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    TWICE - T.T
    Avg: 8.73

    10 - @Squashua @Aries @GeiPanda @McQueer @ryan_riot92 @Capitan @D is for Danger! @ajmkv
    6 - @Vesperly

    My Score: 10

    Look at that jump in average. Look at that no less than 6 points record. Sure it's the last song not to receive a golden 11-pointer but you'd think y'all were the general Korean populace looking at the general voting patterns. On this forum we throw this word around A LOT, both with truth in our fickle stan-heavy hearts and also in complete ironic lampoonery, but in the case of TT this is nothing less than:


    Where in the world were you when a barely ever used slightly nonsensical emoticon became an international phenomenon? When it infiltrated the worldwide social media consciousness causing a global panic & subjecting numerous Americans to their own closed-mindedness via the spouting of Twitter nonsense like:


    Don't be like the self-proclaimed Bitchelle - don't give in to idiocy people.

    Some mere mortals had other theories on what the fabled transcendence of the TT meant:


    Well done everyone. You've cracked that the song is about Too Turnt tea-drinkers (and I didn't even put the 'Titties' theory down). Things escalated to such an extent that TT may have well have decided the fate of a whole entire nation with a single two-T finger gesture:


    When will your faves cause such civil unrest, moral panic and economic uncertainty?

    And to think this mammoth seismic plate shifting Bop-oween banger started out with a bunch of weird individual teasers of Tzuyu looking for binoculars, Dahyun brandishing a knife, Jihyo wasting the world's pink-hued resources and Momo conjuring up the poop-coloured smoothie in existence. Oh and whatever the hell was going on here:

    Artoptatophobia - Fear of Baked Goods
    (the kii of this looking vaguely like ARTPOP-ophobia)

    And it doesn't stop with the general American voting populace, Korea was more than impacted by JYP's motley crew. Asides from sparking off the biggest selling female EP of 2016, selling way over a million copies and winning music shows even when they weren't promoting, the Idol scene was properly shaken by such Impac'T:

    My favourite (reaches) moments being the infamous MAMA awards fancam showing Queen SinB pissing ha-self at TWICE's performance skills (or at least we can pretend that's the case), the one girl from Laboum essentially invading Twice's music show win to half-arse the choreo (I think she's the host but claim that relevance anyway gal), Somi starting off a TT convo only to drop it immediately switching to Ladies' Code before the section cuts out, Blackpink's disdain and Nayeon's spiritual male twin ace-ing the choreo better than the ladies themselves.

    Young or old, cool or nerdy, pirate guy of @junglefish's dreams or @GeiPanda's source of GIF-able reactions, there was no one in Korea who was not completely entranced by the Disney Halloween cosplay set inside Casper the Friendly Ghost's gaff:


    We were so TT that a nation turned to binge-eating, eating 99 ice cream cones with such borderline sexual abandon that they could only see everyone with giant thighs or shoulder muscles. When will steroids? When will global obesity in children? When will Golden Corral buffets?

    Heck, this isn't just in terms of MV visuals, Korea literally morphed the song into a binge-eating anthem:

    All the borderline flop live shows (the MAMAs still haunt me) are not even that relevant because TT is a certified 100% brain-infiltrating hit. The opening walk-out in the video? "Bay-bay-bay-BAY-Bay"? The Sabrina wardrobe change (that should have been utilised more often in the video)? Tzuyu's best look ever? The Jack-o-Lantern dance off? The absolutely fire production in the second verse? Actually the production everywhere. It's the Twice formula we'd seen in both Like Ooh-Aah and Cheerup down to the line order & distribution and song structure but ramped up to such a glossy rollercoaster thrill-ride that even the most staunch denouncers of all things Korean mega-popular can't even bring themselves to hate this. They did that unnies, they still do that everytime I hear this - it never gets old.





