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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. True story. A non-KPop fan friend of mine at work who always heard me raving about this Korean Luna chick and how great her record was gave me a yellow DHL T-Shirt for Christmas. I guess she paid more attention to the video than I thought she did. I just assumed she was humoring me as always. One of the greatest gifts ever for so many reasons.

    And again, the top three here match the list I made in January. I guess I joined the right forum.
  2. [​IMG]

    I'm a girl.


    It's been 3 long months (oops) & we've whittled down over 100 tracks of varying quality

    to JUST TWO.

    We've survived the semi finals,
    Laser-beam shooting J-Pop cats

    A whole family of K-80's bops
    Greasy versions, Sassy Unnie dance versions,
    Slow squats, Mr Catsobeat,
    Hyolyn, Somi, the Boy-band purge
    We've been like TT

    With Hair so dryyy, we need a MIRACAL (no thanks to Party)

    And now




    (and have to split that crown four ways)




    Avg: 9.60









    Well.... bollocks.
    This is awkward.

    Hey but it keeps in with this rate's concept so...







    Avg: 9.65

    11 - @D is for Danger!
    10 - @Squashua @Aries @ThighHighs @Slice of Life @ryan_riot92 @junglefish @Capitan @Robinho#1 @Vesperly @Reboot @Alouder98 @Mikl C @Lego
    8 - @GeiPanda @Laurence Nope

    My Score: 10

    Your eyes aren't deceiving you - that's a 100% over 8+ scores record (with 75% giving this song a 10+)


    I'll let you in on a little secret: no one even came CLOSE to Someone Like U / Why So Lonely during the whole of voting. The #1 kept flipping between the two and we even had a straight up draw for a period. Both songs absolutely deserve it of course but in some respects Why So Lonely has already tasted success, the #1, the sales, the Korean appreciation - it was absolutely time for the true underdogs to take their place atop the leaderboard on something.


    It's been a long road for the Happyface Entertainment gals. They were originally placed as E-Tribe's own answer to Girls Generation, which is all well and good but hard to replicate even if you did write & produce the monstrous K-lassic that is 'Gee'. There was a point when the girls were inching ever closer to a massive breakthrough (Bling Bling / Hit U eras specifically) and then... I don't know. It just fizzled out somewhere around 2012/13 (probably as people traded them in for the 2NE1s / 4MINUTE's of the world) and it's been a case of diminishing returns ever since. You could probably argue some of that was understandable considering they ended up serving us stuff like JOH-KUH but then again, they also delivered us from evil with B.B.B so it's a ying yang lifestyle.

    Post-Joker Jiyul and Gaeun departed, which meant no more rapper TT, and things looked to be on the edge of self-implosion.



    Even if i haven't listened to it in a while that opening Mortal Kombat "COME OVER HERE. DAL*SHABET. BRAVE. SOUND. DROP IT" never fails to get me beyond hyped for what's to come. Someone Like U practically ushered in a whole new wave of 80's influenced K-Pop, it's the Godfather Elder Cystren of the K-80's familia.

    The black leggings / crop top combo is phenomenal

    The denim ensemble is flawfree

    There's 1001 different amazing little touches and/or moments across the song itself
    (shout out to the now iconic "OW!"s dotted everywhere and the "BRRRRA!" into the rap)

    The totally 80's campfest of the prom-dress party streamer assault rifles is one of the best use of firearms in K-Pop ever

    I wish I could have done Gym classes at school in slo-mo for the sheer impacT of it

    Serri absolutely ANNIHILATES the rap with the utmost venom


    The thudding, handclapping breakdown is nothing short of ANTHEMIC

    The live performances were nothing less than perfect for weeks on end, even if the budget was minimal and aiming for total Seniors nursing home disco camp:

    I could go on and on (and I have done in Someone Like U's 2nd place finishing over in the Underrated Rate - have a gander right HERE) but honestly the song speaks for itself. It still hasn't got old and I really must have played it about 1000 times over last year. Can you even believe this was basically the first release of 2016? Talk about stomping your way in on a high (even if it was all downhill from there).

    The Unnies of Paris were shaken to their very Noyaux

    Schools across the Asian continent were shaking their tushes to this as if they were back in a particularly sassy John Hughes film:

    Goddamn Korea for being the only ones who didn't get the memo. Damn the lack of music show wins, or sales, or recognition and it joins a whole heap of classic K-Pop standards that were shown next to no love from their country of origin. Still, you my delightful unnies of KPJ have seen the light & know talent, bops and sheer perfection when it chest isolation dances its way into your hearts.

    And for that all I can say is - there's NO-ONE LIKE U




    Where do we even begin now the confetti has burst and the champagne has been thoroughly uncorked?


