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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. I really underscored Decalcomanie, it's a massive song that hasn't got boring in the slightest.

    And still those two Ladies Code songs are in...
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  2. Does anyone still have their 0 in?
  3. Okay "Oh NaNa" deserves better... the MAMAMOO track should have been out a looong time ago though...
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  4. No! At least Mamamoo beat Oh BlahBlah, I guess...
  5. This is a fucking disaster.
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  6. I'm a bigtime Moomoo and Mamamoo are probably the reason I ramped up my listening to KPop. (f(x) is the other.) I even have a bunch of their Immortal Songs collection ripped on my phone as mp3s. The guitar riff from "Ah Oop!" is my alarm tone. I have a Wheein T-Shirt. "Peppermint Chocolate" was the first Korean video I had the nerve to show to someone who was uninitiated... but... "Decalcomanie" never did anything for me. It sounds like a Dolly Parton song, frankly. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I guess. And I always like watching them perform, even when they're doing "Decalcomanie", but I just don't get it. I love them, so I'll keep listening a few more times and maybe it will sink in. (I loved New York and Woo Hoo!)
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  8. You know what's better than 50% of the songs that are left?

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    Avg: 8.15 (one 11)

    11 - @Alouder98
    10 - @Aries @ThighHighs @Slice of Life @ryan_riot92 @Salami @Vesperly
    3 - @Robinho#1 @Lego
    My Score: 9


    It's well known i'm not the most massive fan of Blackpink in the same way a lot of forum members (and the world at large) are but I was baffled to see Playing With Fire not only failing to dominate the final but also struggling to make top 20. It's a mind-boggle - I thought you guys stanned for this?


    Yep it's the YG super-rookies who feel the burn of those last couple of 3/4 pointers (pretty much straight 8+ scores across the board otherwise) and tumble down to outside of the top 15. Yes you heard me correctly, Playing With Fire is out of the race and was beaten by a Wonder Girls album track.

    The wonders of your minds never cease to amaze me kittens.

    Part of my initial apprehension for taking this veritable casio keyboard barnburner to my heart lay in a couple of areas. One the whole of the universe was stanning to hell and back for it even before release, and I wasn't massively sold on previous fan fave Boombayah so it felt like I was going to end up being a bit meh at this. Two, the teasers were SPELL-BINDING stuff, there were rumours they shot a load of the videos somewhere in Berlin (probably at Seohyun's chateau) and the white noise, white dresses, old faded glamour vibe of the member intros were like some kind of Harmony Korine-meets-The Pierces wet dream.

    Oh and did I mention the absolutely FLAWLESS In The Mood for Love / Wong Kar-Wai inspired promo photos?


    아름다운, 아름답고, 와우

    So I guess the excitement was palpable and warranted by that point but then the song came and meh. I wasn't blown away on first listen, it just kinda chundered along at a glacial pace - neither a dance track nor really a mid-tempo. The actual breakdown was just repeated without any massive builds, the Lisa rap verse wasn't as iconic as the Brrrrr Rambo-isms of Boombayah, a couple of the sets seemed a bit on the cheap compared to Whistle... I was let down.


    I left it for a while, came back to it during this rate and - it all clicked. Without the monstrous bubble of hype and fangirling it was actually a really cool, alternative attempt at an EDM track.

    Also, what massively helped for me was the sections that remind me of this blast from a gaming past pre-piano break:

    I wanted to be as badass as Nina Williams in real life no lie.

    Can you hear it in Lisa's rap section? Bubbling away under the surface, it's like an ancient soul of a long-forgotten bop rising up through the modern day ashes. In all fairness Playing With Fire is such a weird song because it doesn't really fall into any other K-Pop category. It's stealth EDM conjured into being by primal deities familiar with Playstation 1 polyphonic ringtones. It's a throwback but also quite a modern take on a song type that has become a bit dated ironically. Jennie is everything I could want in an idol (although I miss her rap game because she killed it during Boombayah's intro and her flaming corridor verse in Whistle).


