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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Aww, poor @junglefish ... the unwilling target of my dragging.
    But I said you were cute + hairy, always a plus no?







    SHINEE - 1 OF 1
    Avg: 7.55

    11 - @Reboot
    10s - @Slice of Life @McQueer @ryan_riot92 @Deja-Boo @Vesperly

    1 - @D is for Danger!
    My Score: 9

    Please welcome to the stage:

    Ruth Less


    Because that's what things are getting as we are fingertips from the halfway line. 1 of 1 slipped a long way down the ladder to find itself here - there was a point where it was the highest male entry chilling in the upper echelons until the last handful of votes. That shouldn't surprise you though....

    SHINee are KPJ Approved

    Or at least that's what I assumed until I saw some of y'all reactions to their big 2016 comeback. I'll admit it's been akin to one of those self-made messes on rollercoaster tycoon:


    First I thought they couldn't top the Almighty that was View and Minho's arms:


    Then I saw all the fashun and the 90's TV hearthrobs styling and the boys serving and I thought maybe, just maybe this might blow me away...


    Then the song itself - retro, immediately rife for references (New Kids, Bros, very Early Backstreet) and glossy. Pleasant but, like Married to the Music felt before it, more an exercise in eras than as ear-blowing as View was.


    The video came along and again another retro token from the time capsule. More girls girls girls than a Pharrell video, rainbow suits, amazingly cheesy slide transitions and poor Onew sat on a box like a naughty schoolkid because of a crashing foot injury during the last tour. If I were him I would have eaten my feelings at not being able to choreo it out...


    I listened to it once, thought it was nice but felt ultimately left out amongst the forum stanning that filled the general discussion thread. This ride was no longer fun so I moved on, listening to Prism as I went.


    For this rate I came back to it for the first time since release. It was like greeting a distant acquaintance or showing up in the Saved By The Bell equivalent of Silent Hill. Suddenly, amongst the 80's family of Bangers and the high lady group count it clicked. I was ready to be that 1 of 1, I was ready to don my candy striped dungarees and greet you with a diamond screen wipe like "S'up unnie..."


    I liked it a lot more, you've piqued my attention again lads.
    Have my 9 of 10 and we shan't speak of this again.

    Phew, thank god that's over.



    SHAWOL or SHAWONT - that is the question.


    All these dudes are in the latter category for this era, especially Robinho#1 who I suspect saw little of the 90's: "This shouldn’t have been their lead single. It’s horrible." Salami is a blase Generation X kid rolling down the boulevard: "Really average. Didn't get the love for this although I liked the video." and, gunning for this since day one is our 1 of 10 giver D is for Danger!: "As much as I love new jack swing, this was boring. Go listen to BTOB's WOW, Topp Dogg's Annie or SES' Paradise on how to make a proper new jack swing song."


    Bring the boys out because all of you are thirsty unnies today. Who will GeiPanda tag-drag into the thread this time hmm? "Onew, you are so short and cute, and I would totally just toss you around in bed let me stop before I get banned..."


    Looking at the Lil Cutie from a more musical stanpoint, ThighHighs is reminiscing on the View arm muscle days: "Onew’s voice is SO good on this song. It’s a pitch-perfect throwback to New Kids and early New Edition. Minho can ditch the white hair asap, though."


    And even noted Boyband defacer Ajmkv i checking out the talent on the strip: "SHINee is one of the few K-Pop boy groups that I'm OK with, but I didn't really feel this song. Those booties in the music video, on the other hand........."



    Despite the eventual placing of this, I knew I could guarantee for the SHAWOL empire to make a flag-waving appearance. Ryan_Riot picks out the DHL of K-Pop boybands: "What kind of throwback smash?? SHINee always know how to deliver the goods when it comes to sound, visuals, and uniqueness. They are so different from the other guy groups out there and nobody compares to them!" Absolutely to be honest. Slice of Fanfare is ready to enact the coronation of K-Royalty *blows bugle horn*: "KINGS! SHINee once again reinventing themselves and became 90s Matinee Idols while your faves stay releasing the same Big Bang boring b-sides. Kii. There is a simplicity here that I just adore. The production is light and bouncy. The vocals are restrained (at least by SHINee standards). The choreography is modest (again, by SHINee standards). You see, SHINee didn't even try that hard with this and they still sell it so effortlessly and successfully. A literal "when will your faves?" moment."

