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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. I probably overscored this one with 8.5 cause it was one of the tracks that i only listened to once or twice and liked it at the time. But i never played it after sending my scores.

    My review of last 10 eliminations :

    - The only one that still hurts and i wanted to see it way higher than #41 is Why.
    - Talk definitely deserves an average more than 7 but it is an album track and making it to the song of year rate in a forum that hates Tiffany ( Not more than Taeyeon , of course ) , satisfies me. ( My only 10 between these eliminations )
    - Heartbreak Hotel could make it to the top 40 but still good .
    - Overall it was better for me than the first 10 eliminations that i've lost like four faves there.
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  2. You poor soul.
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  4. I hadn't been sucked into kpop so I didn't vote, but I'm here to say I'm rooting for Blackpink, Luna or Twice and I'm extremely disappointed Blood, Sweat & Tears is already out.




    Avg: 7.25

    10s - @ThighHighs @Slice of Life @Salami @Reboot
    3 - @Robinho#1
    My Score: 4

    Oops. That Anti-Oppa reign just won't let up will it? Here, just skating into a top 40 slot are the rising male stars of the K-universe. In some ways they're Oh My Girl with added tracksuits & X chromosomes, at least in the sense of 2k16 work ethic.

    Who else released not just an album but a full length album, a repackage, an EP, a mixtape from the rap unit, OST singles, collaborations and still had enough time to make EIGHT music videos for all you thirst-heavy unnies??



    And I want to be fully behind them so bad (ddddd) but I just can't get into their songs. I loved Adore U, ADORED Q&A with Ailee, Mansae was ok but practically none of the 2016 fare has roped me in however much I try.

    Case in point? Me &:



    I've tried to like this I really have, mainly so I could jump on @Slice of Life 's Stan-train but I just don't get it. Maybe I've been assaulted too many times by Uptown Funk but i can't get past it being a bit of a mess of current-ish sounds. The verses sound like three different songs meshed together but more in a "we couldn't decide what direction we wanted to go" way, rather than ThighHighs' Frankenbop way, before the chorus arrives with no announcement, which has caught me unawares on too loud a volume many a time.



    There are parts I like - the pre-chorus & the sung breakdown especially - but there's just no chill. None. It's straight into the next section, the next noise, the next comedic rap delivery. Then it's over, I pick the shreds of my eardrums and move on.



    (On the flipside the video with the confetti gun wounds is fun but it's Digipedi so what did you expect?)


    Not everyone was feeling the Very Nice vibes (at least I'm not alone kii). Ryan_Riot had a Very Different introduction to this song: "I like this because of the video I saw without music and it was pretty hilarious. I still don’t get the appeal for this group sorry… but if they are making PLEDIS some good money then they better put some of it toward an After School comeback." I'd take an Orange Caramel, literally anything. Fix it @PLEDIS. GeiPanda is somewhere between Very Confused and Very WTF: "I'm not sure how to describe my feelings towards it - it doesn't seem like a fully-crafted song to me? Like the only thing I remember is the "Nice" hook."

    *keyboard trumpet wall of sound mumbling*


    Very Trumpets.
    Who doesn't like brAss? Cue D is for Danger! who thinks it's Very Appealing: "One of the few boybands I like. Love the trumpets during the chorus. I also like how they keep adding bars(?)/lines with each chorus. Keep it coming SEVENTEEN!" ThighHighs has caught my references + is Very Correct: "The Korean “Uptown Funk,” and just like the British “Uptown Funk” (“Sax”), this hits all thesame notes, but STILL sounds fresh and new. My King DK gets this song going, and while I would usually expect to be tired of this sound, when the brass breakdown is that good, it’s hard to complain."

    At least it's not Shake That Brass...

    Such is the power of SEVENTEEN that even those unamused by menfolk are bopping. What is happening? Reboot is Very Puzzled: "I’m so confused by how much I love this." whereas Diva Misandrist extraordinaire Ajmkv found ha identity Very Much In Crisis: "Oh my God, am I actually going to give Seventeen.... a 9? Who am I? What am I doing to myself? When did this happen?" Salami equally demonstrates ha Very Interesting taste in idol menfolk: "Love this. I generally don't like boybands outside of Exo and BTS (I know) but this song came from nowhere."

    Oh We know...


