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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. "A Yellow Wallpaper moment" I'm screaming.
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    Avg: 7.78

    11 - @ajmkv
    10 - @Squashua @Slice of Life @Reboot @Mikl C

    3 - @Laurence Nope
    My Score: 10



    25th place goes to Stellar's first proper summer jam, Crying (Because Stuffing My Face WIth Carbs Reminds Me Of You T.T) their big Brave Sound collaboration that fell on largely deaf ears to begin with. Is it hardly surprising when you consider what a ridiculously high quality canon these ladies have at their disposal made on about a 1/10000th of the budget of all your faves.

    Unfamiliar with the Stell? You are missing out:




    And that's just scratching the surface of a group who consistently serve complete curveballs to most top tier girl-bands with videos so barbed, so glossy, so well thought-out, despite being made on so little, that it is frankly astounding.


    Ok ok enough stanning. Why is this a phoenix rising song? Well it's bumped itself a couple of spots from the Underrated rate (where i placed a respectable #27) and converted a few more to offer up a 10/10 in honour of its Ibiza Spring Breakers banger shrine. Special mention goes to @Mikl C who has gone from being the lowest scorer last time to hanging with the perfect score crew in the voting.

    That's what we call a conversion.


    If in the mood to see how opinions have changed from Crying to Sl*ying then just click yourselves over here.

    That is the thing about Crying. It's really not reinventing the wheel but it is taking that wheel, glossing it up, painting it paisley-print and using it to conduct an armed heist on the bank your ex-boyfriend works for. It's arresting, uncomplicated, a shot of adrenaline to the arm and stoic in its refusal to be anything less that a party popping banger. Just listening to it again whilst writing this is reminding me how much i've missed playing it loud & proud.

    A.R.S First Live Performance to Crying:
    @ryan_riot92 @ajmkv

    The video treatment is borderline psychotic, inspiredly so, thanks to the twist ending of a girls' camping expedition hiding much darker motives. The girls love adding some bite to visuals and i'm glad someone out there has the balls to go down that route - Someone Like U for the Spring Break crowd basically. The lyrics are the reverse of typical club stompers, being so melancholy and melodramatic that it's hard to not get sucked in to the drama of it all.

    I mean:




    That's pretty much all I have to say on this one. Yeah it is basic, we all know that, but it's the highest quality basic you're going to get this side of summer. Keep giving us that good stuff ladies, don't give in, keep milking those Koreans on Makestar for all they should be paying for your records.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    We're heading to Clublandia y'all!


    Predrinks are going to be wild, even if GeiPanda is sat in the corner moaning about the DJ: "Faceless and just not that interesting as a whole."


    Admittedly it's tough to compare this to the rest of their work. Ryan_Riot is torn between Brave Sound and a Stell Bop: "Not as good as “Sting” was but it’s still a tune and a half! Brave Brothers didn’t help them any but they didn’t hinder them either so all in all it’s still a great comeback." whilst ARS manager D is for Danger! basically lists all my personal favourite moments from the track: "This song is a little straight forward musically when compared to the group's previous work, but it's still just as great. I just love the sound peong peong ureosseo produces when you pronounce it! I also love the little ha/snare drum/hip slap combo during Gayoung's verse and the stuttering effect added to Hyoeun's second "I wanna love you" part. It's these little touches that add to the song's excellence. Jeonyul steals the show as always."


    Vesperly mentions He Who Shall Not Be Named (at least not in from of DifD): "BOP. I remember MRJKPOP complaining that it was boring because it was just the same chords over and over, which makes me love it more to spite him."

    Here kids is the example of an INCORRECT opinion:

    Preach to the masses my fellow converts! Everybody loves a grower, right ThighHighs? "This one took a looong time to grow on me. When I first heard it I was a bit disappointed, since it seemed like a more generic move for them following Sting’s brilliance. However, it’s since turned into a masterpiece of crying-on-the-dancefloor pop, and I use it quite often." Literally crying on the dancefloor. New to the 10/10 party, here comes Slice of Good Vibes: "The true definition of a grower. I am surprised at myself for liking this so much. It's the chorus that always gets me. It's so fun and gigantic. If Sistar released this, no doubt this will become another number 1 hit for them."


