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    Avg: 8.90

    11 - @Squashua @McQueer @junglefish
    10 - @Aries @ThighHighs @Slice of Life @Capitan @Alouder98 @Mikl C
    4 - @ryan_riot92

    My Score: 11

    Wow at this #5 place finish for arguably one of the biggest songs of 2016 in actual reality talk. I mean top 5 is great and all, and it received the most 11s plus pummeled other monster single Cheer Up in the voting, but in some respects it is a undersell of this song's power, Gfriend's underdog rise to the top tier and ushering in the new wave of K-pop girl-group, for better or worse (depending on your preferences). Despite it being my 11 i'm going to struggle to do Rough (or the much more appropriate, but less iconic, literal translation of Running Through Time) justice.


    Transport yourself all the way back to the start of 2015, the very beginning in a world before GFriend. APink's only worthwhile attempt at music L.U.V ok I also have a soft spot for Mr Chu - come at me had been MASSIVE in December of the year prior and in some respects GFriend's often forgotten debut Glass Bead probably veered too close to that sound, with a general subdue-ing edge to all the elements we'd come to know, respect and root for in the group. Heck the choreo between the two has parallels so clearly Source Music were not willing to take chances with their one and only idol group. It worked in getting this completely unknown rookies a top 40 GAON placing but do we ever go back to it?


    A lot can happen in a year and between Glass Bead and actual breakout song Me Gustas Tu you had a whole wave of songs stepping away from that Apink cuteness. Up & Down smashed its way to a #1 thanks to the Hani pervcam, then came other varying bangers with more downbeat electronic or manic crazy elements like Crazy, FM, You're Pitiful, Paradise Lost, Ice Cream Cake, Catch Me If You Can, Ah Yeah, Awoo, Black Swan, Ring My Bell, Shake It, Heart Attack, Cupid, Vibrato, I'm Ill and SHINee's View (what a fxxking amazing year that was). Needless to say, people weren't really checking for sweeter or cuter music by the girls anymore. How did GFriend break through then?


    The same "OMG WOW LOL" expression filled acting at the beginning into the twinkly piano lures you into thinking this is just another sweet girl-band number, I haven't heard one of them in a while, until suddenly you're assaulted by that ear-sassin level electric guitar riff. Rip up the rulebook on aeygo unnies:


    The now infamous middle-8 combo of Yuju adlibs and rock guitar dance breakdown are the ultimate curveball to concepts that appear sweetness and light on the outside but are fully formed earworms only ascended higher by genuine talent. Hard to believe now but NO ONE was doing this stuff during the summer girl-band bloodbath of 2015. Everyone wanted to be slinky and sexy and spank their own butts whilst cooing and/or yelping "HEY!" (which I personally have no problem with). Now they've got your attention, they've knocked it out of the park in the lives and creeped into the top 10:


    My god what a song. What a whole package. What a zeitgeist blossoming, viciously impressive grip on the senses Rough was (and still is). In hindsight this probably comes across as overexposed in the wake of GFriend saturation but there in lies the true legacy of Rough, more so than Cheer Up or probably TT ever will asides from memes. It's not necessarily about it being the epitome of originality (schoolgirl outfits have been done before obvs) but it's about the aligning of all the elements into something flawless. It looks simple - whack on an apron dress and flail about a bit whilst singing coyly - but my god is it far from it. It's one thing to wear the look, but can you outsing Yuju? Out-dance SinB? Out resting-bitch-face Eunha? Out do-basically-nothing-but-still-just-about-keep-up-with-a-line-or-two Umji?

    The choreography alone is one of the hardest in recent K-Pop history:

    That 2x on Weekly Idol has more views than most of our faves' title tracks put together. It basically sparked the whole craze for performing your latest single at double time and I don't feel like any other girl-group has come close to doing it so competently as GFriend. Heck, let's go one step further: GFriend practically forced the female idols to UP THEIR CHOREO GAME if they wanted to not get left in the snowdrift. It wasn't enough now to just stand about, the Korean populace wanted MOARRR. There's a reason TWICE performed Me Gustas Tu at the Music Core instead; no one will even go near attempting Rough in a live setting (except 4TEN post-Plastic Gangnam Unnie at the end of the linked video, which was a foolish move).