    I hope Reboot's comment is indicative of the whole rate too (kii): "Spectacular." And Robinho#1, who I can only apologise sincerely to for my mix-up in the Sting post, could be talking about the firework display I laid on for the finale: "Bangs so hard." It wouldn't be a true rate afterparty without Ajmkv to be chest poppin' in the corner to our winner: "Already gave it a full point more than I did in the Underrated Rate. As I said back then, I've always recognized its quality, but it's just taken some time to stick. However the choreo is instant and deserves all the praise." and ThighHighs has officially come around the 2nd time over: "I’ll admit, I didn’t hear this until we were doing the Underrated Queens rate. I had heard ABOUT the song, but never actually gave it a listen, It lived up to expectations in a BIG way. A complete masterpiece."


    Despite that 8+ scoreline you see before you, the shade never ceases. You unnies are going to give me a heart attack I swear - just give in to the bop already. Salami at least rightly applauds Serri's 2nd verse decimation: "I don't know their names but that rap section is a 7 alone. The rest of it is throwback at its best." And GeiPanda sets forth an interesting proposition to the big name girl groups out there: "It's good but honestly, I think y'all are overhyping this song because it's by a forever nugu group - if it was released by a more popular girl group like GG or Twice, people would be unimpressed." Well I mean Mr Mr is my favourite GG song and it's of a kindred spirit so...

    (<3 u really sis)

    Taking us back to the first song of the night, but also shading our victors other output, is Ryan_Riot: "What a great way to start the year! Retro bop! Definitely one of the most memorable releases of the year. Ever since “B.B.B”, they’ve been such a favorite of mine … yes, I even liked “Joker” … if you didn’t listen to that mini, you’re missing out on some great Dalshabet tracks! This mini on the other hand? … at least “Someone Like U” was a jam …" Hey to be fair lightning doesn't strike twice very often.


    Capitan must have be lovinnngggg the fact their own personal #1 & #2 were sitting on a throne for the whole rate. What kind of excellent public consensus taste level? : "This song was a close second for my 11 point choice. How a song can still sound so fresh and so good since it's release is beyond me. I think it's safe to say that those qualities won't change any time soon for Someone Like U. " And
    Slice of Snare, Squawk & Spellcasts is too entranced to be SHOOK: "Every time I hear this song, I love it even more. What kind of sorcery??? At first I wasn't sure the verses complemented the chorus well but now I think they are perfect. And that booming middle 8 is a proper #moment. I also can't forget about that Pterodactyl Fangirl. Kii."


    So with just a single 11 I mean I guess that makes D is for Danger! the other rate winner? Well done pervy oppa - i'll get Ms Moon Hyuna to deliver your prize (cricket song on vinyl obvs): "My song of the year and my 11. I feel like I'm in an episode of Miami Vice when I'm listening to this. Brave Bros killed the production on this track. It's an 80s throwback of epic proportions, with BB's trademark everything but the kitchen sink sound. The drums, the trumpets, the synths!!! As soon as Serri commands you to "come over here" you're ensnared and the girls never let you go. She even gives you the ultimate kiss off during her rap with the iconic lines" I don't freakin' need you" and "hey go meet someone stupid like you!" but you still come back for more. The stripped down instrumental during the middle eight, with nothing but the snare drum is another great musical moment. However, my favourite part of Someone Like U are the male backing vocals that are peppered throughout the entire track. From the oh oh oh's to the chorus, they're the perfect touch to an already multi-layered track. I can't praise this song enough!"

    Girls, this is your winning performance moment
    and Pterodactyl Girl is waiting to squawk:

    (0:40 and 1:40 are exemplary Ptero-Gal moments but the fans are mental in this one)


  4. And how could we forget....





    Avg: 9.60

    11 - @Capitan
    10 - @Squashua @GeiPanda @Aries @ThighHighs @Slice of Life @ryan_riot92 @junglefish @Salami @Deja-Boo @Reboot @D is for Danger! @Alouder98 @Mikl C @ajmkv
    6 - @Laurence Nope

    My Score: 10

    Summer 2016. Where were you? What were you doing? We all lead different lives beyond the forum cloisters and had a hundred things to be getting on with in our actual realities when the sun was longest in the sky. What was the guitar string that kept us all connected?


    Fresh off their killer full-length band rebrand in the hardcore late 70's/early 80's Reboot, there was probably a bit of a question mark over where the gals were going next considering it seemed like that album lay forth most of what they wanted to express as a new unit. Thank goodness then that they remolded themselves once again into the Reggae-groove forlorn bop band we didn't know we needed.

    Despite the 2nd place here, Why So Lonely gets the final post of the Rate because it will stand as the testament to the power, skill, talent and glory of Wonder Girls as one of the biggest premier K-Pop girl-groups of all time.