    Time at the bar gentle unnies please. Can we have silence? Ajmkv has a LOT to say about ha Personal Chart Summer Dominator: "WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT CRYING THAT I HAVEN'T SAID YET?
    It deservedly snatches my 11 in this rate. It has well and truly become one of my favorite K-Pop and overall songs of all time. You go, Stellar, you go girls.

    And to all of the jealous haters...


  3. I gave this 7 but the other day @ajmkv played the Stellar singles for me on Plug and i had this one on play all week (i'm even listening to it right now ) and i'm truly regretting my score. Should have given it a 10.
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  4. navillera and kard need to vacate
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  5. RUDE. OK Oh Na Na can go.
  6. Not while Crayon Pop is still here.
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  7. Next time you want to drag, use somebody who can actually handle a gun
  8. A moment of silence while I sob.

    I will return with a better image once I'm done stuffing my face while Crying. The food won't go down, by the way.
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  10. I'm honestly surprised "Crying" made it this far.

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  11. Liar Liar leaving before Windy Day:

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  12. OK, I've had time to reflect and I'm ready to present a new image.

    Honestly, I'm also surprised Crying made it this far, especially given the really incredible competition. I never thought that that song would become one of my favorite ever songs; seriously - if ya'll know anything about me is that 1) I rate songs based on their walkability, their effectiveness as a shower song, or if they knock while I'm doing the dishes, and 2) that I keep exhaustive charts tracking my listening habits, and Crying is still in my Top 10 after more than seven months, and it hasn't fallen any lower than #9 at any given week in that time period. I think it's incredible that we play around and laugh and defend our taste and throw shade in here, but (and this is where I get uncomfortably honest, oops~) these songs really do play a huge role in (at least) my life. Looking back on this period of my life in the future, I most likely will associate Crying to a lot of different memories, and the fact that even just one song on here (for me it's several) can have that power to call back memories, even in the distant future, is amazing. And Crying did that for me.

    My queens.
  13. I've been away, so I'm reading through the eliminations I've missed and ... I am slightly disappointed in everyone.
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  14. First of all

    This gospel from St @ajmkv - we are not worthy:​




    Avg: 7.80

    10 - @Aries @ryan_riot92 @Reboot @Alouder98
    3 - @Laurence Nope
    My Score: 7.5

    Girls' Generation have fallen. I repeat, Girls Generation have fallen.


    No silly I mean just in this rate as the very last solo cystren of SNSD makes way pre-top 20. Tiffany may have beaten Taeyeon's trop-house moment and Seoyuri's formerly dry hair but this probably bows out a smidgen sooner than some people would have expected.



    The little American Cali girl with the movie worthy back-story and love for all things BoA (who doesn't love BoA?) somehow managed to earn a spot in, who would become, Korea's biggest girl-group despite much ado about a lot over her "audition". See it here from 1.28:

    I mean for all the trolling that is done over this casio demo mode latin senorita realness (and no one can attest to it being a particularly great audition let's be real) most of the other girls weren't exactly knocking it out of the park at that age. Who knows how SM does their thing.... Honestly I don't really know what the public consensus has been on Tiff "actually called Stephanie" Hwang. I trekked the web and found a poll over favourite members back in the Jessica days:


    What kind of MRJKPOP fantasy - Yoona better sleigh the general public opinion with ha vocal runs.

    Actual Queen of K-Pop

    Blame/thank @send photo 's legendary pokemon rates for this <3

    That leaves Ms Hwang down in joint 5th with Seohyunnie so not terrible but behind direct rivals Tae & Jess (and Yuri with her now conditioned flawless hair). If we did this again now? 2016 had the salty netizens pouncing even further on her public appeal since the Snapchat Rising Sun controversy (which was somewhat insensitive true). This is potentially why you get compilation videos like this attacking the poor lass's vocal abilities:

    But my point in all of this is to say:


    Holding your own solo and stage center! The Legs Bums & Tums exercise class choreo! The sensible decision not to tackle most ahem-any-ahem of the ad-libs! Whatever you think of Tiffany, the girl knew what vibe she wanted with this solo, played to her strengths and delivered. That takes maturity, that takes gravitas, that takes balls.