    Ok SEVENTEEN did a 20 second revamp, which sounded stunning so i'll give them props:

    Speaking of TWICE I never get tired of whipping out this exemplary Like Ooh-Aah cover for SinB's MoMo breakdown alone and imagining an alternative universe where this was a GFriend single instead:


    Ok I know this is getting a bit TL;DR but let me break it down one more time, rapid fire:


    The snow/blossoms falling like we're in a Korean Euphoria performance
    The Clock arms, pendulum limbed dance moves
    The headbang being a more brutal rough move than any boyband choreo of 2016
    The creepy bear getting stranded in the video
    The genuine sense of forlorn emotion vocally
    The lyrics being heartbreakingly relatable yet far more grandiose than their school attire would allude to
    The cyclone of strings post-chorus
    The almost brutal clock tick run-down to nothing at the end


    As K-Pop fans, we consume so much music constantly that i'm not surprised people get dejected by similar concepts from single to single BUT GFriend's decision to stay within a ball-park, their lane that represents them, suits their talents, visuals and strengths whilst constantly refining, perfecting, dabbling in new elements (faster BPM, extra instruments, more complete concepts) regardless of whether the trend was in or not has allowed them to flourish into the entity you see before you. The schoolgirl trilogy might not massively relate to many of us but you just know that for a hundred thousand Korean schoolgirls these three songs documented all their complicated emotions in growing up & facing an uncertain future.



    As the Cherry Blossom falls, so do opinions all around our lil' KPJ schoolyard:


    Let's get the only bad apple opinion out the tree first shall we? Ryan_Riot say ya piece: "Basically the third time they’ve released this song. I’m not having it."


    Phew. I'm glad I got that out of my system. Nice to see Robinho#1 acting out that Fry from Futurama meme in his decision making: "Contemplating if this is their best single or Me Gusta U."


    The problem with a quality bloom - which bouquet do you choose? Vesperly can't mistake their biology: "I love Rough, but I think that's largely due to the video and choreography. The song itself is lovely but a little underwhelming - they perfected the formula with Navillera." which is certainly the way that D is for Danger! talks: "Slight deduction because I love Navillera more than this. Same GFRIEND sound, except a little more dark and mature than what came before it. The strings are glorious!". We've had formulas and deductions - now ThighHighs has another scale of GFriend to measure: "All of the best things about Navillera are even a slight downgrade from this perfection. They are giving you emotion, heartbreak, and ballerina in this heaux. The violins, everyone’s vocals, the dancing all combine to make it one of the top 3 songs of the year. Completely melodramatic, but effectively so."


    GeiPanda is weaving the song's fate as we speak: "Fantastic. I feel like this is going to be their definitive song." and even Ajmkv's heart is running through time to reminisce on ha sassy school days: "I actually rather loved this. Their performances were all flawless, and the video is school-girl nostalgia at its finest. GFriend were on-point with this release." All this praise - Slice of Leaky Eyes is like TT right now: "How does this sound like a K-pop classic already? It's crazy. I just adore this song to pieces and I'm so glad Koreans also lapped this shit up. It's so dramatic in the best way possible. Plus when I first saw the music video, I got kinda teary eyed. Kii. I know; I'm a mess but y'all know that already. This is just a shining example of what makes K-pop such a special genre of music."


    I've said my piece, I have no doubt Junglefish will have much to say/swear @ y'all too so let us end our three Rough-kateers siege with the good sis McQueer (who sums it up much better than I did): "The random house and disco samples present, the beautiful melodies in the verses, the urgency of that chorus (God what a chorus!!), it all comes together so perfectly. This would have gotten my 11 based on the merits of the song alone. But when you pair it up with the choreography and the consistently amazing performances delivered by the girls (Yuju!!!), it's most definitely my favorite song of the year. I've honestly almost crashed my car when that intro comes up on shuffle. I just love this damn song and y'all better not do it wrong !!!!!!"