    That Big Bang shade, I see you cyst... *giggles*


    And we couldn't round up this SHINee appreciation party without the 11 of 10 Moon Sailor ha-self Reboot: "It’s like all my favourite boy bands made sweet love and had a beautiful baby. Potentially their best ever song."


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  3. Thank you for having the courage to do what some of us are afraid of doing, but even a 1 is harsh... You out for blood. That being said:

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  4. At this point the rate is an exercise in just how shambolic the results can get








    Avg: 7.58

    10s - @Squashua @junglefish @Deja-Boo @Lego
    2 - @GeiPanda
    My Score: 10



    If there was going to be a 'Little Boyband That Could' underdog storyline in the rate I really really wanted it to be this A-Ha roller disco companion piece to the Someone Like Us of the world. In fairness they come out with the Silver Medal in the Boyband micro-cosm competition leaping frogging the KPJ fan faves SHINee in the process. Impressive for a band that have zero hits in South Korea (and aren't even on the radar out of the new gen of males) but this could've pushed it so much further.

    Snuper's history is a weird one. They're from a frankly non-existent entertainment company whose only other act is a comedian man with terrible facial hair. I found this video of him pretending to be another dude on Reaction League Baseball:


    They're on a weird singles run too. Debut Shall We Dance? was a bit of a hawt casio keyboard mess - the struggle vocals on the verses are a bit of a choices for example. Then came single release Polaroid both with a cheesy ahjumma karaoke day ver. and a much better slow jam 80's Night Ver.

    Then came the perfection that is Platonic Love:

    My neon spangled soul is appeased. It's glitchy, stylish, sparkly and as pure a all-out pop track as you can find these days. The choreo video takes out a slice of the cuter, teen hearthrob elements for something a smidgen more classy if you like your men dolled up. Needless to say they buggered up all the goodwill from that with this abomination:

    Only to try & claw the shreds of their dignity back with the equally 80's-afied It's Raining (which i'll link in the comms for reasons that will become clearer). A 'tl ; dr' later, their entertainment company seems to have zero idea how to market their one and only boyband. Case in point - Platonic's Youtube video description:

    Like what even drawing at straws grasp of the English language? Suddenly SNUPER are manly, sentimental, your boyfriend, pure & noble idols, worthy of not one but TWO exclamation marks all at once... What is the Reply Series? Why is the whole band now watered down to a single "his"? Who is SNUPER and what is he not telling us??


    Things get even better once 1theK starts feeling their first date fantasy:
    Nothing says manly like soft sugar pop in the retro grove. I hope they have large hanging fruit there...


    Personally I find it hard to comprehend that those who love Someone Like U or GFriend aren't into this (especially because upcoming Fingertip sounds & looks like it's going to be a female equivalent of this song entirely) but hey, your fella-spurning loss is my unrequited love for era-based compilation albums gain.



    Nugu boybands - how 'bout that?


    Contrary to popular belief, there is a small contingent who keep the charity alive. Poor Snuper can at least reel them back in with It's Raining if nothing else. Right Ryan_Riot? "Meh … I still don’t get the appeal for this song … but “It’s Raining” is quite good!" Slice of Saviour is a known Saint for Lost Foetus Faves: "This is so adorably retro; I can't!!! Snuper is slowly winning me over. Between this and (the superior, imo) It's Raining, I'm sure in no time I will become a stan." Even noted boyband champion Deja-Boo has the weather on his radar: "Nowadays I prefer It's Raining by far, but a jam is a jam and this is excellent. I hope they follow Boys Republic's lead of releasing quality songs despite not topping (or entering nn) the charts." Well they do call it enter-tainment for a reason I guess...