    Oh and the video?
    Beautiful blouses, wonderful aeroplane arms

    It's nice that they went quite symbolism heavy and kept everything in a weird nightmarish world of motel room boredom, flaming piers and hijacking school buses. I could probably throw you a heap of literary illusions that give me similar vibes but this ain't no library. I'm still going to knock off a point though because it's far from perfect compared to a lot of my other 10s - the ending instrumental is fine but no different to how it opens up from, some of the chorus lyrics are bland & literally like they just wanted to shoe-horn some fire imagery in and i'm not sure it really worked in a live setting. Still I can forgive and look past those issues in favour of the hula wave bridge dance ("on and on and on" is the bit I sing out loud completely out of tune the most) and Jisoo just tucking herself away into a closet for most of the song.



    We've struck oil, tar, shade and sass in these 'ere hills!
    Too bad your words have set all this alight.


    Sharing a portion of my sparking concerns with this track, we find McQueer: "A final bombastic chorus or at least a switch up in the production at the end would've really elevated this song. It's good but ends so anticlimactically." Agreed. Or at least I did until Vesperly rode in and BLEW MY MIND with ha theories: "This is the only good Blackpink song, sorry girls. My main complaint used to be the anti-climatic ending, but it's grown on me, and actually makes sense within the context of the song and video - Jennie blows out the match, presumbaly deciding not to play with fire/pursue the relationship? And so it ends with no explosion. #blackpinkmeta" I mean... oh my god... my brain....


    Picking up my TNT-ed brain from the floor is ThighHighs, who's indoctrinating the non-Kpop believers by a baptism of fire: "My roommate’s favorite kpop song of all time (and one of maybe 8 he knows). Is it chasing the trop-house trend a few months too late to really be anything new? Obviously. Is it still effective as any other? Absolutely." I'm not even sure anymore that it is a true trop-house song but I certainly get the comparisons to our fallen fruity competitors. BP spillage - Robinho#1 is leaking the hot brew: "Berry Good beat them on the tropical bop front. Lisa carries this group so much." and ever the moustache-twirling oil baron we don't deserve, D is for Danger! co-signs the Don't Believe bill: "Slightly better than Boombayah, but it doesn't hold a candle to Berry Good's Don't Believe. Again, we have Beige Pink releasing another 2NE1 reject. Lisa, please stop trying to emulate CL and rap as though you have a frog stuck in your throat. Rose, please stop trying to emulate Bom and her breathless shitty vocals. You're both better than that. The end feels half baked with that barely held high note and the dance break outro. Berry Good did the same thing, but they managed to build up the energy for the musical end, whereas this just fell flat and flopped just like Don't Believe did on the charts (read: didn't even chart). Come on girls! You've got the visuals and the talent. I want to be a fan, you just need to impress me. Also, #justiceforberrygood!"


    If there were flames of dispute before then let the fires of stan rage forth upon this blessed land. Ajmkv is looking for more fiery stuff: "Another pretty great Blackpink release. I'm pleased that they've had success with this, because I want more of this from them." whereas Ryan_Riot channels his inner Lady Gaga with these spitfire compliments: "What kind of euro-dance pop smash? More like playing with the big girls coming for the weaves of your faves! Everything about this track was flawless. The imagery was sleek, the sound was spectacular, and the girls looked stunning! A+ girls!"


    What's this ladies? You actually managed to burn away those 2NE2 comparisons? Capitan thinks you still have work to do: "I hope they continue to play with sounds similar to this song and step away from any 2NE1 rehash and create something unique to Blackpink." GeiPanda is high appeased that the raid on the Crush b-sides has been stopped: "Great! Their most definitively unique song so far. More of this and less 2NE1 leftovers please." and Slice of Sensuali-tee is all out cannon-firing out the stan-cards to the masses: "BLACKPINK's finest release yet. The girls are finally showing us that they are more than a 2NE1 tribute act. Lisa's rap is life-affirming. The pre-chorus always sl*ys my existence. And the chorus is the best kind of repetitive. The music video is serving sensuality and the choreography is so unlike anything from YG. I love these girls and I'm ready for their future outputs."