    Personally I tend to get bored about 2/3rds of the way through this because it never really takes the pace up from the admittedly stellar verses and glistening first chorus. However, I can still attest that the sound is on point and the vibe is highly western in a way I feel like she always wanted to be. So a job well done, even if scandals probably undid all that good work and derailed SNSD comebacks for the time being.




    It may only be the emerging springtime but let's rollerblade our way along the boulevard as we nonchalantly notch up your opinions.


    ThighHighs wants his summer BDSM-afied (or should that be fried?) "Perfectly pleasant summer bop, but it’s never really lit me on fire." Ouch. Equally unflammable is our T.T school jambouree purveyor GeiPanda: "Great, but again - not a song I get super excited about."


    Who knew a single word would cause such dispute? I mean it's a key one so fair dues. Vesperly ain't here for gaseous murmurs: "This could be rated so much higher, but what's with that "dance" burping in the chorus? Stop." D is for Danger! loves that deep voiced command more than most: "This was a pleasant surprise when it was released. Too bad Tiff can't dance for shit. The Mortal Kombat sounding "Dance" during the chorus gets me every time."


    Slice of Fractions is literally slicing up the sections of this song for ha benefit: "The first two minutes - honestly 11/10. It's that good. The production is light but isn't basic. Tiffany's voice suits the vibe of the song. And then the questionable ad libs happen... Delete it fat. And the unnecessary falsettos... Ugh. But I'll still give this a good score because those two minutes are so heavenly." As is the Ajmkv way, we're into pusswah poppin' remix territory: "I listened to the Kago Pengchi remix more than I listened to the original, but Tiffany worked it out this year. Everything she released was pretty great!"


    McQueer tutors me in SNSD expectations: "I always thought Jessica was much 'cooler' than Tiffany and so when it was announced that they would both be releasing solos I was fully expecting to hate the corny mess I figured Fany was going to come out with, but then, y'know, 'Fly' happened....." Fly really did happen... FINISH HA (by partaking in @Alouder98 's rate #inter-rate-promo). Robinho#1 self-loathes when he should love his taste: "Hate myself for actually liking this Carly Rae rip off."


    Bring the stans out! Perennial 10/10 gifter Ryan_Riot is also feeling the CRG vibes: "Taeyeon who?? This is the best solo venture from any of the girls in GG to do so! It’s not in your face yet it’s so catchy and wonderful! Very retro and truly sounds like it could be a track off of ‘E•MO•TION’. Tiffany may not have the pipes that Taeyeon has but she sure outdid her with this release. When will Taeyeon? Never." Well I mean Why comes pretty close... and how could we not reserve the last word to Alouder98 who's here to wet your tastebuds for the whole EP: "This is actually a commentary about the whole album : Tiffany really showed with this song and album how much she respects good music. She's not a trend-chaser , she's not looking for just a successful single. The girl is a big music fan and she really tried with the album to show this. You can see her passion and love for what she does in her songs , album and performances. And that's what I love the most about the concept."


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  15. Tiffany's mini is such a gift. I still listen to it quite regularly.
  16. Bye

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  17. [​IMG]
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    Avg: 7.85

    10 - @ryan_riot92 @Deja-Boo @D is for Danger! @Mikl C @ThighHighs
    5 - @Salami @Laurence Nope @ajmkv
    My Score: 9.5

    For the second rate in a row, this out-of-nowhere urbane anthem from the very beginnings of 2016, by a band most people thought had long disbanded, fails to live up to its lofty promise with the people. It had quite the stellar run in a very difficult Underrated heat by achieving 1st place over Ladies' Code, Rania and Rainbow's output only to get trashed in the final by the sassiest of Unnies @GeiPanda & @ajmkv landing in #16. Sure that's 7 spaces and a whole AVG point higher than it finds itself now but all the 10 givers last time are still here standing firm to the power of such aerobic class grime majesty that the haterz can low squat their butts back down.