    Take us across the finish line in typical Very Extra style Slice of SEVENTEEN - this is your moment: "2016 may be a shit year in general but it's also the year when I became a true Seventeen stan so I still thank it forthat. This song is such a riot of energy and happiness and crotch grabs and suspenders and rainbows and unicorns and all the cute and beautiful things in the world. And even though the song is already a 10, watching the boys kill it during the live performances truly elevate it more. I know because I watched roughly 97% of all performances of this song. Kii. Seventeen is truly the best new boy group and I am hoping that they'll continue serving bops, choreography and looks for years to come. Bless!"

    Beautiful Crotch Grabs, Wonderful Suspenders


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  6. Sighs. I'm not even surprised anymore.
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    But in all fairness, I'm happy that my boys outlived BTS and EXO at least in this rate. I WILL ALWAYS HAVE THAT.

    Honestly, I feel like I wouldn't enjoy Seventeen's music if they aren't such good live performers. They just elevate their material with their talent. I love that.
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  8. This was the only song that i gave it a score below 5. Now my lowest one is another male song that i'm scared to call its name.

    Also yaaas at Don't Believe and Galaxy ( Luna ) making it this far. And lol at Yuri's slaying .
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  9. Starts at about the 9:30 mark.

    Very Nice is the best boyband song of 2016 and right up there with my favorite all-time. It is that eternal bop and you all will rot for what you've done to my beautiful boys (except The8).
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  11. This rate is a mess.
    Oh well, at least we've got @Squashua's brilliant write-ups.
  12. This is one of the three boy group songs I didn't shit on.

    No one is safe in this rate.
  13. Gosh, I actually give some love to boybands and they still flop.





    Avg: 7.28

    10s - @Aries @ThighHighs @Slice of Life @ryan_riot92 @Alouder98
    2 - @Laurence Nope
    My Score: 7



    I mean i'm far from the biggest BP supporter in KPJ but even I can attest to their impact & generally high level output (asides from Stay) so I was sure Boombayah would sit comfortably in the upper 1/4 of this rate. But lo & behold, the YG stans didn't pick up the phone and vote and they find themselves falling on the elimination floor like a bottle full of Henny *giggles*

    Whilst you all catch your breath and stave the incoming panic of now knowing NONE of your faves might make the top 20 (the way this rate is going) we have a commercial break:



    These stories are based on actual true not fake completely not made up reality real life accounts
    on the societal impact on the general populace upon hearing the BOOM

    "Hi, I'm Karen. Before Boombayah I was stuck in a loveless marriage, a 9-5 receptionist job for a patriarchal corporation and my only solace was whiskey shooters at 9am in the morning. After watching the Blackpink girls I have found the courage to walk into my boss's office and shout "MIDDLE FINGER UP EFF YOU PAY ME" and I didn't even burst into tears. I told my husband "I DON'T NEED A BOY, I NEED A MAN" and walked out on his lazy whitebread ass. I'm a strong independent Unnie now."


    Thanks Boombayah.

    "I never made it to the army because of my wooden leg and sudden arousal for truckers named Dave. I didn't even know Rambo existed before Lisa showed me the light. Now I ride a motorbike making pretend guns sounds in public and have made so many friends - my family are so proud."


    You rock Boombayah

    "I was terrified of walking through open doors. It was taking over my life and made me so miserable. Doctors couldn't cure me, nothing worked! Now, since i found Boombayah, I call my friends and slide underneath their legs to enter buildings. I'm so relieved, i've never felt happier."


    Boombayah - you saved my life

    "The crime in my neighbourhood stopped me leaving my house, I thought no one could stop the tyranny in our streets. THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Thank goodness YG did - I didn't even know there was a Blackpink in my area! Now I do and I feel so much safer."


    You're the best Boombayah

    "People used to make fun of me at school for my overactive sweat-glands. I couldn't walk up the Biology building stairs to class without turning into Niagara Falls. Seeing Jisoo so brave in championing ha perspiration, I don't care what the haterzz think."


    Boombayah - you're my hero.

    "Misogynists used to heckle me in the streets, I used to hide myself instead of fighting back. Now, after seeing feminist icons Blackpink and their single Boombayah playing in an Asian food market one time, I shout OPPA! before awkwardly winking & chasing those dreaded menfolk with sounds resembling a Native American battle cry. Now no one talks to me."