    Honestly i only jumped onboard with WG during Reboot as I missed being so involved in K-Pop during their early efforts but it's clear to see how much they put into their music, their artistry to get all hipsterish about it. Why So Lonely is an effort all of their own making, Yubin, Hyelim & Sunmi wrote, produced and helped arrange the track alongside Hong Ji-Sang (a JYP songwriter) and it's clear that this is very much their vision - something we see shockingly little among the K-Pop sphere politics. True, JYP placed some demands on the girls about the original version (which was apparently rockier in the chorus, and probably would have still been pretty awesome) but their old school reggae throwback does come across as genuine despite any company interference.

    This interview (with subtitles blessed be), is super insightful and the underlying disdain for MR JYP is somewhat palpable in the air despite the host of the show having no consciousness of when the gals are feeling awkward (i.e. most of the time):

    One of the main positives for me? It's just so subtle. A really composed, sinuous little deity of a song that swaggers along at its own pace, staring you down straight in the eyes & entrancing you in the heat of a long summer's evening. There's melodies to sink your teeth into, vocals to be shaken by and Yubin lofting herself to bias levels as that nonchalant dreads-sporting drummer with one of the best rap runs of any song in 2016 (all the boys included). Seriously the Marley family should adopt her STAT so she can be appreciated in the genre's home turf.


    Despite its seemingly fleeting straight-forward composure there are so many little elements to unlock as the play count rises. I have a particular fondness to the gospel church organ that toots away from the breakdown onwards and you guys have plenty of your own fave sections (that we'll get to soon). As ever the consummate team, Wonder Girls dive wholeheartedly into the visuals in the same way they've replicated & remastered the sonic elements.


    A Digipedi masterclass (seriously, make their team the new Korean parliament), it's a lovingly crafted revenge tale that's pure retro class with a wink. On the one hand the decor, the outfits, the environs, the editing give me major major Golden Age Italian cinema with nods to Bertolucci, Fellini and Antonioni in all its cubic, mod-pop tumultuous lives of the ordinary appeal whereas the Ken doll, cartoon violence and bright colours are more in the realm of 1970's Hanna-Barbera cartoons a la Hair Bear Bunch. It's kitsch, stylish and the perfect salve to any criticisms they could have got from the Korean populace about taking themselves too seriously. And let's be real, these girls have personality - they're the life & soul of any party really:

    I'm still a bit miffed they didn't actually let them play their instruments live for the music show performances but they did at least muster up their choreo skills from years past to give the Idol crowd what they needed.


    Ooft sis, I'm sat here writing this feeling like the sexiest lapdancer in the whole of Kingston town. Not that we should deny their actual instrumental prowess - haters to the back of the auditorium plz:

    Let me stop and take a breath and let all you delightful, glorious voters get a word in edgeways.


    Not taking any prisoners among the very last survivors of a former era, Slice of Listen Up is ready to read: "This is how you reinvent! A lot of older K-pop girl groups should take notes. Yes, I'm looking at you, SNSD. Sunny, sis, do the note-taking, please. While other girl groups are releasing reductive singles that sound like they were produced in 2009, the Wonder Girls find ways to continue elevating their sound. Why So Lonely is still very Wonder Girls. I mean, it still sounds adorably retro. But add in a reggae twist and then magic happened. And that chorus is just shimmery and sophisticated. BABY WHY-AAA-Y I'M SO LONELY. YAS! Perfect hook. The Wonder Girls stay ahead of the pack even after losing their National Girl Group crown. Hehe."


    Also sending out the rebels to coup a certain Entertainment Company dictator's regime is, the aptly named, Ryan_Riot: "The fact that the girls had such creative control of this comeback just goes to show how talented they really are and how they didn’t need JYP to babysit them (because let’s be honest, he didn’t give two craps about them anyway). The reggae vibes and 70s flair made me LIVE for this comeback! The girls do retro so well!" They really did, fantastically so...

    The praise keeps rolling in like a tabernacle church on Sundays and the first Hail Mary falls into GeiPanda's lap: "Astounding. Just everything. The song AND the video. I'd be content with them winning this rate." Not the only one to place this right near the top, Reboot lives up the namesake and delivers: "Wonder Girls continuing to be better than everyone else. One of my favourite songs of 2016 for sure."
    On the edge of a full round of elevenses, ThighHighs stans the drumrap goddess with me: "This could have been my 11. It’s such a great song, with great vocals perfectly conveying the emotion of the song, a kick-ass video, and Yubin’s rap section is honestly iconic."


