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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. I always expected Blackpink would be too divisive to make the top ten, but some of the remaining songs are definitely surprising. Mostly a pleasant surprise though, as I think my days of being a low scoring villain are over.
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  2. [​IMG]


    Y'all with the bad taste, front of the line!!!!
  3. 2 great songs out when so much trash is still in. At least my 11 is which I'm really surprised at.
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  4. Ladies' Code - Galaxy
    Ladies' Code - The Rain
    Luna - Free Somebody
    Red Velvet - Russian Roulette
    Sistar - I Like That
    Sunny Girls - Taxi
    Wonder Girls - To the Beautiful You

    GET OUT. Especially Ladies' Code and Sistar.
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  5. Wouldn't it be something if To The Beautiful You wins? I would be perched to see the meltdowns.

    I mean, it's never going to happen with Someone Like U and (as much as I wish this had gone 30 places ago) Windy Day still in here, but a boy can dream, no?
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  6. Windy Nay. Bye girl.
  7. Someone Like U is obviously going to win but Windy Day would be a great shocker.
  8. I'd actually be okay if it did win....
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  9. [​IMG]

    But honestly, THAT was THE album track of the year and I wish it had been given the video treatment. It was just perfect for the summer, and even though Draw Me was pretty great, To The Beautiful You would have been a killer last single for them, dreamy and gorgeous.
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  10. My ideal top 2 is Why So Lonely vs Someone Like You and i'd happy if any of them wins . But that would be such a kii if SLY finish at #2 , again.
  11. The only GFRIEND song I care about is Fingertip so I'm glad that one's out.

    As for which song I'd prefer winning, Someone Like U is still one of the best songs of last year for me so I'll probably go for that.
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  12. I would be overjoyed if this happened. Both deserve to win IMO.
  13. Those were my #1 and #2 before I ever even found this board. Free Somebody, I Am You You Are Me, Ribbon, Playing With Fire, I Like That, Save Me, Galaxy (Ladies' Code but Bolbaggan4's and Luna's could also be in the top 35), and All I Wanna Do flesh out the top ten. I wasn't here to vote in this one, so there you go.
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  14. I Like That still being in is ridiculous.
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    Avg: 8.25 (less 10s)

    10 - @ryan_riot92 @Capitan @Robinho#1 @ajmkv
    5 - @Salami
    My Score: 7.5


    Just look at their sad faces - they knew, they had foreseen and we were none the wiser. T.T doesn't even cover it for most of us. I'm keeping most of my Wonder Girls musings for the Why So Lonely post (whenever that will be...) so this might be a little shorter than usual. I can only apologise for doing you dirty Wonder Girls.



    Well done ladies, not everyone's pre-release tracks can boast to beating out almost all of the other actual title tracks in a year. Look at that average too despite a lower number of 10s - consistency is key. To be fair I wonder if the 'hanging in the balance' nature of their contracts when the voting period happened lead to more people listening to the trio of late 60's/early 70's whimsical summer jives they bestowed upon us during 2016.

    That's not to downplay how lovely this song is. It's genuinely a retro wonderland of silk drapings, floral wallpaper in a sunset room facing the beach and sweet summer daydreaming. I was probably a bit harsh with my 7.5 because on its own it is a brilliant throwback mood piece that does above and beyond the job that was required of it. I just felt like compared to a lot of other songs i'm not sure if this has the most impact to define the year in K-Pop, unlike soul cystren Why So Lonely which was the summer anthem much to all the basic bops the other girl groups were serving. It's a shame they didn't perform either this or Sweet & Easy on the music shows with Why So Lonely but hey they still achieved top 30 which is more than most of our faves can do with their lead singles. Here's a live for you to muse over:

    There's something about it that reminds me of Wong Kar-Wai's use of 60's soul tracks in Chungking Express (specifically California Dreamin' and reggae pioneer Dennis Brown's Things in Life). It's a glittering little number, with those Lykke Li electronic wood block sounds creeping into the background and Yubin's exemplary rapping skills to keep it somewhat modern despite taking a lot of cues from a nostalgia.

    Draw Me was nice as a send off option, I mean it does keep that surf guitar sound albeit more plaintive and downbeat, but I know many of us wish they'd bowed out with something this effervescent, composed and carefree. The sun is shining here, despite it all, so thank you Wonder Girls for soundtrack brief moments of warmth in cold times.



    No shade from me this time around, i'm here to let each and everyone one of you relive what you did last summer.


    Except YOU Mr GeiPanda who failed to conjure a fantasy for me to recreate in GIF form, even if ha point still stands: "Decent as a pre-release."


    The main concern on main people's lips was one of fond remembrance, or failing that, annoyance at JYP being a capital M MESS for letting these girls go when they had hit a second imperial wave. Robinho#1 falls into the latter category - "JYPE did them dirty. " He does everything dirty - have you seen the Fire video? Yikes. D is for Danger! goes deep into a nostalgic reverie: "Listening to this now it almost feels like a parting song from the Wonder Girls. I love the entire vibe of this track. It's retro, chill and laidback." Whilst Ajmkv may as well be delivering a eulogy from a Miami coast altar: "You know, if they had to go, at least they left us with THIS before leaving. Just goes to show that nothing perfect ever lasts. THIS song is a true testament to their achieved potential to have a hand in releasing incredible and timeless music. I miss them already."


    First up in the sea of dreams is our very own Slice of Skies, sending us higher with those textual high notes: "N .N N. N I'm getting emotional because we might not get another Wonder Girls album again because of their current contract situation. But let's keep it cute. This is still such a perfect little track. The chorus is so feathery and fluffy it's basically made of clouds. HA-HA-HA-YAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!"


    ThighHighs brings us back down to earthly pleasures: "A sweet, summery, shimmery jam. A great song to clean the house to."


    Capitan searches for the right location to fix his listening experience to: "The feeling this song gives me is so hard to describe. It's a mix off all the feel-good hopeful, cool sunshine summer day vibes that I love. I think this might be one for the best songs the WGs have in their repertoire and it will always be one I repeat time and time again. "


    And Ryan_Riot doesn't want any of this to stop when the sun is shining: "I like this so much better than “Why So Lonely” though. It’s the perfect summer song! When I hear it, I just wanna be driving down the road with the windows down feeling the warmth of the sunshine on my face! Summer anthem I tell ya! All three songs on the single were pretty impeccable. "



  16. RIP. I actually had hope this would go further but I'm satisfied it has made it this far. I'm off to listen to this song and feel bad that the Wonder Girls have disbanded all over again TT.
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  17. I'm done.
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  18. I jinxed it. I'll never speak again.
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  19. Teheheh I see national girl group SISTAR has some of you stressed over your faves' flimsy hooks not getting as far. Will this chart be like, y'know, real life where they're sitting comfortably at #1?

    Meanwhile let's see if my score for WJSN tanked them out of the top 10
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