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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Rate cancelled.

    No lie, though, I can't be too mad. At the start of the finals I didn't expect High Heels to make it to the top 30, let alone almost making the top 20. Should have at least been higher than Galaxy, Fantasy, and To the Beautiful You, though.

    My top 10 is now (in nor particular order):
    -Playing With Fire
    -Free Somebody
    -Windy Day
    -Why So Lonely
    -Russian Roulette
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Someone's like TT...
  5. Yeah your taste.
  6. What does really TT mean ?
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  7. In Korea it's sign/emoticon for crying because it reminds of stream of tears. So when they say "I'm like TT" it basically means "I;m sad/crying". At leat I thinko, I don't approve of TWICE and to this day haven't listened to TT in full!
  8. It's an emoji for crying.
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  9. I can't believe both Ladies Code songs are still in.
  10. I can. I can't understand how DoomDoomChit is still here. This forum is really loyal to Crayon Pop as I can see.
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  11. Crayon Pope got them girls pressed, I see.

    DooDoomChit's gonna be top 10 and there's nothing y'all can do about it.

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  12. lmao at the Pope atheists all coming out of hiding now that they think there's safety in numbers. But I mean, are you really safe when your worst enemy is your own taste? we just don't know

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  13. I'm lactose intolerant so I stay away from milk, especially strawberry. It gives me (doom doom) shiet. I know most people don't want to hear about that so I assumed that was the same case with Crayon Poop!
  14. I absolutely hate Crayon Pop but DooDoomChit was a great song.
  15. Crayon Pop burned my crops and poisoned my water supply.
  16. KPop desperately needed Crayon Pop in 2012. Not sure they do any more. I remember when Vroom Vroom showed up on YouTube before the album came out and I thought... YES! Back to that Bbyong Song/Bing Bing/Dancing Queen fuck-you-kpop-were-here-deal-with-it energy... But the Doodoomchit let me down... sounds like a duet with Epic Sax Guy.... and I'll take the cheap track suits over those ugly pants suits anyday... anyway... Jumping... Jumping....
  17. I'M SPEECHLESS. You all got rid of the hair-snatching gurls way too early. This is an injustice.

    (Flashback to Squashua pre-surgery: from visual blackhole to triple-eyelid beauty queen!)

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  18. Sunny Girls kinda sticks out like a sore thumb in that top 20.
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    Avg: 7.98

    10 - @Squashua @Aries @McQueer @ryan_riot92 @ajmkv
    4 - @Mikl C
    My Score: 10

    Welcome Say Goodbye to the Fantasy


    Opening act of this upcoming Top 20 messery is the first Miss A-er to go properly solo unaided or abetted by JYP menfolk. Honestly I missed the boat with the Miss A hype and only really came into knowing who they were around I Don't Need a Man - Hush. Both very good songs absolutely, but did anything about Miss A strike out at me? Not massively. In all honesty in my pre-knowing days I thought they were in the same bracket as Hello Venus so LOL @ how wrong I was on that point. As far as I can tell from an outward observer pov, they filled the void between the Wonder Girls hiatus and before TWICE hypnotised the masses into TT-dom but came largely redundant by that point. The JYP stans would mob me if anyone could post in this forum...

    So I was surprised, nay AGOG, at the solo output of these ladies across 2016/17. Heck, I didn't even know who any of the Miss A members were by name so assumed these were just kick-ass female solo debuts.

    There's former main rapper/lead dancer Jia who's suddenly blossoming into the Chinese equivalent of Heize. This got to #6 on the Chinese Billboard (despite it not being as good as Drip) so well done for bumping up Banana Culture's coffers:

    There's bae Suzy, the everything of the group apparently, who people have been far more inclined to take to our KPJ bosoms since tapping out of the Korean populace catered ballads for something more... good?

    And, perhaps, most surprising solo of all is Fei, elder stateswoman of the group and apparently a lead vocal although i'm not sure how true that is. Either way Fantasy is a VR sex-jam curveball to the extreme, and whilst it didn't hit me on release, I was so here for it by the time this rate came along.


    What did anyone think watching that as the only visual originally? It's borderline horror movie in its styling, sexy yet creepy, futuristic but with a paint coat of throwback noir. It is unnerving to the extreme, more so with the full length MV and I think that's largely what this whole release was about.