    Honestly I don't have a whole massive amount more to say about this than I already did. So i'll copy in my last write up like a lazy binch - y'all welcome:

    Honestly it's a shame that Yoojin had to leave and Hyeran is on hiatus for health concerns since the flop Yoo Hoo that we'll all forget ever happened. I take this & High Heels like a ying-yang companion piece - the Brave and the Girls if you want to get Red Velvet on it. Hopefully Rollin' manages to mesh the actual music critical stan fest of Deepened with High Heels's personality and charm to set them forth on a path of 19+ enlightenment.

    I mean if they got away with it in yoga pants, why not in body-con dresses?
    EDIT: They didn't get away with it with yoga pants either spoilsport Korean Ahjummas.


    It's not January anymore and it sure as hell isn't February (i'm a time management flop I know) but i'm dragging y'all to the gym if I have to!


    Top of the class and TAWP by nature, Deja-Boo gave our sports complex a rave review: "Utterly sublime. They're probably never gonna top it, but that's ok. Neither will Brave Bros." Who knew Brave Bros topped anything these days... ThighHighs came for the Thighs, Bums & Tums class but instead got ha LIFE: "Completely unexpected and a total breath of fresh air. I would never have expected such a sleek, sophisticated bop from the Brave Girls, of all people. They deserved the GRAMAMA for Most Improved Group, because compared to their past efforts, they improved a thousandfold."

    WE DEMAND RECOUNTS @Slice of Life
    (yep I voted for MAMAMOO, I hold myself accountable)

    They say kickboxing and cardio combat are good to relieve stress and/or negativity. Salami is a season pass member and knows it works with time & patience: "I feel this is overrated massively, but I can hear it's got potential so I might have to revisit this one." Vesperly wasn't sold on the session: "Every time I hear the intro for this song I think "this time it's going to sound amazing", but it never really gets there."


    Phew, what a naysayers workout. Let's check in at the Sauna of Sass to see how our prior rate villains are doing having had time to stew. You'll find Ajmkv draped in a Grecian towel firmly unmoved: "I've always been very vocal about how I didn't really feel this song and I still don't. I don't need to say more, I think." whereas the fumes must have gotten to GeiPanda because he's seeing ghosts: "It's grown on me slightly since the Underrated Queens rate. But only slightly. The rap makes it worthwhile. Shame Roux isn't here to curse my mother to burn in eternal hell for me not loving this song. (Just kidding boo - I hope you're ok)."


    Some individuals at our health spa enjoy tailoring their programs to match their personal preferences. Robinho#1 for example is a weights man through & through: "It’s a damn shame that they went down the tired ‘sexy but cute’ concept." whereas Slice of Sweatpants is on the bikes, or the treadmill or jumping rope like it's junior school: "After the initial shock of finding out that *gasp* Brave Girls do not suck anymore, I admittedly got over this now. BUT I STILL LOVE IT DEARLY. The verses are so cool and very un-Brave-Sound (aka recycled). I still have problems with the rap section but I'm bopping nonetheless. We need more sportswear in K-pop though. The girls look snatched here."


    Now our specialty? Obviously the Squat Arts dearie. Ryan_Riot is living proof you can stan buns of steel: "*slow squats when dat beat kicks in* … Seriously, this is a stellar track! Like a phoenix from the ashes, they came back from their pretty questionable sound years before. Everything they released this year (bar “YooHoo” but I still like that song kind of) was great! I’m excited for the future for the girls as Underrated Flop Queens!" and he don't want none if ain't got buns hun - it's head coach D is for Danger! : "*slowly squats* Nan neomu byeonhesseo

    It was a tough choice, but I have to give the slight edge to another track for my 11. If I could have 2 11's this would be the second one, no questions asked. This one came out early in the year and managed to blow everyone away. Brave Girls had risen from the grave to deliver an absolute tour de force. I love the drum sound, which I can only describe as someone hitting a drumstick on a tin can. Hyeran's rap! When it starts off, you're like okay this ain't bad, but then she hits you with that second half and you're left breathless just like her. Just wow! The group made sportswear so freakin' sexy! I'd definitely wear a pair of those Brave Girls leggings to the gym


  19. Deepened should've been top 5, get fucking taste.
  20. Burn this sub-forum.
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