    Some people are dry as a Nevadan Summer. Reboot shockingly didn't get the "manly" concept memo from 1theK: "Too cutesy" whilst Salami must have only heard YOU=HEAVEN by mistake: "Crap boy bands are the worst thing about K-pop. Case in point." And GeiPanda categories on his profiles as dismissive: "Absolutely not."

    Not this slander on your hairy oppa @junglefish's faves

    Warp me back thirty years cystren to a land where pencil sketch MVs were the height of your budgets. Robinho#1 makes the obvious but correct reference: "Take On Me 2.0" and 80's kid D is for Danger! knows to respect his elders: "Sweetune takes on A-Ha's Take On Me. Sweetune has gone from working with top acts to producing for the nuguest of nugus, which allows for more interesting songs. The second part of the chorus with the layered vocals is a perfect example."

    Let's take a moment to pay our respects to
    Sweetune - the Mother Teresa of Bops

    Oh all that raining made you thirsty? Bring on the downpour for Ajmkv: "I like 80s throwbacks and this one is rather well-done. Cute video, too (and some of those boys are very handsome~~)" Not like you to be so coy miss thang... I mean ThighHighs certainly isn't. Does scalping count as foreplay?: "This song is really amazing. The 80s production and video are a ton of fun, but there’s also an incredible melody there? Come on scalp me, gents!"


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  6. [​IMG]

    Karma's a bitch I guess.
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    YOUR TOP 30


    Berry Good - Don't Believe
    Blackpink - Playing With Fire
    Brave Girls - Deepened
    Brave Girls - High Heels
    Cosmic Girls - Secret
    Crayon Pop - DooDoomChit
    Dal*Shabet - FRI.SAT.SUN
    Dal*Shabet - Someone Like U
    EXID - Cream
    Fei - Fantasy
    GFriend - Navillera
    GFriend - Rough
    K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa
    Ladies' Code - Galaxy
    Ladies' Code - The Rain

    *** *** ***
    Luna - Free Somebody
    MAMAMOO - Decalcomanie
    Oh My Girl - Liar Liar
    Oh My Girl - Windy Day
    Produce 101 - In The Same Place
    Red Velvet - Russian Roulette
    SeoYuri - Secret
    Sistar - I Like That
    Stellar - Crying
    Stellar - Sting
    Sunny Girls - Taxi
    Tiffany - I Just Wanna Dance
    TWICE - TT
    Wonder Girls - To the Beautiful You
    Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely

  8. That King of Fighters character select screen tho.

  9. [​IMG]
  10. If the SeoYuri song goes, everything will be okay again.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Yeah I should've seriously given SeoYuri a lower score.
  13. Delete yourself.
    (just kidding.)
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  14. There are like 5 or 6 songs that shouldn't have been in Top 30 , but i'm trying to be nice and just focus on my faves that are safely here.

    I wanted Yuri out since the top 50 , but i'm cackling everytime i see her beating some big songs.
  15. OH MY GOD MY 11 MADE IT TO THE MIDWAY POINT! There is a God!

    That is an excellent Top 30, by the way. This has been a bloodbath but every elimination going forward is going to be brutal. Well done everyone.
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  16. Here's some gif(ts) for y'all! I was going to wait until T.T got eliminated to share this, but it may (or may not) be a while until it happens...

    An imgur album full of T.T Middle School reaction gifs! Use, share, repost, do whatever you want:
    Click ---> I'M LIKE
    Some things I gotta get off my chest:

    @Squashua for being amazing, and... you ok boo?

    @junglefish cos we know you love them young + piratey

    @Slice of Life just cos x

    @me at the previous gifs of Onew eating chicken (and being overall extra making these)[​IMG]
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  17. Nooooooooo...
    Definitely saving this one though. It's gonna come in handy when you messy binches eliminate Oh My Girl.
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