    I chose not to discuss the 2017 fallout for WG in the main blurb of this post because y'all had your sendoffs set and ready to go. Deja-Boo sighs deeply: "Well at least they went out on a high."
    Salami wishes we could reclaim the treasure trove from its now lost X: "Amazing comeback. Incredible waste. I'm so sad we won't get to hear anymore gems like this." and Vesperly has supplanted their own vision on to the video's true meaning: "The Wonder Girls came back fighting with this comeback. They may have disbanded, but I'm glad that they went out doing their own thing. And I like to imagine that the dummy in the video actually represents JYP." I'm very close to TT reading about Ajmkv's lost love too: [​IMG]
    Oh girls. I miss you already.
    This was just one of their many, many, many flawless songs. The fact that they were in their tenth year when this was released and they still won music shows and topped the (monthly!) charts just goes to show that they had so, so much more to give. Godspeed, ladies. You will always be my first K-Pop love."

    Summarising everything that's been said in the most concise way possible, D is for Danger! is like the wise sage at the beach rum bar: "I don't think anyone expected this to be a hit, especially JYP. The girls proved with this song that they can compose and play their own instruments. That bass is so deep, you can feel it in your core. That chorus is so massive, there's no way it won't worm its way into your brain. Drums are one of my weaknesses and once again WG's Yubin delivers in that department. Her rap section is top notch as usual. Sunmi's last "nae mameun dodachae" is just ugh. Love it! You dun fucked up JYP. Thanks for all the great music Wonder Girls!"


    And as with any send-off, it is the Capitan that has the final (beautifully written) word here today: "This was always going to be my 11 point choice but it feels even more so right now that my favourite K-pop girl group has disbanded. I don't know any other way to show my support, thanks and love to them than trying to get them that #1 spot in this board. They will forever be remembered as the girl group who made the biggest sacrifice and commitment to their dreams overseas. I will never forget the moment I head Like Money on a Detroit radio station and that's where I truly knew that my choice to become a Wonderful was the right one. It might be an overused term but I truly think the group Wonder Girls have become iconic. Thank you so much Wonder Girls for the many happy moments!"


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  5. Yeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss
  6. Amazing. Thank you @Squashua , it was a monster rate and you've done it greatly. One of the best rates that I've participated.
  7. And that write up Cyst!!!!!!!
  8. Great rate! Worthy winner - I meant throwback at its best as in, it's throwback done right!
  9. YES! Queens of jazzercise music have prevailed! For once.

    Once again, you did an amazing job on the rate @Squashua.
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  10. You know a song is good when it's a bop and it still gives you chills. Someone Like U is life.
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  11. Imcryingwediditkids
  12. Thanks for hosting this rate @Squashua ! It was messy but the forum got it right in the end.
  13. [​IMG]

    STANDING OVATION FOR @Squashua UNNIE EVERYONE!! You do this so well gurl! Your write-ups give me life!! Now I can cry myself in a happiness coma that the right song won. Although Imma also cry myself into a sadness coma because this is over .....
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  14. A million times thank you guys from the bottom of my highly extra cavernous heart for your sweet words & continued support throughout every stage of this monster rate, it means a heck of a lot & I definitely couldn't have kept going without all your sass & encouragement. It's been a tough couple of months for me personally if I'm honest, which impacted the top 60 lasting much longer than planned, but the community here @ KPJ is an absolute constant in my life right now and delivering as engaging a recap on the music we all hold dear from last year seemed as fitting a tribute to each & every one of y'all that i could muster.

    I know it was a mess at times, faves & villains came and left us but I hope you enjoyed the carnage & maybe even came to discover / appreciate a couple new songs from it. I sure know I did. You're all the best, thank you again x

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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. AMAZING!

    The results are perfect and the write-ups were just incredible. Thank you to @Squashua for hosting such a gorgeous rate! I hope your next few months are better. You'll certainly have more time without having to cater to us messy queens. Saranghae!
  17. Honestly, I was expecting Someone Like U to reach the Top 5, so it winning isn't surprising or upsetting. I find it funny, though, that I gave like half of the songs in the rate a 10 and this ended up winning, I have flop taste apparently.

    Also, all the love goes to the incredible host of this rate, @Squashua ; this rate was often the highlight of my day and you did a magnificent job organizing it. Your write-ups are better than mine will ever be, and your humor and wit are 100% on-point. So happy to have been a part of this!
  18. I can't believe it.

    I've been such a mess lately with time management (and letting all the boys touch mi ano) that the finale of this rate completely passed me by.

    Sorry Queen @Squashua. Oppa didn't mean it!

    I'll reflect and be back with some funny/stupid/congratulatory gifs promptly.
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    This was honestly so much fun. And messy. And iconic. And loverholic. And robotronic. I love you all unnies. And most of all, I love you @Squashua unnie. You are honestly a gift to this sub-forum. I will forever participate in all of your future rates. I aspire to be your level of amazing.

    Also. I love these.

    I have 53 new nicknames. Not everyone has that!
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