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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. I don't like Sistar at all, but One More Day is a good song that I probably overscored because of the video.
  2. I truly can't remember a single thing about how One More Day sounds.
  3. Seriously. You're all going to hell.
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  4. Well, one of the two songs I thought was a lock for the Top 10 is gone. I truly don't know where anything will end up...
  5. Yeah do you remember we were discussing about it being in the top 10 or top 20 pages ago ? Boombayah finishing at #38 is truly the disaster of the rate for me , so far. Let's pray for Buljangnan , at least .
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  6. Those last two eliminations were not good. Some of the DROSS left in...

    I'm really worried for my 11 now.
  7. I really thought Boombayah would make Top 20 at least, given its reaction on here! Maybe I was exaggerating 3Xs's praise for it in my memory. Still, I gave it almost full points.



    It's an 11




    Avg: 7.43

    11 - @Deja-Boo
    10 - @ryan_riot92

    4 - @Capitan @Robinho#1
    My Score: 9

    Launching us to around the mid 7.0 average mark (and we won't hit 8+ until Top 18 fyi) is the most prolific male in the rate and probably 2K16 as a whole. With this song breaking up at the other end of the phone that leaves us with a top 3 for male-aided music:

    Oh NaNa
    1 of 1
    Platonic Love

    Surprised? Probably not by 2/3 of that (SNUGU-PER in your areaaaa) but who knew that one of the leads from the KPJ approved boyband SHINee would not experience a similar fairweather treatment with his solo venture. Press Your Number is the lead from Korean EP Press It, compared to the equally fantastic Drip Drop which was more of a performance concept video promo in a desert somewhere.

    Taemin for me is an

    The ever changing visage, the borderland of genders his look swings between, his sudden appearance than disappearance in the consciousness (I mean i barely notice him in SHINee videos).

    There's an almost BIGBANG mentality of aspiring to the West fantasies, apparent in a lot of avenues of Press It, Press Your Number's occasionally cringey Caucasian lady luvin' crime caper video treatment notwithstanding, but also a whirling air of that Renaissance euro-air of SHINee back in the Sherlock era (the choreo MV) and all the symbolism of the Far East dotted about (the blue rose, the telegraph poles looking more like caligraphy on the block blue background). It's quite arresting and just about enough to make me forgive some of the more ropey try-hard moments fellas like Taeyang get bogged down with. Plus he is serving some lewks in the MV.


    This isn't limited to the visuals. Press Your Number is a slow jam that the Timberlake wished he had thought up during his first couple of albums when he wasn't churning out soundtracks to kids films. There's plenty of cowbell lingering in the chorus background, funk guitars, a really blissed out verse delivery with slightly ominous undertones plus the sexualised lyrics that sound far more romantic than they should do.

    I'M FEELIN' FREAKEEEEYYY and may have peed my pants

    Is it the most adventurous visual release of his from last year? Nah that's probably Saiyonara Hitori.

    Is it the most musically modern or forward-thinking sound? Drip Drop is probably more so.

    Is it a great groove-able track? Yes, yes it is.


    TAEMINTS are y'all ready to stan by your man?


    GeiPanda is... not here for this: "Average" and Robinho#1 is serving some appropriated Mean Girls quotage "He shouldn’t even be in this rate."


    If you thought the unpopular opinions thread has some... interesting thoughts, D is for Danger! might well need to get his pitchfork-proof shroud on ready for the Shawols: "Solo Taemin > Shinee. There, I said it. Come at me! I preferred Drip Drop to this, but this is definitely a great track. I love the funky bass line in the chorus. Props for the Miles Edgeworth cosplay in the MV."



    Like any good confection box, some of those sweets ain't gonna be your thang but you'll probably eat them all anyway (if you're like me anyway). Vesperly only wants the starters: "The verses are 10/10, the chorus... eh." whereas Ajmkv is having ha stony heart melted by legitimate male jams: "It's quite the jam, actually. I wanted to rate it lower but I can't bring myself to do it." Slice of Segments breaks it down into bitesize chunks for us: "This is a song that I didn't quite get when it was first released but slowly won me over. That chorus is the criminal. It's so slick and dramatic. And the line "do it fast, do it slow, you control the tempo" is really iconic. I sometimes feel like this is overproduced though. Like, sometimes it's too much. But then the beautiful outro happens and I forgive everything. The music video is so damn extra and should have been nominated for a GRAMAMA. Kii."

    Yeah, it would admittedly be taking over from Bae Bae's

    ThighHighs knows what's up: “I’m feelin freaky” aside (cringe), this song is awesome. The dancing in the video is hot, the beat is fire, and the chorus itself is super addicting." Equally addicted but serving very different references is Ryan_Riot: "This is such an amazing track. For some reason (and I think that’s why I like it so much) it really makes me think of X-era Kylie. Like this song would fit so well on her album if she were to do it! Such an electro masterpiece! All of Taemin’s solo ventures are fantastic and this entire album was one of my favorites to come from this year. He may not be my fave SHINee member but he’s been putting Jonghyun’s solos in the dust." I can see a lil of album track X on there sure, poor Jonghyun getting shaded though...

    And our 11 bestower? Resident Shawol & Taemint Deja-Boo has just a single word:



  9. I was tempted to give Taemin a high score just for my crush on him, but Press Your Number is just simply not as good as his other stuff. I think Ace (the title track) is by far my fave, followed by One By One and Danger.
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  10. Poor @ryan_riot92 for losing his 10s back to back. Poor @Deja-Boo for losing most of his boys and his 11.

    I'm not a big fan of this one but @Robinho#1 was the lowest scorer for like half of the songs. what's good ?
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  11. 1of1 doesn't deserve to be in th company of those other two songs. It's that bad!
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  12. I miss Sayonara Hitori.
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  13. Don't worry I've got like 20 more left. I was quite generous BUT this is rediculous! Outragious!