    Despite being in the top 10, despite not scoring a single bad vote, despite everything about this really you could kind of argue that TT got the most VICIOUS commentary out of everyone. I'm still like T.T times 1000 at how hardcore some of y'all went with the backhanders. Devils the lot of ya:


    I'd let McQueer call out the netizens but by the final sentence he's already been bought a ticket for the 'TWICECOASTER: Bashing 1' train: "K-Pop Meme Queens. Real talk though, y'all need to stop being such haters cause this is a great song. The production is so lush, especially during the Sana/Momo pre-chorus. Jihyo isn't yelling and there isn't a proper half-hearted rap bit so it's Twice's best single yet."


    Robinho#1 went to Macy's Department store and only bought shadeee: "Ignoring the lyrics and their overall lack of skills in nearly every department, this single is catchy." which I thought was a deep cut until ThighHighs went IN: "Let’s get this out of the way up front: The hook on this song is trash. It’s frankly embarrassing to have to explain to people I show this song to what “I’m like TT” means. However, does the entire stretch from Sana on before the “I’m like TT” hook is amazing. Momo’s part in particular gets into my spirit. They are not a good group, but this song is quite something."


    There's talk of a virus being spread and Deja-Boo believes only God can absolve us from it: "I really tried resisting this, but ugh. It's so infectious. Not enough to wash Cheer Up's sins, but it's a bop gerls." Oh did I say virus? I meant fungus, Salami told me: "Wasn't keen at first but this grew like a fungus."


    And i'm not even going to write a little intro blurb for the next two because their love for the song cannot hide their disdain for other aspects of the shindig:

    Ryan_Riot - "The concept wasn’t my fave … and I wasn’t really impressed with this song when it first came out … but now I’m in love! I can’t stop listening to it! Like I’ve said before, I don’t care about your vocal talent (obviously because I don’t give two shites about Taeyeon … I feel like I’m really dragging her ass in a lot of these comments … oops), just give me bops and you will always have a fan in me girls! Keep doing you … but vocal lessons wouldn’t hurt …"

    Slice of Life - "This is sufficient. Nothing original about it but it's cute. The music video is reductive especially since Twice already did the Halloween concept with Like Ooh Ahh. But I'm not gonna pretend that I don't use this. Kii. I can probably sing this in full now using my gibberish Korean."


    Alright alright alright, [insert hes.already.dead gif here].



    Instead of being like T.T to all these Clefairy-esque backhanders, Reboot has been caught in the untouchable haze of a thousand loops of the song & can only communicate in emoticons:


    Equally on the same level of T, we do have some purely nice things to say - ish. GeiPanda's comms sound like a threat to me (but he gave a 10 so i'll tell security to stand down): "My commentary... will be comprised of gifs I post after this song's placing in the rate." Capitan only made in to about 30 seconds of the song: "The first verse of TT is enough to give it 10 points." whereas you can always Ajmkv to commit if there's a banger involved: "I didn't like this as much until I heard the Areia remix which transformed this into the ultimate club banger it was meant to be. After that, I couldn't get enough of these girls and their TTs (OK that maybe went a little too far........................)

    Did you read the other comms? You were quite tame cyst.


    Last but never least, D is for Danger! has an interesting proposition for you all (and a potential new fanclub name): "Y'all can suck on this Twice Trash d**k! This is getting a 10 from me and y'all will deal! Highlights include the massive chorus, the fucking drums, the Jeongyeon/Jihyo second verse, and that deep as fuck bass line. Black Eyed Pilsung really outdid himself. SNSD could never!"

    *Looks at Youtube comments*

  2. OMG , this post was the best. Iconic host @Squashua xx

    Seriously why Russian Roulette beated TT and Secret ? And it received an 11 ????
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  3. Because it's great.
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  4. Still shaking my TTs each and every day, all day.
  5. Blasphemy





    Avg: 8.83

    11 - @GeiPanda
    10 - @Squashua @Aries @Slice of Life @ryan_riot92 @Vesperly @ajmkv
    6.5 - @D is for Danger!
    (of course)
    My Score: 10


    Oh. Wait. Not quite.