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  2. For God's sake. Sting is not better than this!
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. Fuck you all. Except the ones who rated it 11 and 10. Anyway, enjoy Stellar's placement because they surely won't get top 3 in the real world anytime soon.
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  5. Rough deserved so much better. It's my backup 11. Lovely post as usual, @Squashua cyst.
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  6. The amount of people salty over Sting's placement though....
    Let me have my moment!
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  7. I'm hoping for a 2 from @Salami that prevents Sting from going to top 3.
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  8. Rough is the ACTUAL best song from last year. IF I didn't feel the need to give my 11 to High Heels, I would have given it to Rough. I've listened to it at least 300 times easily, and I still get my entire whole and absolute life to it every time. This rate.... choices.
  9. I let out an evil laugh when I saw Rough's elimination.

    I just don't 'get' it. Sorry not sorry.
  10. On reflection that should've been my vote but sadly it wasn't.
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  11. I love Rough but i think Fingertip is their best song.
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  12. I'm just gonna take the fact that this song got the most 11s and go, the rest of you are so so wrong.






    Avg: 8.93

    11 - @Robinho#1
    10 - @Squashua @GeiPanda @Aries @ThighHighs @Slice of Life @McQueer @ryan_riot92 @Capitan @Laurence Nope @Reboot @ajmkv
    4 - @Lego

    My Score: 10



    I mean sure they didn't actually win but it's once again fantastic to see such support for the most under-the-radar largely ignored bop producers in the girl-group game right now. They've actually improved their ranking this time around, compared to this song's stint in the Underrated Rate, and leapfrogged from 8th to Vibrato's place at 4th only to once again be foiled by veterans of the game.


    I have spoken hugely in-depth about this song in its previous post HERE so there's every chance I'm going to repeat myself but oh well.


    No that's not the acronym for a new K-Pop girlband (CSSC in your areaaaaa e.t.c) nor is it a Gwen Stefani perfume - these are just four words to describe the sheer brilliance of the Sting package and Stellar as a formidable K-pop unit.




    No no no let's scoot forward to very late in the day 2015 just before this comeback happened. Although we all love K-Pop, it is notorious for being shitty to its acts - it's hardly as if anyone earns a living through it and that's just the mid-tier groups. Dredge down to poor Stellar who, despite a fleeting glimpse at success with Marionette's ahjumma baiting, forced-into-a-sexy-butt-scratch-concept salaciousness, were practically on the ropes of poverty stuck with an entertainment company that wasn't exactly pushing their amazing output like it should have done. Vibrato, in all its actual banger complete with social satire masquerading as sexy click-bait to the unaware populace, didn't exactly bring home much moohlah and times were hard.


    I don't know if they were one of the first to go down the Crowdfunding route but my goodness did their entrepreneurial tactic pay off AND set in motion a wave of the new modern K-Pop that is absolutely aware of the power of fandom even if the Korean General Public only buy OST ballads and TWICE singles. The poor ladies set their crowdfund goal for the Sting EP at quite a demure $8,418 only to see that target ABSOLUTELY SMASHED within 3 days and exceeded all the way up to:

    $35,509 (!!!) $$$$$

    Take that netizens! If only that much was actually spent on their record sales by the public but I digress. What could you get for your investment I hear you cry? Well things start off with a mere thank you email for under a dollar, rising up to a monster prize package of a certificate of sponsorship, an exclusive autographed CD WITH kiss mark (mwah! xox), a wake-up call message (hopefully the EOTTEOGHAE EOTTOEOGHAE EOTTEOGHAAEEE! from Vibrato) and even a fan-meet dinner with the band (if you can get there). Who knew they could even afford food? Was it just filled with creepy oppas and twinks from Brazil?

    She didn't get the ticket in time to meet Minhee shame.