    Second in command of the PWFire Brigade is Lieutenant Salami, who almost dispensed their highest honours on this: "So close to giving my 11 to this. They really are the most exciting group right now. Rare moment when I knew I'd love it 5 seconds in. The raps are good, the vocals are better #TeamRosé" and of course the captain, marshall and brigadeer of the YG BP head office is Alouder98, who made some tough choices: "There were like 5 songs that could get my 11 but I decided to choose my most played K-Pop song of 2016. This is the song that is on my mind like everyday. I watched the video and performance uncountable times and it's still fresh like day 1. Good job Teddy , you still got it in you to build my personal song of the year."

    oh, whilst you're still here:



  10. [​IMG]

    Cosmic Girls - Secret
    Dal*Shabet - Someone Like U
    GFriend - Navillera
    GFriend - Rough
    Ladies' Code - Galaxy

    Ladies' Code - The Rain
    Luna - Free Somebody
    Oh My Girl - Windy Day
    Red Velvet - Russian Roulette
    Sistar - I Like That

    Stellar - Sting
    Sunny Girls - Taxi
    TWICE - TT
    Wonder Girls - To the Beautiful You
    Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely

  11. Sistar and Sunny Girls need to vacate this rate immediately.
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  12. Sistar needs to go.
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  13. How is SISTAR even still here?????? Get taste y'all...
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  14. Blackpink was truly rubbed in this rate. I would prefer Stay not being in this instead of the disrespectful #60. When it wasn't really the worst song here. Boombayah at #38 was a disaster when it deserved 20 places higher. And now Ladies Code , Sunny Girls and HYOLYN beating Playing With Fire ???

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  16. Don't worry y'all. I'm championing Ladies' Code, which means of course they'll lose both songs before the top 10.






    Avg: 8.18

    10 - @Squashua @ThighHighs @Slice of Life @McQueer @Vesperly @D is for Danger! @Alouder98
    4 - @Deja-Boo
    My Score: 10

    Yikes. There's a quote to cover this elimination:


    I mean I fully expected Rough to end up being the winner of the two but it's a surprise that Navillera couldn't push further than getting 0.03 more than Blackpink to rollerblade into the top 15. The second maHOOsive comeback for the rising beacons of hard-hitting schoolgirl choreo and title track from their diabolically named first full length album (something barely anyone actually does/can afford in K-Pop these days) is supposedly not part of the schoolgirl trilogy that beamed the ladies into the Korean collective heart.


    If you CBA to watch back through those first three title tracks then 1) WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Even Glass Bead is a worthy debut (even though i'm sure most people think Me Gustas Tu was their first single) and 2) get your lives to this 4 minute live show mashup where the fan girls of Korea go APE SHIT for it:

    Like - the IMPACT. the ALL-KILL. the DECIMATION.

    Asides from probably TWICE and Shaman Unnie, who else in Korea right now commands such a massive vicegrip on the populace?

    NO ONE


    Rather than the departure from the Trilogy it was billed to be, Navillera's summer nostalgic pastel roller-girl dreamland is merely the GFriend template cranked up to about 130mph without ever slowing down. And let's be real who said that was a bad thing?

    NAVILLERA itself? The name is a vague reference to a highly obscure 2006 French novel entitled Le Papillon des étoiles (Butterfly of the Stars) and is essentially about a butterfly shaped spaceship destined to start a new 'Earth' to escape the ravages on our planet. What that really has to do with the song is tenuous and, now thinking about it, probably works better with Fingertip's imagery but still - let's just enjoy the fact the Entertainment company thought about something when they were having to stray from the Schoolgirls.


    It's got all the ingredients you could want from a sumptuous GFriend goulash: Yuju belting out big notes everywhere, electric guitar breakdown, buckets full of visuals and charm, age appropriate styling, Eunha with her now iconic bob, the most fearsome choreography from a girl-group in a while...