    Getting positively Rube Goldberg Machine-ed out of the top 5 by a very close margin, we find the Korean take on what it means to play Russian Roulette (sorry Spica R.I.P and all that). Long gone is Rihanna's torture chamber of dank greys, bathrobes and severe fringes and suddenly to play with chance trigger pulling is a fem-bot fronted-video game of J-Pop proportions.



    But let's step back a bit. The whole concept embedded in SM's 4th attempt at the girl-group model (after S.E.S, SNSD and f(x) - which is quite the line up if you think about it) was to mesh the cuter, weirder, essentially Digipedi stylings of ultra pop with more sultry r'n'b usually offered up as the next logical step when an aeygo rookie group doesn't wanna be girly anymore/are getting on a bit in K-pop Idol terms. I missed their double debut in Happiness and Be Natural, which i've since learned wasn't such a bad thing to avoid, and jumped straight in Ice Cream Cake / Automatic.


    Seriously, that was a difficult double whammy to beat in 2015. That Autumn's Christmas Elves factory do MJ trip known as Dumb Dumb prevailed, as did the Red concept by the same token, and I was super excited for The Velvet 2nd album. So... that didn't really pan out did it? Poor One of These Nights flopping by comparison but it wasn't quite the Velvet I was looking for anyway.

    Then came the Russian Roulette teasers:


    Oh lord. Enter the rainbow vomit dollshouse - even to this day, even after Russian Roulette, I hated the hair choices this era. Joy's neon piss dip-dye, that Tango orange on Seulgi, the fact they ran out of dye for Joy so just decided to grey her hair out. Poor poor cystren. Even in the context of the cartoon landscape it's ugly.

    Thank goodness for everything else...


    I don't know if everyone felt the same as me on first listen but this blew me away like a 12 gauge during a Russian spy mission. K-Pop is a beautiful and wonderful multi-faced genre but I do have a major soft-spot for the slightly more manic, ultra-stylised J-Pop electro pop you find just across the water. Orange Caramel riffs on it, Crayon Pop have dabbled in it and now here was Red Velvet committing bloody video arcade anime fantasy murder and I LOVED IT.


    Blistering, unrelenting, deranged and, most importantly, one of the catchiest AND boppable songs of the year. I've got the thigh pummel / manic wave in the air dance down to a tee, although it does end up making you look like:


    Sure sure it isn't J-Pop. It isn't an anime intro. It ain't no Kyary Pamyu Pamyu or Perfume (but my word if Red Velvet worked with Capsule/Nakata wouldn't that be mind-blowing?) But what it does provide is a more commercialised, accessible gateway to the more stylised elements of those and at the end of the day that's probably a smart decision. This is Korea after all - if Catallena couldn't be a 4 week GAON #1 then there's no chance.


    Oh visuals you say? Well the gals were apparently going for day-glo Itchy & Scratchy kill-your-friends realness as both the murderous 60's housewives and teen athletic daughters. God let's not start the gym sock trend argument again.... Anyway there's various sets and machinations designed to take their fellow band-members from pianos and fridges to simply pelting them with portable fans and pushing their strangely wheeled bed into the motorway they built right outside your front door. What a nightmare for when you want to pop to the shops...

    Some people made sure to point out where it got a bit graphic (albeit with lovely 8-bit version of the song):

    Poor Irene getting decimated by practically everyone. Wendy was taking names because of that buggered up dye job clearly.

    And as the Deleted Scenes show, the MV directors were prepared to take it to even more obvious homicide levels anyway:

    It's a cool and glossy video, a bit frantic and a whole lotta morbid in a way no one else really attempts in the girl-group sphere. I do wish they pushed the video game styling & elements even further and went into full blown Tom & Jerry for Gameboy Colour mode (and whilst we're here, DAMN THEM for not paying T&J - the original warring cat n mouse - their dues for this concept):

    Regardless it is infectious to the highest degree. The choreo is one of their better ones and the repetition isn't, for once, to the song's detriment. Possibly because of all the gamey gliches and beeps, probably aided by that out-of-the-blue bonkers instrumental interlude with the cartoon paper dolls palette. It's hard not to be taken onboard with this as BTS themselves will demonstrate for you:

    Has this release been a negative to Rookie as a title track? Oh for me absolutely. Rookie is all the sugar with none of the spice, the animated smooch with none of the dry wit or bite and the video, whilst nice, felt like it lacked a fully fledged concept like Russian Roulette did. Russian Roulette though lies up that with Ice Cream Cake for the best of RV's red concepts and I hope they can find a way to make the Velvet edge come through even more. Oh and continue to make sure the Roulette hairstylist got suitably "taken care of" in the interim please:




    Oops. Power outage means we can't play multiplayer just yet. Reboot will you reconfigure what this is all about? "I like that their songs are always a bit quirky."


    D is for Danger! isn't exactly going all cat & mouse on the poor RV as he usually does: "Not a bad effort from Beige Velvet. It's a very straightforward pop song compared to their usual material. Ice Cream Cake is still their only amazing song."


    Ajmkv whispers of things that have now happened like a cartoon ghost in the shell: "Another release, another girl group that captures me. I hadn't particularly loved any of Red Velvet's previous releases, but this one tipped me over the edge and now here I am anticipating Rookie like nobody's business. Sigh." And hindsight marks Ryan_Riot's plea for a new tomorrow: "How about we forget about “One of These Nights” happening? Technically, I literally forget about it constantly because this track and mini are so amazing!" You might want a word with Slice of Felony whose forgetfulness has lead to... unique interests: "Ooh I forgot how much I was obsessed with this. This is still such a rush of a song, isn't it? It's no wonder Red Velvet quickly became my favourite SM girl group. Kii. And the music video is so amazing. I mean, murder and violence? When will your faves?"



    ThighHighs has got the worms, and not just the iconique homicidal Playstation game variety either: "Insanely addicting and supremely infectious. The “lalala” hook is one of the catchiest earworms of the year. The melodies in the verses propel the song nicely, and the chorus is appropriately peppy. The music breakdown at the end of the song is really incredible. Of course, the video is incredible, as all of theirs have been."


    The last one standing in our own personal roulette sweepstakes is notoriously lucky GeiPanda who is still spinning that barrel and bopping like an anime Kermit: "The song of the year for me, no doubt. I don't even stan Red Velvet, but I think this should stand as their most signature song. Video is perfect too. Still not sick of this, even 5-6 months down the line. I might get some disagreement here, but I think maybe RR is even one of the most perfectly crafted pop songs (not just Kpop) ever made? "


  7. These writeups, though. @Squashua , boo, stop making me cackle in class!
  8. How is this an opinion to have when Automatic exists?
  9. I predicted 60% of the top 5 early in the rate :

    The other two...I honestly didn't except Free Somebody to make it this far and Sting , i had no idea it is so popular here until i checked Underrated Rate results.
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  10. Sting made the Top 5. JUSTICE is served for my girls.
  11. Sting and Free Somebody are great but I wouldn't have pinned them as top 5 material. Those two out next with a Someone Like U vs Why So Lonely top 2 please!
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  12. Slightly sad about TT leaving, but then again I never expected it to do that well what with all the TWICE naysayers in here.

    GFriend next, please.
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  13. Because it's my opinion and Automatic, while the second best song of theirs, still manages to put me to sleep.

    Also, I should have been less generous with this. I didn't expect it to have charted this high when other more deserving songs bowed out before it.
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  14. I exactly agree with @D is for Danger! , Ice Cream Cake is my only favorite song of them . Dumb Dumb , Happiness and specially Rookie are overrated and trash.

    I gave this one a 9 , because i liked the song at the moment but never came back to it.

  15. I've changed my mind on this 100%, btw. TT
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  16. Sting absolutely should not still be in.
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  17. Y'all need to check yourselves if you think "Sting" isn't worth being in the Top 5...

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  18. I really liked "Insomnia" better, but "Sting" had the dance practice video of the year.
    Though.... I've noticed that Stellar does a lot of cuts in their dance practice videos which are by nature supposed to be one take.Still....
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2017
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  19. 20 places too high.
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