    Why am I discussing this money-making strategy? Because the entertainment company could have just siphoned it into their staff bonuses for the year and instead we got a complete, visually arresting (and thought-provoking) masterclass of modern electro pop.


    Because this is as glossy as K-Pop gets. As satirical and cut-throat as K-Pop gets. As genuinely groovy and well produced and well sung as K-Pop gets. From those ahjumma baiting GTFO ya pervs promo pictures:

    and the song's vicious break up lyrics to the MV's razor-edged commentary of feeling objectified being a woman in idol-dom (all the cameras, the invasion of privacy, the mounting click cursors appearing the more pervy the shot angle gets despite the girls actually just chilling in their homes - a Lana Del High On the Beach brew), it's top notch stuff. It's a fashionable apex of the direction they've been heading ever since Marionette's bitter aftertaste. I literally don't have a bad word to say about this and I will continue to support Stellar's endeavors so long as they keep being the subversive sexy girl warriors we've all come to know.


    HOWEVER, all this talk of funding and making great use of it (i mean Insomnia on the EP is title single worthy by any group's standard), that doesn't mean that the Entertainment Pascal are even close to being great managers or promoters. The music show appearances were fabulous sure but with all that public investment - did it really go to the right places 100% of the time? As @Cotton Park pointed out, the rest of the budget seemingly got frittered away in dance performance videos rather than music variety show appearances or promotional tactics but at least it proves the song can be a great backing to numerous events. How about for that traditional Korean wedding you were planning on going to?

    Or how about at the Office Halloween party when you've had a few too many jaegerbombs and/or tequila shots? (Gayoung got stuck with easily the worst outfits here, poor lass)

    It's also the perfect little sassy ditty to get y'all hunties over for a quick pre-drink partay:

    Hello there Blue Jumper guy... Call Me oppa x

    And long may they live on creating immaculate pop bops for us all to enjoy. Even if Korea isn't exactly buying into them as they should be at least you can marvel at the recurring success of their Makestar and be hopeful from that. The Crying campaign crowd-sourced a massive $53,593 total and their 2017 comeback is already at 933% capacity earning them, thus far, $77,026 through promises of board-game party dates with fans and to actually be on set during the MV shoot. So, despite the release date postponement, it doesn't look like they're going away into unofficial disbandment hell anytime soon.



    So, *reads comments after Rough elim*



    Despite y'all moaning about this getting so high I don't really see any complaints from anyone here in the commentaries? GeiPanda is certainly waiting for more penetration stingers: "Their best track. More of this please." and fellow Stellar promoter/bopper/connoisseur Ajmkv has started a side-career in flop jewelry to shower your faves with: "Another one of Stellar's amazing songs. Can these girls do no wrong? This came out over a year ago and it is still in my playlist in regular rotation. Sting is yet another crown jewel in their flop crown.

    Yet perhaps people don't feel the buzz as much at this point? Salami's comments here are somewhat ironic considering ha opinion now: "Hadn't heard this before, I will likely listen again." But did you sis? whilst the appropriately named Vesperly's internal dialogue is... confusing: "But why don't you like this song?" "I don't know!"


    Who loves a sexy bawp? D is for Danger! of course! : "Sleek, sophisticated and funky. The bass line makes me want to bounce around like the girls do in the point dance of the chorus."


    C'mon cashmere pastel sweaters! The statement left by Reboot also accurately describes said ensemble: "Hot but understated." Just a little less understated than vagina handbags and humping the floor I guess. Talking of lady part imagery, Slice of Sibilance has an excellent reference for you all: "Sexy, silky, smooth, subtle bawp! This is one of those songs that just grows on you every time you listen to it. It just glides. It's like a sequel to Gain's Bloom and I'm living for the gig! Minhee and Jeonyul (and the other girls, let's be real) are so hot. YAS MAWMAS!"