    I also have to remember that I'll be the one keeping the popular faves like GFRIEND from winning so...

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  14. I kinda think I'm starting to hate all of you teebs. Between the shit eliminations and the thinly veiled threats against my faves... I am disgusted.
    (Not you @Slice of Life, you're good xx.)
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  15. I was so sure it was going to be my 11. I didn't even want to scroll down.

    This thread is going to leave me scarred for life.
  16. It's become clear that no one here is safe from feeling like TT.
  17. No regrets.

    2016 was a terrible year for my fave girl groups. 2NE1, 4Minute and Wonder Girls disbanding.

    Staying with KPop mainly due to BEG. As well as Ladies Code, Girls Day, Stellar, BTS, INFINITE, Nu'Est, BAP and Dalshabet.

    LOONA are the only nugu girl group that have piqued my interest.
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  18. I'm listening to full album Press It (PopJustice's neck) and I'm bopping to just how much good taste I have. I wonder what it's like to stan people who aren't a deadly combination of pure talent, vocal proficiency, hard workers, reliable live performers, noted best dancers in their genre, respected by their peers and who have the highest first week sales ever for a solo artist in their whole damn country. I guess I'll just never know *giggles*





    Mess @ this being google's definition of a "Luna Galaxy gif"

    Avg: 7.48

    10s - @Alouder98 @Vesperly
    5s - @Mikl C @Lego @Capitan
    My Score: 6.5

    We're already hitting the wire here for everything and everyone that isn't a 5+ member girl group. Luna's Galaxy from the Free Somebody EP doesn't manage to replicate the celestial heights of its lead single cystren Free Somebody and also loses out on the Battle of the Galaxies against Ladies' Code. We've still got that Secret Duel to happen between WJSN & SeoYuri fyi). With that settled by the rites of the cosmos, that means your top 3 album tracks of 2K16 are:

    AOA - 10 Seconds
    EXID - Cream
    Wonder Girls - To The Beautiful You

    Although there is an argument to be made that Cream lies more in a single-ish category like Canvas since the Chinese language rotten cake guzzling video came out. Ah well, the stats don't lie and Luna is down to a solitary flag-bearer in SM's fight to win.


    Unfortunately don't expect a mountain of extra-ness or critical flair from this write-up because Galaxy leaves very little impact on me. It's certainly not Luna's best nor the album track from the EP I would have gone for but m'kay.
    (If you think differently, speaketh your mind in @Alouder98's SM Gals rate I dare ya)

    Luna? Love. Throw every hyperbolic kill me in a particular fashion kween-ism at her & you'd be more than justified in your stanning. I wasn't a particularly massive f(x) fan (and still don't really check for them) but this solo gig seems like a long time thang coming for a clearly triple threat packing femme.

    Vocals? Tick.
    Dancing? Tick.



    Ding ding ding goes the fire alarm.

    She is amazing but this song? Eh. I think my major issue with it is the EDM sound they've gone for. It's about 8-10 years old now - that's nearing a whole decade unnies! - and just gives me flashbacks to my first nights out at 18 where all they'd play is Tiesto and Chris Brown's Yeah x3. Needless to say, there were no klerbs of LGBT origin in my hometown (good ol' Cornwall) so I powered through the horrors of sweaty chav-riddled EDM nightclubs, leaving myself emotionally scarred to all things bro.


    Poor cyst didn't even perform this live on the music shows so it end up getting paid double dust in the long haul. Let's all watch Keep On Doin' one more time and imagine the Galaxy elevation that could have been.


    As one star implodes, another Galaxy of classic commentary is reborn. Picking up where we left off with Press Your Number, Deja-Boo has picked out the rest of the monarchy: "Queen of Pop".


    Equally fawning over the good Mistress of K-Poppery is Salami: "She does this type of music so well. I love her." Don't we all - bias, bias everywhere. Ajmkv disagrees with the Galaxy duel results: "Oooh, I like this better than Ladies' Code's Galaxy... this is the type of song that I put on to shake my puss in the shower (here I go again oversharing my domestic hobbies oops~). It's pretty great."



    Our pop conossieurs have been out in force to give legitimate music reviews. When will your faves get such treatment? D is for Danger! mentions Slicey's klerb kid alter-ego in this one: "Luna's mini was fantastic. This is another great slice of dance music. I liked how the strumming guitar became more prominent during the last chorus." Trading guitars for a lil more electronics is ThighHighs: "This song is just massive, isn’t it? The production is frenzied, the vocals are great, and the little touches (like the various tweaks and effects layered over her vocals) really add to the song."

    Slice of Lift-Off blasts up & away to the stars with some heavy praise: "Luna is truly the best SM soloist after BoA. It's too bad she's flopping real hard. This is another slice of pop perfection and could stand quite tall next to Free Somebody. It's so euphoric and magical." SM champion Alouder98 is fighting the cause for all the underappreciated big company gals: "As I said before in general thread , I love how SM girls care about their EPs. I mean we all know K-Pop acts usually don't have really good album tracks. But in the SM girls case and specially Luna I love some of their album tracks more than singles, and this song is a great example for it."


    How do we top that level of heart-warming stannery? Umm, we don't teebs. GeiPanda instead states it like it is: "Solid album track." and always ready to expand is Ryan_Riot with similar sentiments: "You know this really isn’t my favorite track from the mini. I prefer “Keep On Doin” and “I Wish” over this track but this song is no doubt as amazing as the rest of the mini. A really solid album track!"



  20. I LOVE Galaxy, but I'm not devastated because I don't want an album track to win.
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