sure I've never heard that song before.
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