    A few of y'all were here for this back in the underrated day and are still boppin' from the hive. ThighHighs keeps it simple: "I’ll just repeat my commentary from your Underrated Queens rate: Top House Masterpiece." and I pretty much agree with absolutely everything Ryan_Riot says now that we've settled our Rough dispute: "Let’s be honest, it was going to be pretty damn hard to outdo “Vibrato” but this track came pretty close! Such a banger!! It’s one of my favorite releases of the year no doubt. They started off the year with a bang! Queens of Makestar are truly the Underrated Queens of K-Pop in my opinion. Fight me!"

    COME AT ME, HO(ney pie sweetie)

    One of our early rate villains has felt the sting of affection for one track and it just so happens to be Robinho#1 and his gals Stellar: "Flop queens serving visuals and pop. Sting would be ideal for electro-pop girl groups from the UK."


  14. Oops!
    Did I jinx it?
    My bad!
  15. Also, considering the top 3 were all Auto-qualifiers, it's about time I give you the Semi-Finals score breakdown for all you stats lovers out there (you can also find it on the first page):

    The number in (..) represents the total score.
    Heat 4 has lower figures because not everyone voted for the album tracks.



    KARD - Oh NaNa (88)
    Berry Good - Don't Believe (64)
    Ladies' Code - Galaxy (61)
    Produce 101 - In the Same Place (54)
    Sistar x Moroder - One More Day (53)
    Jun Hyo Seong - Find Me (50)
    Snuper - Platonic Love (50)
    Taemin - Press Your Number (39)

    9th ~ Fiestar - Mirror (31)
    10th ~ Produce 101 - Fingertips (30)
    11th ~ Red Velvet - One of These Nights (30)
    12th ~ EXO - Lucky One (24)
    13th ~ Jessica - Wonderland (24)
    14th ~ A.DE - Good Time (21)
    15th ~ UP10TION - Attention (19)
    16th ~ Hoody - Like You (17)
    17th ~ AOA Cream - I'm Jelly Baby (14)
    18th ~ BTS - Forever Young (13)
    19th ~ Lee Hi - Breathe (12)
    20th ~ MIXX - Oh Ma Mind (11)
    21st ~ Monsta X - All In (11)
    22nd ~ INFINITE - The Eye (8)
    23rd ~ KNK - U (8)
    24th ~ FT Island - Take Me Now (6)
    25th ~ Hobby & Gain - Dollar (3)


    Blackpink - Boombayah (89)
    Dal*Shabet - FRI.SAT.SUN (78)
    Fei - Fantasy (61)
    4MINUTE - Canvas (59)
    AOA - Good Luck (49)
    CocoSori - Exquisite! (36)
    SeoYuri - Secret (34)
    Matilda - You Bad! Don't Make Me Cry (32)

    9th ~ I.O.I - Whatta Man (31)
    10th ~ Dorothy - Purple Lips (28)
    11th ~ LiVii/Alice Vicious - Luna (28)
    12th ~ Gain - Carnival (27)
    13th ~ Gu9udan - Wonderland (25)
    14th ~ Taemin - Sayonara Hitori (23)
    15th ~ HyunA - How's This? (22)
    16th ~ NCT Dream - Chewing Gum (19)
    17th ~ Lee Hi - Hold My Hand (18)
    18th ~ Cosmic Girls - MoMoMo (16)
    19th ~ Nu'est - Overcome (13)
    20th ~ Momoland - Jjan! Koon! Kwang! (12)
    21st ~ D.O - Tell Me [What Is Love] (10)
    22nd ~ B.A.P - Skydive (8)
    23rd ~ Heize - Star (8)
    24th ~ WINNER - Baby Baby (6)
    25th ~ 100% - Better Day (5)
    26th ~ Boyfriend - Jackpot (4)


    SHINee - 1 of 1 (78)
    EXID - L.I.E (65)
    Stellar - Crying (59)
    I.O.I - Crush (52)
    Blackpink - Stay (45)
    Rainbow - Whoo (40)
    EXO - Monster (40)
    B.A.P - Feels So Good (36)