    From introverts everywhere - we salute you Boombayah

    ***This PSA was sponsored by ShamanUnnies YG Support Fund and the What-Will-We-Do-Without-2NE1 Appeal for Lost Stans**


    As you won't be surprised to hear, literally EVERYONE who gave commentaries had something to say about Blackpink being in their areas. Intrusive much ladies? OPPA! *giggles*


    We have the mixed bag contingent riding in menacingly on their mopeds of DOOM. Hell's Angels hew? Robinho#1 grunts at your stanning: "Was I supposed to be impressed with this? I don’t get the hype for this group" and Vesperly replicates my score of 7 with lengthy dissection: "I have mixed feelings about this track, and that's because it's a mixed bag. Every part I like individually (except the "Blackpink in your area" parts, cringe) but as a whole it's just a mess of different parts, like Teddy found a list of the most OTT 2NE1 and BigBang moments and thought "I wonder what would happen if I made a song out of this?" It's so weirdly disjointed that my ears don't recognise it as a song."

    Basically, Vesp means:


    Don't fret unnie, Reboot knows their true identity: "I love 2NE1" SHADE-LER MOON IN YOUR AREAAA. Ready for another D is for Danger! coined nickname? It doesn't have 'beige' in it this time I swear: "As soon as that first note hit, I immediately knew 2NE2 was in my area. This was not the debut I was expecting from YG's newest girl group. Fresh it was not. This literally sounds like a 2NE1 reject that was dumped on these girls due to their senior group's internal drama. Worse, it was rendered even more juvenile. Oppa! No. Just no. I'll still jam to it, but I need so much more than this."


    McQueer lists Tumblr's favourite Boombayah moments: "Reductive, yes, but it's still a banger. MIDDLE FINGER UP, EFF YOU PAY ME ! 90S BABY I PUMP UP THE JAM! & BRRRP RAMBO make Lisa iconic." and even Slice of 90'S BABY has begun ha campaign trail for BP Area Domination: "Talk about debuting with a bang! Yath, my girls did that! Look, I know this isn't the most original release ever. It's basically a 2NE1 song but with added feminine touch courtesy of the random "oppa" shouts. But it's such a good hype song, I can't possibly deny it a 10. It always, always gets me in a good mood. And that choreography... Lordt! I am shook. Let BLACKPINK in your area already, cystren. Don't fight it. It will be okay. Hehehe."

    Ok the choreo does somewhat sleigh. I mean:


    Obviously in on the choreo gig is Ajmkv - how many times have you pulled out the hair whip dance section in the klerb gurl? "I really liked this. The choreography was the best part of this release, though." All agreement? Good. GeiPanda has switched BP allegiance over time "I initially preferred "Whistle" but I've grown to like this a lot more for what it is - a loud, simple, in-your-face YG production." and Alouder98 ain't putting ha hands up for Jennie but everything else poor lady: "I can't tell this is a perfect song because of Jennie's verse and "Yah Yah" part but I loooooove it so bad. Iconic intro , great choreography and last 30 seconds make me forget the other parts and give it a solid 10."

    Wait there's more stannery? It NEVER ENDS. Salami might as well quote that Gaga hyperbole speech: "What a debut. Everything is incredible - the rap, the vocals, the choreography, the image." Equally impressed with that BP conquest is ThighHighs: “BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREAAAAAAAAAA.” People compare this to fire a lot, and they ARE similar, but in the best way. A statement of intent and a declaration that a new force has arrived. This song was designed to make people sit up and take notice of a new group and I’d say they succeeded." and Ryan_Riot has been so violently shook by Boombayah he's morphed into the good cyst Slicey for this comms *giggles*: "YASSS! SMASH! They came out swinging! My favorite debut of the year and probably the most memorable. The sound is fairly common for the your typical YG release but that isn’t a bad thing. 2NE1 2.0? SO WHAT?? Sounds more like a compliment than a dig. One thing I gotta say is I love how the people who hated this because it was “2NE1 2.0” are in love with “4MINUTE 2.0” in CLC. But that’s none of my business. *sips my tea*"

    Who are the badder tribute act binches:



  15. Boombayah isn't a big loss. I like the song, but the girls have yet to release something that I feel really makes them shine as individuals and not 2NE1 clones.
  16. [​IMG]

    I pray for your poor tastes.




    Avg: 7.30

    10s - @ryan_riot92 @ajmkv
    2 - @Robinho#1
    My Score: 7.5

    In perhaps the most WTF pairing of last year, asides from the almost-was of Wiz & Taeyeon and the C-Pope's Soyul getting stuck with him who shall not be named, Giorgio Moroder of 80's electro bop fame and recent minor revival that never really hit the heights of what it should have done, somehow managed to get a collab single with the ever-present GAON #1 hitmakers, Hyolyn and the Others SISTAR.