    The song is the slinkiest of slow jams, glistening in electronics, whispery vocals, enticing switches in production as the different sections are added, that positively THROBBING beat.... On its own it's great but, as with any true blue K-Pop package, it's the MV and the completely unique concept that elevate it to being worthy of full marks.

    On the surface it's a VR sexy lapdance affair in some back alley tattoo parlour with our male POV protagonist becoming our own eyes unable to look away from Fei's hula-hooping prowess and seductive taunts. No doubt many of the 'uncles' of the East Asian fandom took it just as it is and... I shudder to think. But to my eyes, and i'm sure many of yours my media critiquing unnies, this is about as subversive you get.



    VR is the rising technological advancement on the lips of many currently, with much being made of East Asia's frantic scrabble to capitalise on its potential. Like with any rise in tech, there's scope to present not just the Fantasy but also the terrible potential Nightmare of such a scenario spiraling out of control. This video has all the hallmarks of a classic sci-fi horror masquerading as a back alley sex show. The empty voids & rooms, the being kept at a distance, the still cameras, the shadowy or reflected faces, the flag of danger in Fei's red-pink hair... Massive hallmarks of the ominous. As the video descends into fragmentated, pixellated images Fei gets closer and closer to the camera until BOOM, like a predator she's pounced breaking through the VR (or, more likely, the guy's psyche) and he's practically trapped in some kind of weird fake/real half world a complete lust-riddled mush mind.



    This is the reason I love K-Pop. Such a bold move to take on your selling point, your audience and force them into facing some of the more unsavoury aspects of the culture - never compromising the strength of the music in turn. It's a stealth move of course, JYP just gets it, but I appreciate the audacity to even go there. Sure the song didn't fare well in the slightest (what's new?) but i'm glad at least the international KPJ audience got it.





    Setting the scene with the correct images is Ryan_Riot: "Totally unexpected but in the best way possible. Virtual Reality Amazingness. The song sounds like something that Annie would release. It’s very stunning in so many ways that I don’t know how one WOULDN’T go about giving this at least an 8 … but I’m sure there will be some heathens."


    ThighHighs isn't signing up to the VR cult any time soon: "This is a nice bop, and the video is sexy, but it doesn’t inspire much devotion in me." whereas Vesperly is positively unnerved by the experience: "The second verse is perfection, but this is one of those songs that suffers from adding a ton of elements as it goes on, and then and a big chorus - it''s so much better when it's being all slow and sensual. And I can't be the only person on here who hates the video? It's awkward and creepy more than sexy." Hey at least you found the subtext sis - don't panic.


    Sometimes not all technology works out. Reboot thinks JYP could take some advice from ha name: "Sexy and hypnotic. Shame it flopped." which GeiPanda concurs with: "Very much like Sunmi's solo work. But it's a sad fact this type of song is never going to catch on in term of sales/popularity."


    Did I just read a Sunmi reference? The whole canon of JYP ladies is up for discussion with this one. Deja-Boo is more a Mr B: "Better than 90% of miss A’s catalogue but that ain’t saying much, is it." whereas DifD is going to have to start charging royalties for his nicknames - first to pay up will be Ajmkv: "Y'all are going to voice all of the reasons I love this more eloquently than I will, but I will say that this is the best thing to come out of solo-miss A. Lush, sultry, and beautiful. Snoozy could never." A opinion shared but put to more graphic imagery by Robinho#1: "Fei crapping all over boring ass Suzy."


    Visual lovers unite! We're in the MV VR stan-zone and D is for Danger! has 'Snoozy' copyright coins to spend: "This is so understated and subdued, but still feels slinky and sexy, which plays to Fei's weak vocal abilities. I love whatever string instrument it is that's peppered throughout the song. The MV is equally amazing." That Fei vocals shade though... it's true. Slice of Multiple Realities is still on that fantasy trip and has been for almost 24 hours: "THAT MUSIC VIDEO!!! THEY DID THAT!!! Honestly, when it comes to sexy, I always trust JYP. They know what's up. The song is like foreplay... full of push and pull. I like that the most about the song. It doesn't scream sexy... because it doesn't need to. It's just naturally sexy. I can't help but compare it with Sunmi's 24 Hours though. It is clearly influenced by that and I don't think it quite reaches the heights of 24 Hours. Maybe it's the rather mediocre middle 8?"

  20. Fantasy deserved better. If she ever releases another solo song (which I somehow doubt), I hope it's sexy like this.
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