    9th ~ f(x) - All Mine (35)
    10th ~ Taemin - Drip Drop (34)
    11th ~ Berry Good - Angel (32)
    12th ~ Hyomin - Gold (28)
    13th ~ Fiestar - Apple Pie (27)
    14th ~ VIXX - Dynamite (27)
    15th ~ BTS - Save Me (22)
    16th ~ C.I.V.A - Why Do You Call (20)
    17th ~ Akdong Musician - How People Move (17)
    18th ~ JYPark - Fire (16)
    19th ~ Kim Sejeong - Flower Road (15)
    20th ~ NCT U - The 7th Sense (14)
    21st ~ Hyoyeon- Mystery (12)
    22nd ~ B14A - A Lie (10)
    23rd ~ Meng Jia - Drip (8)
    24th ~ Hyolyn - Paradise (7)
    25th ~ MASC - Strange (4)
    26th ~ SF9 - Fanfare (3)

    SEMI-FINAL 4: Album Tracks

    EXID - Cream (34)
    Oh My Girl - 1 Step 2 Steps (29)
    Wonder Girls - To The Beautiful You (28)
    SHINee - Prism (19)
    GFriend - Gone With The Wind (17)
    Gu9udan - Diary (17)

    7th ~ EXO - Artificial Love (16)
    8th ~ Luna - Keep On Doin' (15)
    9th ~ Stellar - Insomnia (15)
    10th ~ Brave Girls - Help Me (14)
    11th ~ Brave Girls - Whatever (14)
    12th ~ Gain - Secret (14)
    13th ~ Oh My Girl - Knock Knock (14)
    14th ~ Jonghyun - Moon (13)
    15th ~ TWICE - Countdown (13)
    16th ~ 4MINUTE - No Love (11)
    17th ~ MAMAMOO - Words Don't Come Easy (11)
    18th ~ Taemin - Soldier (10)
    19th ~ IBI - IBI (9)
    20th ~ GFriend - Distance (7)
    21st ~ Taeyeon - Good Thing (7)
    22nd ~ Lovelyz - 1cm (6)
    23rd ~ BTS - Awake (5)
    24th ~ B14A - Nightmare (2)
    25th ~ Yezi & Co - Se Se Se (2)
    26th ~ INFINITE - Air (0)

  16. Free Somebody really stands out as the lesser track now.
  17. I gave all three songs 10s but yeah, Free Somebody can leave now.
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  18. Alright, since Rough and Russian Roulette got eliminated... I'm rooting for the Wonder Girls. Obliterate the others with your melancholy reggae anthem gurls!
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  19. This is my list that I've sent for Squasha (kii) as my top 16 :

    First of all , I should say that this isn't actually my top 16.When I sent this list , I didn't know 70% of the artists that I know now. I just wanted to fill my list , that's why it is so messy and there are songs like How's This in it ( that If you ask me now , it is one of the worst of last year) .

    Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely ( Top 3 )
    Luna - Free Somebody ( Top 3 )
    Red Velvet - Russian Roulette ( #6 )
    Gfriend - Navirella ( Oh my God , I didn't even know its name correctly , I remember I was in a train and saw this in @Vesperly year-end chart and after one listen I put it in my list ) (#15)
    Blackpink - Playing With Fire ( #16 )
    Tiffany - I Just Wanna Dance ( #24 )
    SeoYuri - Secret ( kii ) ( #29 )
    Twice - Cheer Up ( #33 )
    Taeyeon - Why ( #41 )
    And these ones didn't make it to final :
    Hyuna - How's This ( Mess )
    Jessica - Wonderland
    Hyoyeon - Mystery
    Mirror - Firestar ( Another mess that I thought it is a song called Firestar by a girl group called Mirror . Another cut from @Vesperly list )

    Album tracks :

    Luna - Galaxy ( #35 )
    Tiffany - Talk ( #47 )
    Taeyeon - Good Thing ( Only received 7 points : 6 points by myself , 1 point by @Salami who I guess didn't know other artists but thanks for not letting me be alone xx)
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  20. Come on Luna smash the shit out of them.
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