    Let's just clarify this: on the one hand we are talking about a 76 year old Italian man with a whopping huge mustachio who was all over the late 70's disco era & 1980's like no ones business. I mean he did Donna Summer's major hits like I Feel Love, that Top Gun sensual ballad Take My Breath Away, the queer adopted anthem that was Flashdance - we're talking disco pop producer ICON (albeit with a silly vintage porno face):


    And we're talking SISTAR, among the girl-group top tiers with the general Korean populace, infamous for terrible line distribution and, more recently, for churning out summer single re-incarnations of Touch My Body, the butt-flab dance pioneer (of which I Like That bucked the trend but we'll discuss more of that later).


    Doesn't really seem like a match made in K-Heaven does it? And... I wouldn't go that far with One More Day to be honest. Not to be confused with multi-racial flop group ChoColat's song of the same name (RIP for like four years ago), One More Day is a lil' disco, a lil' EDM and more than a huge dash of sapphic taboo-breaking lesbionic engineering.



    I heard all the hype for this over in General Discussion but a month later, when I finally got round to listening to it, my reaction was:


    It's fine but it's just good. Nothing massively memorable about it and certainly loses a lot of engagement if you take the highly brave video concept out of the equation (and UO alert but even that isn't exactly the most spellbinding video I've even seen). I will say though that the instrumental version came on during a K-Pop shuffle session on Spotify a month or two back and I was in eternal gasp mode. 1) because I had no idea it was this song until it was about a minute in and 2) it's a really big spangly banger once you take the melody out.

    So what is the problem? Maybe the "love love love love love oh oh" chorus is a smidge underwritten? Maybe the vocal delivery isn't powerful enough to match the visuals or the music? But then would it have sounded any closer to its full potential if Hyolyn had just let rip for three minutes whilst the actor girls made out and the other SISTAR ladies got back to their real estate portfolios?


    Anyway the Korean populace, shockingly but also not that shockingly, paid this relative dust, got bored, and carried on with this sentiment during Hyolyn's Scherzinger-foretold solo exploits, which did even worse. Bizarre state of affairs which had to be the work of the good cyst Shaman Unnie in cahoots with the Italian with Porno Face Fur. Who knew she had such power & influence even over ageing music producers?



    As with any rate, the success or failure of counting down your faves only works with a collab between host & voting public. Those in favour of KPJ + 2K16 messery say I...


    First those gals who were all about old man / Asian lady combos, Ryan_Riot stan us off will you? "What a crazy collaboration! Never would I have ever dreamt of such a thing! Such a killer track with the mix of classic SISTAR vocals and classic Giorgio Moroder sound! Simply impeccable!" From the impeccable to the perched now, as Salami was a fan way before y'all knew: "I had this ripped from the live version for weeks before they finally released it, and I'm glad they did. The rap is obviously the best bit as with all Sistar songs." Also heading to Bora Bora is conquistador of the Ladyfolk D is for Danger! : "This was a strange collaboration, but it managed to impress me. The vocals during the verses are deeper and the song slower than what we've come to expect from SISTAR. I thought Bora's rap was a lot better here than in I Like That and it suited the track a lot better."

    Fans of Bora?!? Well I never...

    She is Slice of Life and she had something to say: "The chorus is such a moment and it deserves all the praises in the world. The other parts are kinda forgettable though. The music video remains a winner." That was a good-bad-good critical sandwich right there. Switching up that order is ThighHighs: "Almost too melodramatic, but the video makes that seem intentional, so it doesn’t diminish the song too much. Nice production, obviously." Nothing is too melodramatic compared to Rania's Masquerade. I still have PTSD from it.


    Somewhere in a Narnian wonderland, Ajmkv is kicking up snow: "Now THIS was what I wanted from Sistar this year. An icy stomper released just in time for the winter, I have fond memories of stomping to this in London, what a time. Thanks Sistar~"

    You were in London?
    Shoulda hollered @ me cyst...


    We find our next trio in a more meh-tastic mood. GeiPanda saw this line-up and was like Coco.maths.gif @ it: "It's alright, but this collab is random." It coulda been a lot worse... In other news, you won't see Deja-Boo in the expires-soon aisle: "This doesn't have much of a shelf life. Basic bop but Sistar can do much better." And something happened to Vesperly, something just terrible: "This would be rated higher if it wasn't for whatever that... sound... is in the breakdown."

    I'm still trying to figure out which sound you mean tbh.


    Finally, Reboot speaketh what we were all thinking: "I’m mostly just here for the murderous lesbians."

    Aren't we all my dear, aren't we all...

  18. I'm surprised I didn't give the lowest score to Beige Pink.

    Poor Jisoo deserved better than to look like an anxious, sweaty mess in that one scene.
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