    I mean, the reactions to the below still get me everytime:

    Jihyo stanning with her seal clap
    Sana's utter concern
    Chaeyoung never once closing her mouth because SHOOOK


    And at the end of the day, that's why GFriend are here becoming our faves and ending all our old faves careers because they're the perfect balance of everything. The girls with their little interactions in the video (and let's not pretend sapphic anthem Fingertip hasn't increased the girl-shipping mentality) just radiate personality in a way many girl-groups struggle to when playing sexy fembots or demure preteens. For every pleated skirt, natural make-up palette, alluring vocal and aeygo wink to the camera there's an hardcore electric guitar break, squeaky electronics, underlying trap beats, dance routines where they're literally punching the air and burning through the floor. They're completely #goals, both in looks and in sheer off the chart talent.


    I could go on about my favourite moments from the whole thing - the hidden intensity of the beats, the string swell, bowling with all their awards, how badass they look in the high sock night pool outfits, how fucking beautiful the bridge location is - but i've always had a major soft-spot for the step-by-step follow the leader routine just after the first chorus:


    I get such a thrill seeing it in the lives.
    Princesses of Synchronisation.

    Rough is certainly the more iconic smash for them but Navillera is such a glorious victory lap dressed as that summer holidays joy that I wonder if we'll look back during the GFriend discography rate and see it end up much rolling along to a much higher pinnacle.





    Mr Ajmkv makes sure we're all prepared for the school trip and the class pets have been fed - "It's cute. And it annihilated all of its competition that month. Like a ferocious kitten. So there's that."


    When your discography is this good (and divisive) you're bound to get comparisons. Loving the great outdoors and happy to be out of school is Ryan_Riot: "This is better than “Rough” but at the same time I’m sitting here like Judge Judy tapping her wrist waiting for GFRIEND to give me something new from them. Keep the aesthetic but let’s get a new sound, okay?" Has Fingertip appeased you young master Riot? More than happy to throw Rough under the school bus for this one is class rebel D is for Danger!: "I liked this more than Rough. Come at me! It still follows the GFRIEND formula, but that doesn't make it any less amazing. You've got the trademark electric guitar solo and Yuju vocal runs at the end just like in every other of their promoted singles, except this time the song goes fast and hard. Finally something you can dance to! Bonus points to Eunha for becoming relevant thanks to her now iconic bob cut. Also, every time she winks at the camera during her portion of the chorus, my heart melts a little more."

    SCHOOLGIRL CRUSH IN 3, 2, 1...

    Don't think Eunha is the only popular girl in school mind. Vesperly admits their adoration in the playground and it ain't even Valentine's Day: "Like Rough, but better. The chorus is suprisingly catchy, and the finale is incredible. I love you, Yuju." whilst Slice of Star Pupil is more of a stan-from-afar when it comes to classroom courting: "Oh wow. GFriend is truly shaping up to be such a force in the K-pop industry. How do they always get it right??? This is another win for the girls. This was one of my summer jams and until now, I still use and abuse this. That Yuju money note... YAS SL*Y ME KWEEN! And when Yuju performed the angelic version for MMAs 2016, I was shook all over again. Some days I actually prefer this to Rough. But both are 10/10 songs so... Hehe."


    Now, you didn't think a song in #15 would get universal praise right? GeiPanda has been on this trip one too many times: "Good, but pretty much a carbon copy of their other songs." and speaking of copycats, Deja-Boo will shop you to the Principal if you even replicate an chord of his faves' work: "If this was gonna rip off The Chaser's production in the intro it could've at least also taken after its sense of melody and actual hooks but whatever..."


    Although why did no one tell me about the Chaser? Infinite sl***ys.

    Every class has its over-achievers and those who never quite manage to be top of the class. In the try-outs, Coach McQueer had put Navillera on the bench: "Would've gotten my 11 if Rough didn't exist." and Dr ThighHighs always had ha eyes on your potential - you'll get to college eventually kid: "The second I saw the teasers for this song, I knew we were in for a monster. This song starts at 11 and only goes up from there. They handle the bombast of the song perfectly, with emotional delivery that perfectly matches the intensity of the production. The video is so stylish and kinetic, and the choreography is legendary, especially in 2X. Their success is truly the biggest popjustice for me over the last 2 years."



  18. Okay what the hell y'all. Sunny Girls is good but Top 15 material???? and better than NAVILLERA?????????????
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  19. I hate you guys so much.

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  20. I'm flabbergasted that I was not the villain for GFRIEND ....
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